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Aug 27 Get to know "Screaming Mimi" Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island  
Aug 27 Get to know "Scarboard" Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island  
Aug 27 Get to know "Luca Arnone" Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island  
Aug 27 Get to know the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island  
Aug 27 47 meters down, review by Cindy Michaels  
Aug 27 How can you have your own private "Shark Week"?  
Aug 27 Great White Shark "Lucy" in the media.  
Aug 27 Which sharks are back at Guadalupe Island?  
Aug 27 The big white sharks are back at Guadalupe!  
Aug 27 Six new sharks at Guadalupe Island  
Jun 10 Get to know "Lucy" Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island  
Jun 9 Get to know "Bruce" Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island  
Apr 20 Get to know the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe  
Feb 25 Do we need a shark cull at Reunion Island?  
Jan 25 How many Great White Sharks are at Guadalupe Island?  
16 Dec 31 Have a Sharky New Year!  
16 Dec 30 Do shark repelling devices work?  
16 Oct 15 Is shark diving beneficial for the sharks?  
16 Oct 14 Is cage diving safe?  
16 Aug 25 Update from Guadalupe Island  
16 Jul 15 Shark feeding to be banned in US waters?  
16 Jun 16 Another shark attack in Australia?  
16 Jun 15 I was surrounded by bull sharks!  
16 Jun 14 Shark "Expert" teaches how to survive a shark attack?  
16 Apr 22 How do you choose the right shark diving operation?  
16 Apr 1 What's it like to come face to face with a Great White Shark?  
16 Feb 26 Update from our friends in Fiji  
16 Feb 25 Who is more aggressive, a Bull Shark or a Great White?  
16 Feb 23 Our friends in Fiji made it through the cyclone!  
16 Feb 20 Is "BAD" really GOOD?  
16 Feb 16 What is sustainable shark diving?  
16 Feb 11 What kills fewer people than sharks each year?  
16 Feb 9 Wanna dive with Bull Sharks?  
16 Feb 4 Can our loving sharks be bad for them?  
16 Feb 2 Breaching great white sharks at Guadalupe Island  
16 Jan 29 How not to dive with sharks!  
16 Jan 27 Paul Watson and the sinking of the "Ady Gil"  
16 Jan 20 Sharks in a pool?  
15 Dec 18 Conservation shark diving in Fiji  
15 Dec 9 Support shark conservation at Guadalupe Island  
15 Dec 4 Science Expedition to Guadalupe Island  
15 Nov 25 Do sharks get cancer?  
15 Nov 23 Island Of The White Sharks  
15 Sep 29 New sharks at Guadalupe Island  
15 Sep 18 Talking about Sharks Feeds the Frenzy  
15 Sep 5 Great White Sharks, Dolphins and a "Sea Monster"  
15 Aug 30 "Aggressive" shark closes San Diego Beach  
15 Aug 25 30 White Sharks and a pod of Orcas  
15 Aug 20 Great White Sharks, Mauricio Hoyos and Ocean Ramsey at Guadalupe Island  
15 Aug 15 Bigger than Big Blue. The biggest shark at Guadalupe Island!  
15 Aug 7 Courageous sea lion  
15 Aug 5 Who is at Guadalupe Island?  
15 Aug 5 If you love sharks, you're going to love this movie!  
15 Jul 23 Are the sharks going to be safe at Guadalupe Island?  
15 Jul 17 Biggest White Shark ever filmed?  
15 Jul 10 Awesome great white sharks at Guadalupe Island  
15 Jun 29 Valerie Taylor, the most glamorous shark advocate in the world  
15 Jun 24 Shark Week at Guadalupe  
15 Jun 21 Sad news out of Fiji  
15 Jun 18 Anyone can help save sharks  
15 Jun 17 White Sharks Shock California Lifeguards?  
15 Jun 15 Shark attack in North Carolina  
15 Jun 15 "Expert" advice by Julie Andersen  
15 Jun 10 Biggest Great White Shark?  
15 Jun 5 Great White Sharks at Guadalupe  
15 Jun 3 Win a week of diving with bull sharks!  
15 May 4 Chris Fischer and OCEARCH's feelings are hurt!  
15 May 3 Forget Jaws! Sharks can SAVE lives!  
15 May 2 Celebrities at Guadalupe Island  
15 May 1 Sharks need your help in Florida!  
15 Apr 27 Amazing!  
15 Apr 26 Shark "Documentary" causing problems in New Zealand  
15 Apr 25 Surfer critically injured by shark off southern Australia; witness reports large great white  
15 Apr 24 Giant Shark scare in the UK  
15 Apr 23 Revolution, a film by Rob Stewart  
15 Apr 22 Conservation done right. BAD is good!  
15 Apr 17 How every diver can help with shark conservation.  
15 Apr 16 Working with Fishermen to Save Sharks  
15 Apr 16 Bull sharks in Fiji  
15 Apr 15 Shark sighting in Portugal  
15 Apr 13 Jaws, lemon shark  
15 Apr 11 How do you get taken seriously as a conservation activist?  
15 Apr 11 Shark trying to bite through steel cage?  
15 Apr 11 Shark Attacks And The Media  
15 Apr 6 Do sharks really mistake humans for seals?  
15 Mar 27 Looking for a summer job, but would prefer an adventure?  
15 Mar 27 Awesome volunteer opportunity for 16-19 year olds!  
15 Mar 26 How do you make a viral video?  
15 Mar 24 Here is your chance to make your own shark diving movie!  
15 Mar 20 New shark research method?  
15 Mar 18 Randy Johnson, what sharks like to eat.  
15 Mar 17 Deadly shark attacks in California?  
15 Mar 14 Switzerland bans the importation of shark fins!  
15 Mar 11 Hammerhead shark attacking diver?  
15 Mar 7 Are white sharks parenting their offspring?  
15 Mar 6 Really cool shark!  
15 Mar 3 Dead Sharks, Selfies, and Shark Fin Soup?  
15 Feb 27 Memorial announced for "Island of the Great White Shark" filmmaker, Richard Theiss  
15 Feb 27 Great White Shark in the Water?????  
15 Feb 27 Last chance, if you want to work with great white sharks!  
15 Feb 26 We lost the "Shark Lady" Eugenie Clark.  
15 Feb 18 Are we to blame for shark attacks?  
15 Feb 13 Is saving the Oceans saving people as well?  
15 Feb 12 Former Shark Diver CEO saving the Oceans?  
15 Feb 10 Volunteer opportunity for shark conservation in Fiji  
15 Feb 10 Do you want to work with Great White Sharks?  
15 Feb 6 We lost a great friend and shark advocate.  
15 Feb 2 Do you want to join a researcher at Guadalupe Island?  
15 Jan 30 Wanna join us on a film expediton to visit the Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island?  
15 Jan 29 The "baddest" shark at Isla Guadalupe?  
15 Jan 21 Australia. Sabotaging Eco Tourism?  
15 Jan 18 Shark Attack in Australia? What really happened.  
15 Jan 17 Shark Attack in Australia?  
15 Jan 16 Is this the way to promote shark conservation?  
15 Jan 16 Reef Check California Seeks Southern California Volunteer Coordinator  
15 Jan 12 Scientific study on the effects of shark diving?  
15 Jan 12 Do Shark Diving Operators need to be regulated?  
15 Jan 8 How do we identify the sharks at Guadalupe?  
15 Jan 6 Do you want to dive with Bull Sharks?  
14 Dec 19 Really Western Australia!? Again?  
14 Dec 16 Encounter with a gigantic shark.  
14 Dec 14 Hammerhead Sharks and Manta Rays in California?  
14 Nov 26 Shark conservation at Guadalupe?  
14 Nov 2 "Selfie" shows what sharks are like?  
14 Oct 31 Shark attack, surfer kicking for his life?  
14 Oct 29 No cage shark diving with Shark Diver?  
14 Oct 24 Do you want to work with sharks?  
14 Oct 24 No more drumlines, let the shark killing begin?  
14 Oct 23 How to conquer fear of sharks? Break the law?  
14 Oct 23 Do sharks feel pain?  
14 Oct 9 Shark conservation at it's best!  
14 Oct 1 A 99.999999% effective shark repellent!  
14 Oct 1 Cageless diving with Great White Sharks. Good idea?  
14 Sep 9 "Chugey" is back at Guadalupe  
14 Sep 9 Pictures and trip report from Guadalupe  
14 Aug 29 A whole lot of fighting going on at Isla Guadalupe.  
14 Aug 24 Epic pictures from Guadalupe!  
14 Aug 18 The boys are back at Isla Guadalupe.  
14 Aug 13 What is happening at Guadalupe Island?  
14 Aug 5 Cage free shark diving at Guadalupe?  
14 Aug 2 Newly added Great White Shark Expedition.  
14 Aug 1 Shark attack filmed at Guadalupe Island  
14 Jul 31 Shark sightings good for business?  
14 Jul 30 Japanese Whaling Crew eaten by Killer Whales?  
14 Jul 29 What's the difference between a Great White and a Tiger Shark?  
14 Jul 25 "Sharknado" is real!  
14 Jul 20 Who is going to be at Guadalupe?  
14 Jul 9 Could the Manhattan Beach shark bite have been predicted?  
14 Jul 6 Illegal shark fishing causes injury to swimmer.  
14 Jul 5 Shark Cull, last chance to submit your comments!  

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