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Feb 14 Supporting Parent Engagement in Linguistically Diverse Families to Promote Young Children’s Life Success  
Jan 23 Sustainability and Spread of Community-based Initiatives: A case study of Community Cares, a Children’s Hospital’s 16 year effort to serve its community  
Jan 23 Improving Outcomes for At-Risk Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Students with a Digital Learning Resource  
Jan 21 Dynamic prediction for multiple repeated measures and event time data  
Jan 21 Mortality data analysis, Cali, Colombia  
Jan 21 Holoprosencephaly in Texas, 1999 - 2009: A prevalence study  
Jan 21 Proportion of orofacial clefts attributable to recognized risk factors  
Jan 21 A genome-wide assessment of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis relapse  
Jan 21 Identifying potential genetic and microRNA biomarkers for renal cell carcinoma risk and prognosis  
Jan 21 Detained youth, health outcomes, and knowledge of where to access care: A cross sectional study of residents at a large juvenile detention center  
Jan 21 Integrating evidence on the genetic architecture of diabetic retinopathy among Mexican Americans with type 2 diabetes in Starr County, Texas  
Jan 21 The association of worksite ergonomic and safety risk factors with work-related musculoskeletal health outcomes among logging machine operators in the Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas region  
Jan 21 Some statistical issues on progression of Alzheimer's disease  
Jan 21 Investigating short-term effects of PM2.5 components on mortality and morbidity in Greater Houston, Texas  
Jan 21 A retrospective review of molecular-guided therapy and metronomic therapy on the outcomes of childhood cancers  
Jan 21 Assembling data for use of the ITHIM (integrated transport and health impact modeling) tool for Houston, Texas  
Jan 21 Could use of long term survival in determining Lung Allocation Score improve long term outcomes in patients undergoing lung transplant?  
Jan 21 Comparing refugees' access to health care in the United States and Germany: A systematic review of the literature  
Jan 21 The association of PM2.5 and ozone with diabetes mellitus prevalence in the United States, 2002-2008  
Jan 21 The impact of the Texas DSRIP program on preventable hospitalizations in southeast Texas  
Jan 21 Individual and population-level factors associated with Chlamydia trachomatis infection among men who have sex with men screened in Washington State Infertility Prevention Project clinics, 2003-2011  
Jan 21 An evaluation of the relationship between physical activity and presenteeism among employees from a public university system  
Jan 21 A web-based approach to examining substance abuse prevention policies and programming at institutions of higher education in Houston  
Jan 21 An exploration of digital media use, community connectedness, and sexual orientation identity development among young men who have sex with men  
Jan 21 Comparison of Hispanic maternal and their early adolescent daughters' eating patterns  
Jan 21 Characteristics of suspected victims of child sexual abuse: A secondary data analysis of The Children's Assessment Center's data  
Jan 21 Collegiate athletes' body composition by sport and position  
Jan 21 Urban-rural leisure-time physical activity and screen-time sedentary behavior differences in the general population and in cancer survivors  
Jan 21 Statistical methods for genetic phenotype prediction and DNA sequence sample contamination detection  
Jan 3 Extending an Effective Classroom-Based Math Board Game Intervention to Preschoolers’ Homes  
Jan 3 Behavioral Economics and Developmental Science: A New Framework to Support Early Childhood Interventions  
Jan 3 Latina Women in the United States: Child Care Preferences and Arrangements  
Jan 3 Extending The Jamaican Early Childhood Development Intervention  
Jan 3 The Future of Our Children  
16 Dec 31 The Strengths Perspective: Providing Opportunities for Teen Parents and their Families to Succeed  
16 Dec 31 Community-Based Partnerships: Collaboration and Organizational Partnerships in Criminal Justice  
16 Dec 31 The Empowering Effects of Cooperative Development Among Indigenous Women in Southern Mexico  
16 Dec 31 Predicting Sense Of Community in a Historic Latino/Latina Neighborhood Undergoing Gentrification  
16 Dec 31 Introduction to the Issue on Organizational Partnerships  
16 Dec 31 View from the Street: Partnerships and Collaboration  
16 Dec 31 Book Review: Clean and White: A History of Environmental Racism in the United States  
16 Dec 31 Book Review: Women Doing Life: Gender, Punishment and the Struggle for Identity  
16 Dec 31 Developing Understandings of Collaborative Partnerships Between University and Community  
16 Dec 31 Voices from the Field: Exploring Partnerships with the African American Library at Gregory School in Houston, Texas  
16 Dec 24 Cost-benefit analysis of recommended treatments for hepatitis C virus genotype 1a infected Medicaid beneficiaries  
16 Dec 21 Head Start since the War on Poverty: Taking on New Challenges to Address Persistent School Readiness Gaps  
16 Dec 10 DataGauge: A Model-Driven Framework for Systematically Assessing the Quality of Clinical Data for Secondary Use  
16 Dec 10 Implications of Computational Cognitive Models for Information Retrieval  
16 Dec 7 An Unconditional War on Poverty: Action and Reaction  
16 Dec 7 50 Years After the War on Poverty  
16 Dec 7 Trends in Child Poverty by Race/Ethnicity: New Evidence Using an Anchored Historical Supplemental Poverty Measure  
16 Dec 7 Task Persistence: A Potential Mediator of the Income-Achievement Gap  
16 Dec 7 Circumstantial Disconnection: Homelessness and Parental Relationships with Children  
16 Dec 7 Leveraging University-School District Research Partnerships: Exploring the Longitudinal Effects of an Early Kindergarten Transition Program  
16 Dec 7 50 Years After the War on Poverty: Successes Should Inspire the Next Bold Steps for Poor Children  
16 Dec 7 Perceptions of Effectiveness of School Counselors with Former Graduates in a TRIO College Program  
16 Dec 7 IAF: Examples of Institutions Organizing on Behalf of Families  
16 Dec 7 SEL: Third Ward Intervention  
16 Nov 24 Dr. R. Lee Clark's Philosophy  
16 Nov 18 Statistical tests for homogeneity using parametric and semiparametric models with applications to meta-analysis and statistical genetics  
16 Nov 18 Primary care access survey in Smith County  
16 Nov 18 Refugee health education: Evaluating a community-based approach to empowering refugee women in Houston, Texas  
16 Nov 18 A qualitative analysis on parent-youth perspectives of "The Secret of Seven Stones": An online, intergenerational HIV, STI, and pregnancy prevention computer game  
16 Nov 18 Children living on the street in semi-rural Kenya---a formative evaluation of community perceptions and children's health outcomes  
16 Nov 18 Evaluation of the National Alliance on Mental Illness peer-to-peer educational program: A pilot study to assess the potential to improve well-being and quality of life  
16 Nov 18 Assessing whether the number of predictors affect the power of the Hosmer-Lemeshow test in large data sets  
16 Nov 18 Gastrointestinal manifestations of acute West Nile virus infection in humans  
16 Nov 18 Analysis of rare and common variants to identify inherited and maternal genes associated with conotruncal heart defects  
16 Nov 18 Using the theory of self-regulation to assess the correlation between self-monitoring adherence, lifestyle behaviors, and health outcomes among type two diabetic patients  
16 Nov 18 The association of caffeine intake with components of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) among cancer survivors  
16 Nov 18 Outcomes associated with pharmacist participation in a heart failure transitional care clinic through medication reconciliation and education  
16 Nov 18 Female invasive breast cancer mortality trends among Hispanic population in the United States from 1990 to 2012  
16 Nov 18 Investigating the association between depression and high-risk sexual behavior in gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Houston, Texas  
16 Nov 18 Effects of exposure to organic solvents and occupational noise on hearing loss and tinnitus in US adults from 1999 to 2004  
16 Oct 5 Protocol to Increase Administration of Herpes Zoster Vaccine in a Long-Term Care Facility  
16 Sep 28 The Future of Healthcare Delivery: IPE/IPP Audiology and Nursing Student/Faculty Collaboration to Deliver Hearing Aids to Vulnerable Adults via Telehealth  
16 Sep 28 Implementation of a Comprehensive Clinical Toolkit for Postpartum Depression Screening: Breaking Barriers in Women's Health Care  
16 Sep 28 From the Editors-in-Chief  
16 Sep 28 An Assessment of the Human Papillomavirus Immunization Knowledge, Practices, and Prevention Among a Cohort of Urban College Students  
16 Sep 28 Developing the Improving Post-event Analysis and Communication Together (IMPACT) Tool to Involve Patients and Families in Post-Event Analysis  
16 Sep 28 Quality Improvement and Safety in Healthcare: Reflections on essential frameworks to guide applied scholarship that promotes transformation and innovation  
16 Sep 21 Effect of medical history on hemostatic recovery after coagulopathy reversal with prothrombin complex concentrate  
16 Sep 21 The relation of gender to modifiable risk factors for stroke  
16 Sep 21 Adherence to stage-specific treatment guidelines and its effect on survival in stage IIA & IIB/IIIA extremity and trunk soft tissue sarcoma patients  
16 Sep 21 The prevalence of risk behaviors among 4th and 5th form high school students in the Commonwealth of Dominica 2014  
16 Sep 21 Delayed gastric emptying following pancreatic resection: Incidence, risk factors, and impact on healthcare utilization  
16 Sep 21 Disparities in adherence to breast cancer care  
16 Sep 21 Characterizing and predicting progressive hemorrhagic injury: A problem with significant public health impact  
16 Sep 21 Analysis of the Staphylococcus aureus houshold colonization profile in Starr County, Texas  
16 Sep 21 Allelic imbalance analysis of uterine carcinosarcoma: A comparison of two components of the neoplasm  
16 Sep 21 Covariates adjustment for nonparametric tests for two sample comparison  
16 Sep 21 The effect of social media use and TV watching on body image in Texas middle schoolers: Analysis of data from the CATCH Middle School Project  
16 Sep 21 Navy En Route Care: A three-year review of 428 Navy air evacuations  
16 Sep 21 Project SAFE: A brief water safety and drowning prevention program for preschool children  
16 Sep 21 The impact of the Texas Grow! Eat! Go! (tTGEG) garden and physical activity school-based interventions and connectedness on attendance in Texas schools  
16 Sep 21 Quality of life outcomes in children participating in the weight management program from the Texas Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (Tx CORD) study  
16 Sep 21 Outcomes of HIV exposed infants before and after implementing Option B+ prevention of mother to child HIV transmission guidelines in Mulago Hospital, Uganda: A retrospective cohort study  
16 Sep 21 Worksite intervention to prevent obesity among hospital employees  
16 Sep 21 Chagas disease in Texas: From diagnosis to clinical epidemiology  
16 Sep 21 Response to healthcare related deficiency citations at U.S. nursing homes: Do organizational and market factors matter?  

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