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New Joss Whedon Will Take Over for Zack Snyder of Justice League Following Family Tragedy  
May 23 Geek Deals: Lifetime Subscription to eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School for $39  
May 23 In Israel, Squirrel, Comet Emoji Signal Intent to Rent  
May 23 Is Anyone Really Surprised Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Been Delayed to 2018?  
May 23 The FCC Is Still Being Crappy  
May 23 Everything Starts to Unravel for Jimmy on Better Call Saul  
May 23 Is Missy a Cyberman? Michelle Gomez Teases Alternate ‘Doctor Who’ Plot  
May 23 ‘Doctor Who’ Tuesday Trope: Noodle Incident  
May 23 8Bitdo Wireless Controllers Are Now Compatible with Nintendo Switch  
May 23 Universal Studios Orlando Shows the Only Way 3D Isn’t Dumb: Theme Park  
May 23 The Last Jedi Cast Take Vanity Fair Covers for Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary  
May 23 Gotham Remembers How to Have Fun  
May 23 Gravitational Waves Might Leave Permanent Tears in Space-Time  
May 23 Farting, Peeing Dinosaurs Invade Manitoba Museum  
May 23 Roll For Initiative With This Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide  
May 22 Twin Peaks Returned With a David Lynch Horror Movie  
May 22 American Gods Gave Us a Straightforward, Linear Story of the Undead  
May 22 Nokia Dumb Phone Emerges as Smart Vibrator  
May 22 AI Invents Paint Colors ‘Dorkwood,’ ‘Stanky Bean’  
May 22 Universal Expects Us to Take Something Called the ‘Dark Universe’ Seriously  
May 22 Leaked Facebook Content Guidelines Highlight Complex Rules  
May 22 Geek Deals: Save 30% on Shirts from Teepublic  
May 22 Talking With Pat Mills, The Creator Of 2000 AD  
May 22 Victor LaValle’s Destroyer is a Fresh Take on a Horror Classic  
May 22 Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland to Play Young Nathan Drake in Uncharted Film  
May 22 RiVE Eliminates Temptation to Text While Driving  
May 22 A Nuclear Exchange Would Be Even Worse Than We Thought  
May 22 The Saddest Guns, Fake and Real  
May 21 The Search for a Second Earth Just Got A Bit More Interesting  
May 21 The Doctor Is Still The Doctor, Even In Extremis, on ‘Doctor Who’  
May 21 No One Handles Detention Well in ‘Class’  
May 21 Big Trouble in Little London for Tenth Doctor in Latest Comic  
May 20 The X-Files heads to the Funko Universe in this One Shot Exclusive  
May 20 SpaceX Will Launch Human Remains Later This Year  
May 20 Tom Hardy Will Play Venom, Nathan Fillion’s Place in the MCU and More from Marvel Movies  
May 19 Geek Deals: Save 18% on a SainSmart Robot Car  
May 19 Michelle Gomez Talks Peter Capaldi, Missy Action Figures in Reddit AMA  
May 19 Inflatable Moe’s Tavern Is A Dive Bar For Your Back Yard  
May 19 At I/O, Google Trades Search for AI  
May 19 ‘Doctor Who’ Underrated Villain of the Week: The Flesh/Gangers  
May 19 Lego Smashes Renewable Energy Goal Three Years Early  
May 19 Always Save The Day With This Steven Universe Gift Guide  
May 19 FCC Doubles Down on Its Internet Attack  
May 19 We Need a Hopeful Star Trek Series Now More Than Ever  
May 19 Volvo Tests Autonomous Garbage Truck  
May 19 3D-Printed Ovaries Produce Healthy Offspring in Mice  
May 19 MovieBob Reviews – ALIEN: COVENANT  
May 19 Black Lightning Gets a First Trailer, Wonder Woman Has an Awesome Anime Poster and More from the DCEU  
May 19 Arms, Splatoon, and Nintendo’s New Love of Lore  
May 18 Jeff Goldblum Was, Uh, Nearly the Voice of Siri  
May 18 DirecTV Now is a Simple Way to Get All the Live TV You Want  
May 18 Destiny 2 is Everything the First Game Should Have Been  
May 18 Netflix News: Dark Crystal Show Coming, More Arrested Development, and Its Own Margaret Atwood Series  
May 18 Instagram Launches Snapchat-Like Face Filters  
May 18 BBC’s Mixital Platform Encourages ‘Who,’ ‘Class’ Fan Fic  
May 18 The Best Announcements from Google’s I/O Conference  
May 18 On Fargo, The Story You Believe Is the One That’s True  
May 18 TV Time App Lets You Interact With Your Favorite Stars  
May 18 Geek deals: Dell Inspiron 15 7000 quad-core gaming laptop for $735  
May 18 Lego’s Gigantic Mountain Cave Is Almost 3000 Pieces Of Minecraft Fun  
May 18 Qualcomm’s Inductive Charging Road Lets Short-Range EVs Go On Long Trips  
May 18 Fly the TARDIS in this VR Mobile Game  
May 18 Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Has Starships, Vulcans, Klingons and Lens Flare  
May 17 Buy This Comic! The Wicked + The Divine 455 AD #1  
May 17 Simple Geek’s Guide to Pretentious Photos  
May 17 Raise Some Shell With This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gift Guide  
May 17 The Flash Shocked the Audience with Something We Knew Was Coming  
May 17 Germany Passes Autonomous Driving Law  
May 17 Netflix Is Getting a New TV Series Based on The Witcher  
May 17 Geek deals: Get a lifetime subscription to TigerVPN for just $39  
May 17 Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda: NBA Playgrounds  
May 17 Luke Treadaway Tipped for 13th Doctor Role  
May 17 Matt Reeves Talks War for the Planet of the Apes, Why He Took On The Batman and More  
May 17 Michelle Gomez Breaks Whovian Hearts, Announces Departure  
May 17 ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware Attack Stymies Global PCs  
May 17 Latest Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Trailer Spotlights the Game’s Beautiful New Locales  
May 17 Pour One Out for the Late MP3 Audio Format  
May 16 Saul Goodman Finally Makes His Debut  
May 16 Looking Back on the Star Wars Action Fleet and Micro Machine Series  
May 16 Ubisoft Confirms New Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and The Crew, For Some Reason  
May 16 Shower Your Graduating Geek With These Awesome Gifts  
May 16 FOX Released a Trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Sci-Fi Comedy, and it Actually Looks Funny  
May 16 Game of the Year: Newgrounds  
May 16 Tennant, Piper Reunite For ‘Doctor Who’ Audio Dramas  
May 16 Geek Deals: Save 90% on a Disconnect Lifetime Premium Subscription  
May 16 This Giant Vending Machine Dispenses Supercars  
May 16 Create Your Own Awful Furry Friend in Sonic Forces  
May 16 ‘SNL’ Introduces ‘Amazon Echo Silver’ for Seniors  
May 16 Waymo, Lyft Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars  
May 16 ‘Doctor Who’ Tuesday Trope: Unusually Uninteresting Sight  
May 16 Gotham Featured Plenty of Great Villains and Didn’t Use Them at All  
May 16 Watch the First Full Trailer for The Gifted, Marvel’s Next Mutant Show  
May 15 The Legend of Zelda Might Be Nintendo’s Next Mobile Game  
May 15 Team TARDIS Battle Capitalism in Space in ‘Doctor Who’  
May 15 American Gods Embraces the Surreal with Snow, Sand and Fire  
May 15 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Officially Announced  
May 15 It’s Rick and Morty vs Facehuggers in this Alien: Covenant Ad  
May 15 No One Forced Anybody Into Anything on ‘Class’  
May 15 Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Kicks Ass on Nintendo Switch  
May 15 Energy-Generating SolarGaps Smart Blinds a Renter’s Dream  

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