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13 Nov 20 Video: Jack Leonard on covering Juliana Redding whodunit  
13 Nov 20 Video: Nicole Pietz' mother offers forgiveness to daughter's killer  
13 Nov 20 Video: David Pietz's parents in court to support son  
13 Nov 19 Video: "This is like a hole in one," says Ryan Ferguson's lawyer  
13 Nov 19 Video: "We were at the last stage," says Ryan Ferguson's lawyer  
13 Nov 19 Video: Ryan Ferguson thanks lawyer, Kathleen Zellner  
13 Nov 19 Video: Seeking justice for Nicole Pietz  
13 Nov 17 Video: As it Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 Years  
13 Nov 17 Video: The Devil's Twin  
13 Nov 17 Video: DeWild prosecution team consults real "Criminal Minds" profilers  
13 Nov 17 Video: The two sides of David DeWild  
13 Nov 17 Did identical DeWild twins nearly pull off perfect crime?  
13 Nov 17 The Devil's Twin: Will Heather DeWild's killer get away with murder?  
13 Nov 17 Video: David DeWild's polygraph  
13 Nov 15 Kennedy book shelf  
13 Nov 15 Video: Kennedy trauma room doctor recalls tragic day  
13 Nov 15 Video: How a Dallas police officer's murder led to Oswald's arrest  
13 Nov 15 Video: Reporter Bob Huffaker on the tragedy of JFK's assassination  
13 Nov 15 Video: Rendezvous at sea with Fidel Castro: A secret held for 50 years  
13 Nov 15 Video: Could President Kennedy's assassination have been prevented?  
13 Nov 15 Video: Why were JFK autopsy photos kept from Warren Commission investigators?  
13 Nov 15 Video: Oswald murder a life changing moment for former Dallas reporter  
13 Nov 15 Video: 3D animation confirms still debated JFK single-bullet theory  
13 Nov 15 Video: Preview: "As it Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 Years"  
13 Nov 14 The Kennedy Years: The photos of Jacques Lowe  
13 Nov 13 Video: Sneak peek: As it Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 Years  
13 Nov 13 Video: Preview: As It Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 Years  
13 Nov 13 Video: Aboard JFK's Air Force One  
13 Nov 13 Video: Reporter Bob Huffaker remembers the day the "news went live"  
13 Nov 13 Video: Historian Robert Caro: JFK knew how to use television  
13 Nov 13 Video: How Lyndon Johnson learned of President Kennedy's death  
13 Nov 12 Video: Sneak peek: The Devil's Twin  
13 Nov 12 Video: An inside look at Heather and Dan DeWild's troubled marriage  
13 Nov 12 Video: Colorado road worker recalls making disturbing discovery  
13 Nov 12 Video: How a bloodhound sniffs out a suspect  
13 Nov 9 Video: Preview: The Devil's Twin  
13 Nov 8 Video: What's next for Ryan Ferguson?  
13 Nov 5 Video: Ryan Ferguson talks to "48 Hours" about how the show's reporting helped his case  
13 Nov 3 Video: Detective on Nicole Pietz cold case  
13 Nov 3 Video: Nicole Pietz's friends speak out  
13 Nov 3 Video: "48 Hours": Relentless  
13 Nov 3 Nicole Pietz murder: A mother's relentless search for justice  
13 Nov 3 Video: Sabrina Strieck on her relationship with David Pietz  
13 Oct 31 Video: Sneak peek: Relentless  
13 Oct 29 Teen dating violence: Where to get help  
13 Oct 28 Video: Loved to Death: Nathaniel Fujita's changing behavior  
13 Oct 28 Video: An expert weighs in on teen dating abuse  
13 Oct 27 Video: Teen dating violence: What parents need to know  
13 Oct 27 Video: An expert weighs in on teen dating violence  
13 Oct 27 Video: The Ghosts of Greenwich  
13 Oct 27 Video: Nathaniel Fujita's changing behavior  
13 Oct 27 Michael Skakel: Did Kennedy cousin convicted of teen's murder get a fair trial?  
13 Oct 27 Video: Loved to Death  
13 Oct 27 Teen dating violence: Resources for teens and parents  
13 Oct 27 Lauren Astley murder draws attention to teen breakup violence  
13 Oct 26 Video: Lauren Astley remembered  
13 Oct 25 Video: Friends on Lauren Astley and Nate Fujita's relationship  
13 Oct 25 Video: Teen dating violence: A survivor shares her story  
13 Oct 25 Video: Teen advocates on dating abuse, warning signs  
13 Oct 21 Video: Sneak peek: Loved to Death  
13 Oct 20 Video: Extra: "Rockefeller" FBI interrogation  
13 Oct 20 Video: Extra: Becoming a "Rockefeller"  
13 Oct 20 Video: Extra: Becoming a Rockefeller  
13 Oct 20 Video: aka Rockefeller  
13 Oct 20 Video: Extra: FBI agents question "Clark Rockefeller"  
13 Oct 20 Unmasking con man and "Rockefeller" imposter Christian Gerhartsreiter  
13 Oct 20 Video: Extra: Did the Gerhartsreiter jury get it right?  
13 Oct 20 Video: Preview: Loved to Death  
13 Oct 18 Video: Sneak peek: aka Rockefeller  
13 Oct 18 Video: Extra: How did John Sohus die?  
13 Oct 18 Video: Extra: How Walter Kirn met a "Rockefeller"  
13 Oct 18 Video: Extra: Where's Linda Sohus?  
13 Oct 15 Was Leslie Mueller's fatal fall from a Colorado cliff a tragic accident or murder?  
13 Oct 14 Video: Extra: Muller defense attorney's opening statement  
13 Oct 14 Video: Extra: Prosecution's opening statement in Mueller murder trial  
13 Oct 13 Video: Death at Cottonwood Creek  
13 Oct 13 Was Leslie Mueller's fatal fall from a Colorado cliff an accident or murder?  
13 Oct 13 Video: Extra: Recreating Leslie Mueller's alleged journey down creek  
13 Oct 13 Video: Preview: aka Rockefeller  
13 Oct 12 Video: Preview: Death at Cottonwood Creek  
13 Oct 12 Video: Behind the scenes: Death at Cottonwood Creek  
13 Oct 10 Video: Extra: Barry Horwitz' real estate tour of Buffalo  
13 Oct 10 Video: Extra: Inside the Lanny Horwitz crime scene  
13 Oct 9 Video: Sneak peek: Love, Hate & Obsession  
13 Oct 6 Video: Extra: Todd brothers react to Singapore inquest  
13 Oct 6 Video: Spies, Lies & Secrets  
13 Oct 6 Video: Preview: Love, Hate & Obsession  
13 Oct 3 Video: Sneak peek: Spies, Lies & Secrets  
13 Oct 3 Video: Spies, Lies & Secrets extra: Flying is in the Todd family's DNA  
13 Oct 3 Video: Extra: Flying is in the Todd family's DNA  
13 Oct 2 Video: Investigative reporter Ray Bonner on breaking Shane Todd's story  
13 Oct 2 Video: Shane Todd's brothers react to news of his death  
13 Sep 29 Video: Author dedicated to seeking justice in "sweetheart murders" case  
13 Sep 29 Video: The Sweetheart Murders  
13 Sep 29 Author dedicated to seeking justice in "sweetheart murders" case  
13 Sep 29 The sweetheart murders: The 32-year search for justice in murders of U.C. Davis couple  
13 Sep 29 The sweetheart murders: A look back at the case  
13 Sep 29 Video: Preview: Spies, Lies and Secrets  
13 Sep 25 Video: Extra: 1980 police video of "sweetheart murders" crime scene  
13 Sep 25 Video: 1980 police video of "sweetheart murders" crime scene  

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