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11 Mar 28 VIDEO: Transgender singer with two voices proves that Thailand's definitely Got Talent  
11 Mar 28 VIDEO: Mum blows her nose -- makes baby incredibly happy/scared  
11 Mar 28 Dunk fails -- 20 of the most epic basketball slam dunk fail videos you will ever see  
11 Mar 28 VIDEO: Incredible near-miss car collision of the day  
11 Mar 28 One-legged man wins ass-kicking contest  
11 Mar 2 Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman; George Lucas Predicts World Will End in 2012  
11 Mar 2 Craig Rowin to Get One Million Dollars for No Particular Reason  
11 Mar 2 Sentinel Island -- Inside the Home of the Last Uncontacted People  
11 Mar 2 Happy Birthday, Betty White!  
11 Mar 2 The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary With These Amazing Time-Lapse Videos  
11 Mar 2 What's the Best Movie Remake?  
11 Mar 2 Was Alexander Hamilton President? Asylum Investigates  
11 Mar 2 Models in Lingerie Bouncing on Balls ... to Sell Car Insurance  
11 Mar 2 Smoking Will Cause Genetic Damage Within Minutes  
11 Mar 2 Cook's Pubic Hair Breakfast Sandwich Leads to Jail Time  
11 Mar 2 Sacha Baron As Saddam; New Pics of January Jones As 'X-Men''s White Queen  
11 Mar 2 New 'Dead Space 2' Features Move Created by a Fan  
11 Mar 2 Couple Celebrate Nuptials With 'Ghostbusters' Wedding Cake  
11 Mar 2 A Woman's Perspective on Premature Ejaculation  
11 Mar 2 How Not to Watch the NFL Playoffs  
11 Mar 2 Abra Ca-D'oh!-bra -- Magic Trick Fails Caught on Tape  
11 Mar 2 Movie Mistakes -- Continuity Errors and Gaping Holes From Your Favorite Films  
11 Mar 2 What's in That Tub of Cool Whip?  
11 Mar 2 So You've Failed -- Masterclash and Asylum Say Goodbye  
11 Mar 2 Asylum UK Interviews Andrew W.K  
10 Dec 4 A Preview of 'The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd'  
10 Dec 4 Miley Cyrus's Nude Photo Scandal; Ashton Kutcher Has a Sex Tape  
10 Dec 4 Forget 2012 -- Billboards Say Judgment Day Is Sooner Than You Think  
10 Dec 4 Ron Artest's 6 Most Bizarre Moments  
10 Dec 4 Surveillance Cam Catches Drunk Santa Getting His Jollies  
10 Dec 4 6 Ninja Fails to Honor the 'Day of the Ninja'  
10 Dec 4 Denver Bomb Squad Destroys Tiny Toy Robot Menace  
10 Dec 4 Funnyman Dan Fogler Talks 'Moon Lake,' Sci-Fi Fanboys  
10 Dec 4 The WheeMe -- Is It Porn?  
10 Dec 4 Sexy Heidi Shows Off the Edgestar Kegerator  
10 Dec 4 People Struggle to Hide Their Disappointment With Bad Gifts  
10 Dec 3 Man Gets Pulled Over, Swallows Bag of Cocaine, Takes Classic Mug Shot  
10 Dec 3 Poor, Cold Bikini Baristas Tough It Out During Winter Months  
10 Dec 3 Chinese Toddler Cut From Washing Machine With Circular Saw  
10 Dec 3 Wikileaks, Cablegate's 5 Funniest Moments  
10 Dec 3 U.S. Air Guitar Champion to Flex Muscle at 'Stache Bash  
10 Dec 3 Bike Lock Climbs 10 Feet Up to Deter Would-Be Crooks  
10 Dec 3 Terrible Holiday Gift Ideas You Need to Avoid at All Costs  
10 Dec 3 A Propensity for One-Night Stands May Be Genetic  
10 Dec 3 Student Googles Himself and Finds Out He's Accused of Murder  
10 Dec 3 Conan O'Brien's 'Totally Serious' Feud With Taiwanese CGI News Team  
10 Dec 3 Jennifer Lopez Exposed; Victoria's Secret Gets Michael Bay Treatment  
10 Dec 3 Elderly Gent Creates a Lawnmower-Powered Amphibious Boat-Car  
10 Dec 3 Muppets Burlesque Brings Us Sexy Cookie Monster, Big Bird in Pasties  
10 Dec 3 Hilarious New Kevin Bacon Commercial Reminds Us Why We Love Him  
10 Dec 3 Love and The Force -- Asylum Investigates 'Star Wars'-Themed Weddings  
10 Dec 3 Ricky Gervais vs. Franco/Hathaway -- Better Pick As Award-Show Host?  
10 Dec 3 NASA Announces Arsenic-Based Life Forms -- But Are They Going to Kill Us?  
10 Dec 3 Behold the Greatest Christmas Gift Freak-Outs Ever  
10 Dec 3 The Cup Size Choir Uses Ingenious Gimmick This Holiday Season  
10 Dec 3 Loud Snoring Could Be Indication of Health Problems  
10 Dec 3 Crazy Randy Quaid and His Wife Somehow Just Got Even Crazier  
10 Nov 6 Scaled-Down 'Halo' Helmets Go on Your Shelf, Not on Your Head  
10 Nov 6 10 More Time Travelers Appear in Charlie Chaplin's Films  
10 Nov 6 Babes and Dragons in 'Sucker Punch'; Martin Sheen Is Spider-Man's Uncle  
10 Nov 6 'The 7th Guest' to Haunt Your Dreams, iPhone, iPad  
10 Nov 6 Missed Connection With 'Beetlejuice' Character Ends in Heartbreak  
10 Nov 6 Electronically Heated Apparel Never Looked so Badass  
10 Nov 6 Chilean Miner May Have a Future As an Elvis Impersonator  
10 Nov 6 Eight Disgusting Animals That Can Live Inside You  
10 Nov 6 Capital One Mascot Race Tightens As Playoffs Near  
10 Nov 6 London Landmarks Invaded By LEGOs  
10 Nov 6 Masterclash Sparks Up a List of Unlikely (But Awesome) Stoner Flicks  
10 Nov 6 Ozzy Osbourne Is Officially a Mutant  
10 Nov 6 Bookmark This -- Move Your iTunes to a New Computer  
10 Nov 5 Will Mel Gibson's Bad Behavior Doom 'The Beaver'?  
10 Nov 5 Want to Have Air Sex? Asylum Investigates the Best Ways to Do It  
10 Nov 5 Peak Times for Breakups Are Right Before Christmas and Spring Break  
10 Nov 4 How Memes Work -- A Review of 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Memes'  
10 Nov 4 Scarlett Johansson's Sexy Alien Movie; Chuck Norris's Wacky Czech Ads  
10 Nov 4 McDonald's Honors McRib Superfans  
10 Nov 4 600-Yard Underground Drug Tunnel Would Make Best Secret Clubhouse Ever  
10 Nov 4 Crazy Person Dressed As Jesus Not Welcome in Church  
10 Nov 4 5 Sports Heroes Who Need Their Own Video Games  
10 Nov 4 Marvel Comics Get the 'What If' Treatment at Comic Twart  
10 Nov 4 Katy Perry's Boobs Shoot Fireworks; Charlize Theron in 'Dark Knight Rises'?  
10 Nov 4 New Mini-'Simpsons' Figures Bitten by Zombie Bug  
10 Nov 4 Who Was the Real Al Capone?  
10 Nov 4 The Best Videos of Boobs Doing Amazing Things  
10 Nov 4 Bare-Lipped for the First Time Since Nixon Ruled the Land  
10 Nov 4 Man in a Bear Suit Hijacks News Broadcast  
10 Nov 4 Why Is 'Redneck' Levi Johnston Author Nick Hornby's Songwriting Muse?  
10 Nov 4 ECA Stages Gamer Rally on Supreme Court Steps  
10 Nov 4 Tall Men Are More Likely to Develop Testicular Cancer  
10 Nov 3 Zach Galifianakis Smokes a Joint on Live TV  
10 Nov 3 6 of the World's Most Useless Robots  
10 Nov 3 Is the McNabb Trade Already a Bust for the Redskins?  
10 Nov 3 'Star Wars Art -- Visions' Blows Our Freakin' Minds With Geek Art  
10 Nov 3 A Woman's Perspective on Ogling Breasts  
10 Nov 3 Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Crack Cocaine and Heroin  
10 Nov 3 Old Lady Drives Wrong Way Down Highway  
10 Nov 3 Adult Chocolate Milk Is Like Childhood, Only Drunker  
10 Nov 3 Jon Stewart's Speech From Rally to Restore Sanity Auto-Tuned  
10 Nov 3 Amanda Seyfried's Halloween Walk of Shame; First Look at Spielberg's 'Tintin'  
10 Nov 3 Ford Mustang Drag Racer Lucky to Be Alive After 169-mph Flip  

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