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11 Mar 28 VIDEO: Transgender singer with two voices proves that Thailand's definitely Got Talent  
11 Mar 28 VIDEO: Mum blows her nose -- makes baby incredibly happy/scared  
11 Mar 28 Dunk fails -- 20 of the most epic basketball slam dunk fail videos you will ever see  
11 Mar 28 VIDEO: Incredible near-miss car collision of the day  
11 Mar 28 One-legged man wins ass-kicking contest  
11 Mar 2 Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman; George Lucas Predicts World Will End in 2012  
11 Mar 2 Craig Rowin to Get One Million Dollars for No Particular Reason  
11 Mar 2 Sentinel Island -- Inside the Home of the Last Uncontacted People  
11 Mar 2 Happy Birthday, Betty White!  
11 Mar 2 The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary With These Amazing Time-Lapse Videos  
11 Mar 2 What's the Best Movie Remake?  
11 Mar 2 Was Alexander Hamilton President? Asylum Investigates  
11 Mar 2 Models in Lingerie Bouncing on Balls ... to Sell Car Insurance  
11 Mar 2 Smoking Will Cause Genetic Damage Within Minutes  
11 Mar 2 Cook's Pubic Hair Breakfast Sandwich Leads to Jail Time  
11 Mar 2 Sacha Baron As Saddam; New Pics of January Jones As 'X-Men''s White Queen  
11 Mar 2 New 'Dead Space 2' Features Move Created by a Fan  
11 Mar 2 Couple Celebrate Nuptials With 'Ghostbusters' Wedding Cake  
11 Mar 2 A Woman's Perspective on Premature Ejaculation  
11 Mar 2 How Not to Watch the NFL Playoffs  
11 Mar 2 Abra Ca-D'oh!-bra -- Magic Trick Fails Caught on Tape  
11 Mar 2 Movie Mistakes -- Continuity Errors and Gaping Holes From Your Favorite Films  
11 Mar 2 What's in That Tub of Cool Whip?  
11 Mar 2 So You've Failed -- Masterclash and Asylum Say Goodbye  
11 Mar 2 Asylum UK Interviews Andrew W.K  
10 Dec 4 A Preview of 'The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd'  
10 Dec 4 Miley Cyrus's Nude Photo Scandal; Ashton Kutcher Has a Sex Tape  
10 Dec 4 Forget 2012 -- Billboards Say Judgment Day Is Sooner Than You Think  
10 Dec 4 Ron Artest's 6 Most Bizarre Moments  
10 Dec 4 Surveillance Cam Catches Drunk Santa Getting His Jollies  
10 Dec 4 6 Ninja Fails to Honor the 'Day of the Ninja'  
10 Dec 4 Denver Bomb Squad Destroys Tiny Toy Robot Menace  
10 Dec 4 Funnyman Dan Fogler Talks 'Moon Lake,' Sci-Fi Fanboys  
10 Dec 4 The WheeMe -- Is It Porn?  
10 Dec 4 Sexy Heidi Shows Off the Edgestar Kegerator  
10 Dec 4 People Struggle to Hide Their Disappointment With Bad Gifts  
10 Dec 3 Man Gets Pulled Over, Swallows Bag of Cocaine, Takes Classic Mug Shot  
10 Dec 3 Poor, Cold Bikini Baristas Tough It Out During Winter Months  
10 Dec 3 Chinese Toddler Cut From Washing Machine With Circular Saw  
10 Dec 3 Wikileaks, Cablegate's 5 Funniest Moments  
10 Dec 3 U.S. Air Guitar Champion to Flex Muscle at 'Stache Bash  
10 Dec 3 Bike Lock Climbs 10 Feet Up to Deter Would-Be Crooks  
10 Dec 3 Terrible Holiday Gift Ideas You Need to Avoid at All Costs  
10 Dec 3 A Propensity for One-Night Stands May Be Genetic  
10 Dec 3 Student Googles Himself and Finds Out He's Accused of Murder  
10 Dec 3 Conan O'Brien's 'Totally Serious' Feud With Taiwanese CGI News Team  
10 Dec 3 Jennifer Lopez Exposed; Victoria's Secret Gets Michael Bay Treatment  
10 Dec 3 Elderly Gent Creates a Lawnmower-Powered Amphibious Boat-Car  
10 Dec 3 Muppets Burlesque Brings Us Sexy Cookie Monster, Big Bird in Pasties  
10 Dec 3 Hilarious New Kevin Bacon Commercial Reminds Us Why We Love Him  
10 Dec 3 Love and The Force -- Asylum Investigates 'Star Wars'-Themed Weddings  
10 Dec 3 Ricky Gervais vs. Franco/Hathaway -- Better Pick As Award-Show Host?  
10 Dec 3 NASA Announces Arsenic-Based Life Forms -- But Are They Going to Kill Us?  
10 Dec 3 Behold the Greatest Christmas Gift Freak-Outs Ever  
10 Dec 3 The Cup Size Choir Uses Ingenious Gimmick This Holiday Season  
10 Dec 3 Loud Snoring Could Be Indication of Health Problems  
10 Dec 3 Crazy Randy Quaid and His Wife Somehow Just Got Even Crazier  
10 Nov 6 Scaled-Down 'Halo' Helmets Go on Your Shelf, Not on Your Head  
10 Nov 6 10 More Time Travelers Appear in Charlie Chaplin's Films  
10 Nov 6 Babes and Dragons in 'Sucker Punch'; Martin Sheen Is Spider-Man's Uncle  
10 Nov 6 'The 7th Guest' to Haunt Your Dreams, iPhone, iPad  
10 Nov 6 Missed Connection With 'Beetlejuice' Character Ends in Heartbreak  
10 Nov 6 Electronically Heated Apparel Never Looked so Badass  
10 Nov 6 Chilean Miner May Have a Future As an Elvis Impersonator  
10 Nov 6 Eight Disgusting Animals That Can Live Inside You  
10 Nov 6 Capital One Mascot Race Tightens As Playoffs Near  
10 Nov 6 London Landmarks Invaded By LEGOs  
10 Nov 6 Masterclash Sparks Up a List of Unlikely (But Awesome) Stoner Flicks  
10 Nov 6 Ozzy Osbourne Is Officially a Mutant  
10 Nov 6 Bookmark This -- Move Your iTunes to a New Computer  
10 Nov 5 Will Mel Gibson's Bad Behavior Doom 'The Beaver'?  
10 Nov 5 Want to Have Air Sex? Asylum Investigates the Best Ways to Do It  
10 Nov 5 Peak Times for Breakups Are Right Before Christmas and Spring Break  
10 Nov 4 How Memes Work -- A Review of 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Memes'  
10 Nov 4 Scarlett Johansson's Sexy Alien Movie; Chuck Norris's Wacky Czech Ads  
10 Nov 4 McDonald's Honors McRib Superfans  
10 Nov 4 600-Yard Underground Drug Tunnel Would Make Best Secret Clubhouse Ever  
10 Nov 4 Crazy Person Dressed As Jesus Not Welcome in Church  
10 Nov 4 5 Sports Heroes Who Need Their Own Video Games  
10 Nov 4 Marvel Comics Get the 'What If' Treatment at Comic Twart  
10 Nov 4 Katy Perry's Boobs Shoot Fireworks; Charlize Theron in 'Dark Knight Rises'?  
10 Nov 4 New Mini-'Simpsons' Figures Bitten by Zombie Bug  
10 Nov 4 Who Was the Real Al Capone?  
10 Nov 4 The Best Videos of Boobs Doing Amazing Things  
10 Nov 4 Bare-Lipped for the First Time Since Nixon Ruled the Land  
10 Nov 4 Man in a Bear Suit Hijacks News Broadcast  
10 Nov 4 Why Is 'Redneck' Levi Johnston Author Nick Hornby's Songwriting Muse?  
10 Nov 4 ECA Stages Gamer Rally on Supreme Court Steps  
10 Nov 4 Tall Men Are More Likely to Develop Testicular Cancer  
10 Nov 3 Zach Galifianakis Smokes a Joint on Live TV  
10 Nov 3 6 of the World's Most Useless Robots  
10 Nov 3 Is the McNabb Trade Already a Bust for the Redskins?  
10 Nov 3 'Star Wars Art -- Visions' Blows Our Freakin' Minds With Geek Art  
10 Nov 3 A Woman's Perspective on Ogling Breasts  
10 Nov 3 Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Crack Cocaine and Heroin  
10 Nov 3 Old Lady Drives Wrong Way Down Highway  
10 Nov 3 Adult Chocolate Milk Is Like Childhood, Only Drunker  
10 Nov 3 Jon Stewart's Speech From Rally to Restore Sanity Auto-Tuned  
10 Nov 3 Amanda Seyfried's Halloween Walk of Shame; First Look at Spielberg's 'Tintin'  
10 Nov 3 Ford Mustang Drag Racer Lucky to Be Alive After 169-mph Flip  
10 Nov 3 Boy Gets Detention for Farting ... and It Makes the News  
10 Nov 3 Who's the Kookiest Candidate of 2010?  
10 Nov 3 Weatherman Throws Microphone to Polar Bears, Never Hears the End of It  
10 Nov 3 To Grow or Not to Grow? When a Mustache Makes the Man  
10 Nov 3 Cute Stacey or Microsoft Kinect?  
10 Nov 3 The Underbelly Project -- A Secret Art Gallery Beneath the Streets  
10 Nov 3 'Whip My Hair' -- Proof That Will Smith Is All-Powerful Ruler of Showbiz  
10 Nov 3 Flirting Style Affects Relationship Length and Quality  
10 Sep 11 Celebrate The Year 5771 With 20 Hot Jewish Girls  
10 Sep 11 Old People Singing the Bed Intruder Song  
10 Sep 11 'Vader's Fist' Orange Juice and Other Weird Star Wars Merchandise  
10 Sep 11 'Boardwalk Empire' Star Vincent Piazza Talks Gangster Flicks on Masterclash  
10 Sep 11 Heavy Facebook Users Are Narcissistic and Insecure  
10 Sep 11 Crazy Fish, Crazy LEGOS and Crazy Bible Thumpers  
10 Sep 10 Science Finally Bringing Humanity a Tractor Beam  
10 Sep 10 'The World's Largest Production Whoopie Cushion' Scares a Dog  
10 Sep 10 Angelina Jolie Has No Friends; Tom Brady Involved in Car Crash  
10 Sep 10 Big Breast Celebrity Has Her M-Cup Implants Removed  
10 Sep 10 Louis C.K. on Drunk-Tweeting Sarah Palin, Being Mexican  
10 Sep 10 The Evolution of Female Action Heroes  
10 Sep 10 How to Photograph Your Girlfriend in the Nude  
10 Sep 10 Man Survives Electrical Zap After a Push Onto Subway Tracks  
10 Sep 10 Juggalos -- Harmless Merrymakers or Scourge on Society?  
10 Sep 10 Fat Men Can Have Sex for Longer  
10 Sep 10 Bomb Squad Blows Up Cuddly Toy Pony  
10 Sep 9 Wish You Were Here? Make a Personalized Google Maps Envelope  
10 Sep 9 An Army of Awesome DC Comics LEGO Mini-Figures  
10 Sep 9 First Look at January Jones As Emma Frost; 'Katy Perry Is a C*ck Tease'  
10 Sep 9 Crazy German Hotel Offers High-Class Update of Race Car Bed  
10 Sep 9 The Tiniest Rock Stars -- 7 Icons Who Can't Reach the Top Shelf  
10 Sep 9 Burlesque Show Aims to Settle the 'Star Wars' vs. 'Star Trek' Battle  
10 Sep 9 Internet Wishes William Lashua Happiest Birthday Ever  
10 Sep 9 Asylum's Tommy Christopher Live-Tweets Heart Attack, Makes 'Tonight Show'  
10 Sep 8 A Scary Gallery of 34 Creepy Puppets  
10 Sep 8 New Nude Pics of Kim Kardashian Coming; Get in Bed With Pam Anderson  
10 Sep 8 7-Year-Old Rapper On His Way to the Top  
10 Sep 8 The Best LEGO Star Wars Creations From This Year's Building Contest  
10 Sep 8 Incredibly Heavy Weather Turns Cruise Liner Into Disaster Movie  
10 Sep 8 Dreaming of a Mustached Mascot of the Year  
10 Sep 8 'I Like Big Bibles' -- The Worst Christian Rap Videos  
10 Sep 8 Fattitude's Guide to Dating  
10 Sep 8 Dallas Strip Club Allegedly Blinding Southwest Pilots  
10 Sep 8 Young, Childless, Single Women Earn More Than Men  
10 Sep 8 Lassoing World Record Thoroughly Whipped  
10 Sep 7 Man Invents Dining Table ... That's Also a Car  
10 Sep 7 What Exotic Pet Would You Most Like to Own?  
10 Sep 7 Geek 101 -- University Courses on Batman, 'Starcraft,' Being a Jedi Knight  
10 Sep 7 Down-Home Ashley Ann or Glass-Floor Air Balloon?  
10 Sep 7 Canadian Traffic Safety Enforced by Frightening 3-D Ghost Girl  
10 Sep 7 A Woman's Perspective on Manscaping  

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