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Oct 6 Protecting the Health and Well-Being of Communities in a Changing Climate: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Oct 4 Designing Safety Regulations for High-Hazard Industries  
Oct 3 Views of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine on Agenda Items of Interest to the Science Services at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019  
Oct 2 Material Properties of Cold In-Place Recycled and Full-Depth Reclamation Asphalt Concrete  
Oct 2 A Review of the Department of Transportation's Plan for Analyzing and Testing Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes: Letter Report (Phase 2)  
Oct 2 Legal Requirements for State Departments of Transportation Agency Participation in Conservation Plans  
Oct 2 Federal Statistics, Multiple Data Sources, and Privacy Protection: Next Steps  
Sep 29 Pain Management and the Opioid Epidemic: Balancing Societal and Individual Benefits and Risks of Prescription Opioid Use  
Sep 28 Utilizing the Energy Resource Potential of DOE Lands  
Sep 27 Envisioning the Data Science Discipline: The Undergraduate Perspective: Interim Report  
Sep 26 Memorial Tributes: Volume 21  
Sep 26 Enhancing the Resilience of the Nation's Electricity System  
Sep 25 Acquisition and Operation of Polar Icebreakers: Fulfilling the Nation’s Needs  
Sep 19 The Goals, Rationales, and Definition of Planetary Protection: Interim Report  
Sep 18 Technology Contracting for Transit Projects  
Sep 15 The Gulf Research Program Annual Report 2016  
Sep 15 Biomarkers of Neuroinflammation: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Sep 14 Searching for Life Across Space and Time: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Sep 14 Dual Use Research of Concern in the Life Sciences: Current Issues and Controversies  
Sep 14 Redesigning the Process for Establishing the Dietary Guidelines for Americans  
Sep 13 Use of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers in Highway Infrastructure  
Sep 11 Software Update as a Mechanism for Resilience and Security: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Sep 8 Communicating Clearly About Medicines: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Sep 8 U.S.-Iran Engagement in Science, Engineering, and Health (2010-2016): A Resilient Program but an Uncertain Future  
Sep 7 Responding to the Threat of Sea Level Rise: Proceedings of a Forum  
Sep 6 Preventing Cognitive Decline and Dementia: A Way Forward  
Sep 6 Training the Future Child Health Care Workforce to Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes for Children, Youth, and Families: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Sep 5 Dispersion Modeling Guidance for Airports Addressing Local Air Quality Health Concerns  
Aug 31 Improving Motor Carrier Safety Measurement  
Aug 31 Guidance for Design Hydrology for Stream Restoration and Channel Stability  
Aug 31 Preparing Airports for Communicable Diseases on Arriving Flights  
Aug 31 Strategies to Advance Automated and Connected Vehicles  
Aug 31 Principles and Practices for Federal Program Evaluation: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Aug 30 A Century of Wildland Fire Research: Contributions to Long-term Approaches for Wildland Fire Management: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Aug 29 Advancing Automated and Connected Vehicles: Policy and Planning Strategies for State and Local Transportation Agencies  
Aug 29 Transportation Network Companies: Challenges and Opportunities for Airport Operators  
Aug 29 Alternative Fuels in Airport Fleets  
Aug 29 Uses of Social Media to Inform Operational Response and Recovery During an Airport Emergency  
Aug 29 Specifying and Measuring Asphalt Pavement Density to Ensure Pavement Performance  
Aug 28 The 2014 Redesign of the Survey of Income and Program Participation: An Assessment  
Aug 27 Funding Industrial Aviation  
Aug 27 Improving Intelligibility of Airport Terminal Public Address Systems  
Aug 27 A Review of the Environmental Protection Agency's Science to Achieve Results Research Program  
Aug 27 Proposed AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for Light Rail Transit Loads  
Aug 27 The Drug Development Paradigm in Oncology: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Aug 27 The Chemistry of Microbiomes: Proceedings of a Seminar Series  
Aug 27 Quantifying the Influence of Geosynthetics on Pavement Performance  
Aug 27 Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency: Sixth Edition  
Aug 27 Incorporating Slab/Underlying Layer Interaction into the Concrete Pavement Analysis Procedures  
Aug 27 An Assessment of ARPA-E  
Aug 27 Report Series: Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Science: Getting Ready for the Next Planetary Sciences Decadal Survey  
Aug 27 Estimating Truck Trip Generation for Airport Air Cargo Activity  
Aug 27 An Assessment of ARPA-E: Summary  
Aug 27 Guiding Principles for Developing Dietary Reference Intakes Based on Chronic Disease  
Aug 27 Relationship Between Chemical Makeup of Binders and Engineering Performance  
Aug 27 Food and Beverage and Retail Operators: The Costs of Doing Business at Airports  
Aug 27 Applying Risk Analysis, Value Engineering, and Other Innovative Solutions for Project Delivery  
Aug 27 Guidance for Usage of Permeable Pavement at Airports  
Aug 27 Strengthening the Disaster Resilience of the Academic Biomedical Research Community: Protecting the Nation's Investment  
Aug 27 Microbiomes of the Built Environment: A Research Agenda for Indoor Microbiology, Human Health, and Buildings  
Aug 27 Transportation of Laboratory Animals: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Aug 27 Generating Revenue from Commercial Development On or Adjacent to Airports  
Aug 27 A Proposed Framework for Identifying Potential Biodefense Vulnerabilities Posed by Synthetic Biology: Interim Report  
Aug 27 Powering Science: NASA's Large Strategic Science Missions  
Jun 9 Mainstreaming Transportation Hazards and Security Risk Management: CAPTA Update and Implementation  
Jun 9 Strand Debonding for Pretensioned Girders  
Jun 9 The Value of Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences to National Priorities: A Report for the National Science Foundation  
Jun 8 Report Series: Committee on Solar and Space Physics: Heliophysics Science Centers  
Jun 8 Report Series: Committee on Astronomy and Astrophysics: Small Explorer Missions  
Jun 5 Driving Action and Progress on Obesity Prevention and Treatment: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Jun 1 Managing Extreme Weather at Bus Stops  
Jun 1 Guide for Identifying, Classifying, Evaluating, and Mitigating Truck Freight Bottlenecks  
Jun 1 Improving Findability and Relevance of Transportation Information: Volume I—A Guide for State Transportation Agencies, and Volume II—Background Research  
May 31 Guidance for the Selection, Use, and Maintenance of Cable Barrier Systems  
May 31 Revisiting Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area  
May 26 Foundational Cybersecurity Research: Improving Science, Engineering, and Institutions  
May 24 Social and Behavioral Sciences for National Security: Proceedings of a Summit  
May 23 Cancer Care in Low-Resource Areas: Cancer Treatment, Palliative Care, and Survivorship Care: Proceedings of a Workshop  
May 21 Evolving Debt Finance Practices for Surface Transportation  
May 18 In-Service Performance Evaluation of Guardrail End Treatments  
May 18 Use and Potential Impacts of AFFF Containing PFASs at Airports  
May 18 Nutrition Across the Lifespan for Healthy Aging: Proceedings of a Workshop  
May 17 Developing Affordable and Accessible Community-Based Housing for Vulnerable Adults: Proceedings of a Workshop  
May 17 Building America's Skilled Technical Workforce  
May 16 Resource Allocation of Available Funding to Programs of Work  
May 16 Communications Worker Credentialing Requirements  
May 16 Public Transit Emergency Preparedness Against Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases: Legal Issues  
May 15 Global Health and the Future Role of the United States  
May 9 The Promise of Assistive Technology to Enhance Activity and Work Participation  
May 9 NextGen for Airports, Volume 5: Airport Planning and Development  
May 2 A New Vision for Center-Based Engineering Research  
May 1 Inventory of State and Federal, Passenger and Freight Rail Programs  
Apr 27 Inspection Guidelines for Bridge Post-Tensioning and Stay Cable Systems Using NDE Methods  
Apr 27 Updated Guide to Buy American Requirements—2015 Supplement  
Apr 26 Review of NASA's Planetary Science Division's Restructured Research and Analysis Programs  
Apr 26 Space Studies Board Annual Report 2016  
Apr 25 Review of the Research Program of the U.S. DRIVE Partnership: Fifth Report  
Apr 25 Data Management and Governance Practices  
Apr 25 An Expanded Functional Classification System for Highways and Streets  
Apr 25 Highway Worker Safety  
Apr 21 Guide to Federal Buy America Requirements—2009 Supplement  
Apr 19 Volcanic Eruptions and Their Repose, Unrest, Precursors, and Timing  
Apr 14 Decision-Making Toolbox to Plan and Manage Park-and-Ride Facilities for Public Transportation: Guidebook on Planning and Managing Park-and-Ride  
Apr 14 Challenges to CV and AV Applications in Truck Freight Operations  
Apr 14 Traffic Signal Preemption at Intersections Near Highway–Rail Grade Crossings  
Apr 14 Practices for Evaluating the Economic Impacts and Benefits of Transit  
Apr 13 Low-level Radioactive Waste Management and Disposition: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Apr 12 Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual, Third Edition  
Apr 12 Integrating Clinical Research into Epidemic Response: The Ebola Experience  
Apr 12 Fostering Integrity in Research  
Apr 10 Guidebook for Considering Life-Cycle Costs in Airport Asset Procurement  
Apr 10 Establishing a Coordinated Local Family Assistance Program for Airports  
Apr 7 Guidebook for Preparing Public Notification Programs at Airports  
Apr 6 Effective Practices for Preparing Airport Improvement Program Benefit-Cost Analysis  
Apr 5 Approaches to the Development of Character: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Apr 5 Future Financial Economics of Health Professional Education: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Apr 3 In the Light of Evolution: Volume X: Comparative Phylogeography  
Mar 30 Increasing the Roles and Significance of Teachers in Policymaking for K-12 Engineering Education: Proceedings of a Convocation  
Mar 30 Antarctic Sea Ice Variability in the Southern Ocean-Climate System: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Mar 30 Report 1 on Tracking and Assessing Governance and Management Reform in the Nuclear Security Enterprise  
Mar 30 Improving Stakeholder Engagement in Aircraft Accident Response Planning  
Mar 29 Public Transportation Guidebook for Small- and Medium-Sized Public-Private Partnerships  
Mar 29 Data Visualization Methods for Transportation Agencies Visualizing Transportation Data  
Mar 29 A Watershed Approach to Mitigating Stormwater Impacts  
Mar 28 Interpreting the Results of Airport Water Monitoring  
Mar 28 Controlled Human Inhalation-Exposure Studies at EPA  
Mar 28 A National Strategy for the Elimination of Hepatitis B and C: Phase Two Report  
Mar 27 An Evidence Framework for Genetic Testing  
Mar 27 Seeing Students Learn Science: Integrating Assessment and Instruction in the Classroom  
Mar 22 Research and Technology Coordinating Committee Letter Report: March 28, 2017  
Mar 20 Measures of Community Resilience for Local Decision Makers: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Mar 17 Methods and Technologies for Pedestrian and Bicycle Volume Data Collection: Phase 2  
Mar 17 Multiagency Electronic Fare Payment Systems  
Mar 17 Improved Models for Risk Assessment of Runway Safety Areas  
Mar 17 Guidelines for Emergency Ventilation Smoke Control in Roadway Tunnels  
Mar 17 Legal Issues Concerning Transit Agency Use of Electronic Customer Data  
Mar 17 Implementing Evidence-Based Prevention by Communities to Promote Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health in Children: Proceedings of a Workshop  
Mar 17 Long-Term Pavement Performance and Long-Term Bridge Performance Committees Joint Letter Report: March 14, 2017  
Mar 17 Motor Carrier Safety Research Analysis Committee Letter Report: March 13, 2017  
Mar 17 Robotic Devices for the Transit Environment  
Mar 17 The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge and the Federal Transit Administration’s Mobility on Demand Sandbox: Advancing Multimodal Mobility and Best Practices Workshop  
Mar 17 Strategic Program Delivery Methods  
Mar 17 K9 Units in Public Transportation: A Guide for Decision Makers  
Mar 17 Communication of Threats: A Guide  
Mar 17 e-Transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation, Volume 4: Advanced Features of Transit Websites  
Mar 17 e-Transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation, Volume 2, Application Service Provider Implementation Guidelines  
Mar 17 e-Transit: Electronic Business Strategies for Public Transportation, Volume 1, Supply Chain: Parts and Inventory Management  
Mar 17 Bus Rapid Transit, Volume 1: Case Studies in Bus Rapid Transit  
Mar 17 Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook, Third Edition: Chapter 15, Land Use and Site Design  
Mar 17 Intrusion Detection for Public Transportation Facilities Handbook  

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