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10 Mar 20 bad cop  
08 Jul 22 Hal Turner: Uncensored and Unrestrained - “The Most Dangerous Man on Radio” Wants Obama Killed & Whites to Rule  
08 Jul 22 Kangaroo Court Judge At G.W. Bush’s Guantanamo Bay Torture Prison Tosses Evidence Obtained By Coercive “Conditions”  
08 Jul 22 San Diego California Police Rescue Man Who Fell Overboard On Party Cruise - Then Shoot And Kill Him  
08 Jul 22 Dead Witness And A Dumbass Lying Cop: Los Angeles California Police Officer Det. Martin Pinner “Reassigned” After His Lies Disclose Identify Of A Witness To Murder - 16 Year Old Girl Ends Up Dead  
08 Jul 20 Drug Dealer With Ties To Former Tulsa Oklahoma Police Officer Rico Yarbrough Pleads Guilty - Faces 210 To 262 Months In Prison  
08 Jul 20 St. Louis Missouri Police Chief Joe Mokwa’s Troubled Daughter And Others Got Impounded And Seized Cars To Drive - Including One Involved In Her Drunken Wreck At Twice Legal Limit - But She Of Course Wasn’t Charged  
08 Jul 20 Syracuse New York Begs Federal Judge To Dismiss Lawsuit Charging Police After They Gassed A 60 Year Old Woman During Assault On Her Neighbor’s Apartment, Destroying Her Life’s Possessions, Apartment, And Left Her With PTSD  
08 Jul 20 Having Addressed All Other Issues, Lynwood Illinois Lawmakers Target Sagging Pants - Leaving Police Free To Stop And Search Those Who’s Personal Style Offends Them  
08 Jul 20 Nantucket Massachusetts Police Chief William J. Pittman Promises Overhaul After Officers Beat Black Youths To Get Them Off The Sidewalks  
08 Jul 20 Veteran South Yorkshire Police Officer Anthony Mulhall Who Was Caught On Video Beating A Woman Found Dead (Probably Suicide, Since They Won’t Say) On North Wales Mountainside  
08 Jul 20 Nine Federal Marshals And Bentonville Arkansas Police Officers Swarm Woman’s Workplace, Arrest Her For Not Taking A Defensive Driving Course That She Had Already Completed  
08 Jul 20 Anderson County South Carolina Deputy Sheriff Lawyer Delewis Scott II And Derrick Lamont Rich Arrested, Fired, Charged In Payroll Fraud Scheme  
08 Jul 20 Videotaped Murder Confession Tossed After Vermont State Police Officers Violate Man’s Rights  
08 Jul 20 Fired Houma City Louisiana Deputy Marshal William Frederick Harlow Cleared After Sex With A Female Inmate  
08 Jul 20 Former Windham County Vermont Deputy Sheriff Capt. Heidi Nelson Pleads Not Guilty After Relationship With Teen Student, Lies About Their Trip To Florida  
08 Jul 20 Brimingham Alabama Police Taser Weapon Use Killed Man With Heart Problems - Death Ruled A Homicide  
08 Jul 20 Fayetteville Arkansas Police Officer Jared Cypert Fired After Going Into A Strangers Home And Attacking Him, Public Intoxication Arrest  
08 Jul 20 Lawsuit Charges Benton County Tennessee Sheriff Tony King And Chief Deputy Chris Rogers With Sexual Harassment  
08 Jul 20 Former Tulsa Oklahoma Police Officer Rico Yarbrough Pleads Guilty To Same Charges That Were Overturned On Appeal  
08 Jul 20 $500,000 Claim Charges Seattle Washington Police Officers With Shooting Innocent Young Woman Bystander  
08 Jul 20 Nantucket Massachusetts Police Chief William J. Pittman Promises Overhaul After Officers Beat Black Youths To Get Them Off Sidewalk  
08 Jul 20 Greenfield Indiana Police Officer William Phillips Suspended After Letting Impaired Driver Go Free - Details Hidden From Taxpayers  
08 Jul 20 Veteran Gregg County Deputy Sheriff Arrested, Quits, Charged After Playing Undercover Game Warden  
08 Jul 20 Fort Worth Texas Police Officer Clinton Wyatt Fired After Drunk Driving Arrest In Patrol Car - Veteran Officer James Hale Fired After Being Named A Suspect In Theft/Credit Abuse Case And In A Drug Case  
08 Jul 20 Trial For San Jose California Police Officer Kenneth Williams Sr. Finally Begins - Exploited Young Teen Girl At School Where He Worked  
08 Jul 20 Norfolk Virginia Police Officer Keenan Gilligan Arrested, Suspended, Charged After Drunken Wreck  
08 Jul 20 Community Complaint Review Board Ready To Take Complaints Against Springfield Massachusetts Police (And Most Likely Accomplish Nothing At All)  
08 Jul 20 Police State: Maryland State Police Spied On U.S. Citizens At Taxpayer Expense  
08 Jul 20 High Numbers Jailed For Non-Violent Offenses In UK As Gordon Brown Insists There Is No Space To House Knife Criminals  
08 Jul 20 Nantucket Massachusetts Police Response Faulted - Officers Didn’t Want Blacks On Sidewalk, So The Cops Attacked Them  
08 Jul 20 Animals Are Usually The Target Of Trigger-Happy Yonkers New York Police Officers Bullets  
08 Jul 20 Assault Charge Suddenly Disappears For Greeley Colorado Police Officer Sgt. Kell Hulsey’s Son  
08 Jul 20 Warrant For Man Who Went On To Kill Fort Myers Cop Was Issued But He Was Never Arrested  
08 Jul 20 Innocent Man Arrested On Old Ohio County West Virginia Warrant And Wrongfully Jailed For Two Days - Even Jailers Knew He Didn’t Belong Behind Bars  
08 Jul 20 York County South Carolina Coroner Doug McKown Violates His Probation After Drinking Beer While Driving A County Vehicle And Hanging Out With A Crackhead  
08 Jul 20 DeKalb County Georgia Police Officer Torrey Thompson Faces Murder Trial And Life In Prison After Shooting And Killing An Unarmed Man  
08 Jul 20 New Orleans Louisiana Police Officer David Ellis Suspended After Doing Nothing When Police Officer Ashely Terry Threatened Woman And Children At Day Cam With A Gun In Road Rage Incident  
08 Jul 20 Veteran Key West Florida Police Officer Patti Child Fired After Her Slutty MySpace Photos Surface And Appear In Newspaper - Groped Women And Being Groped By Women And Men  
08 Jul 20 Duluth Minnisota May Seek Fees From Residents To Pay For Police And Fire Responses, Despite High Taxes Already Collected To Pay For Services  
08 Jul 20 Erie County New York Deputies And Border Patrol Loose Naked Motorist  
08 Jul 20 Costly Amber Alert System Doesn’t Do Much For Missing Children, But Do Create A “Crime Control Theater”, Climate Of Fear, And Pump Up Public Anxiety  
08 Jul 20 Taxpayers Foot The Bill So That Many Erie County New York Sheriff’s Deputies And Employees Can Drive Cars And SUV’s Home  
08 Jul 20 Veteran Miami Florida Police Officers Michael King And Antonio Roberts And Former Correctional Officer Marvin Coney Arrested, Charged By Feds In Liberty City Cocaine And Gambling Ring  
08 Jul 20 Veteran Ansonia Connecticut Police Officer Mustafa Salahuddin Arrested, Charged With Theft Of Department’s Garden Hose  
08 Jul 20 Former Australian Federal Police Officer Released On Bail Pending Appeal After Child Pornorgraphy Conviction  
08 Jul 20 Disbarred San Jose Califronia Lawyer James C. Lopez Arrested, Charged With Practicing Law Without A License And Grand Theft  
08 Jul 20 Greensboro North Carolina SWAT Team Police Officer John LeGrand And Sgt. Allen Wallace Fired After Sexual Assault Allegations By Another Officer  
08 Jul 20 Gwinnette County Georiga Police Officer Sgt. Michael Saunders Quits In Disgrace Amid Investigation Into Racketeering And Forgery Arrested And Jailed  
08 Jul 20 Photos Of Tattoo Freak Pinellas County Florida Deputy Sheriff Aaron Simpson Released  
08 Jul 20 Sunny Isles Beach Florida Police Officer Crashes Into Tractor Trailer  
08 Jul 20 Investigation Finds Lax Management At Galveston Texas Police Department - After Cash And Drugs Disappear From Evidence - 16 Criminal Cases Dismissed  
08 Jul 20 Man Goes Down “Miami Style”, Takes Fort Myers Florida Police Officer Andrew Widman With Him  
08 Jul 20 UK Police Officers Gram Ferguson And Gerald Collens Acquitted Despite Having Child Pornography On Their Computers  
08 Jul 20 Veteran Springfield Missouri Police Officer Morris Taylor Fired, Charged After Brutally Beating Man At Jail - Caught On Video  
08 Jul 20 Phelps County Missouri Deputy Sheriff Greg Curtis “No Longer Employed” After His Wife Runs Down A Pedestrian In Wal-Mart Parking Lot With Their Uninsured Car - Details Hidden From Taxpayers  
08 Jul 20 Corruption And Sexual Misconduct Probe Into Texas U.S. District Court Judge Samuel Kent Continue  
08 Jul 20 Current New Jersey Governor And 5 Prior Governors Chauffeured Around At Taxpayer Expense  
08 Jul 20 Third Houston Texas Police Officer Indicted After $100,000 To $200,000 Was Diverted To Bogus Summer Camp For Hurricane Evacuee Children  
08 Jul 20 Wellington New Zealand Police Officers Investigated After Telling Fast Food Giant That They Were Too Busy To Investigate Employees Caught On Camera Stealing Thousands Of Dollars  
08 Jul 20 Disgraced Joplin Missouri Police Officer Homer Knisley Off The Force After Beating Handcuffed Man - Victim Receives Tiny Settlement - Names Of Other Officers Involved Hidden From Taxpayers  
08 Jul 19 Man Charged With Murder Escapes From Waller County Texas Jail - Jailers Find Out After The Fact That He’d “Been Slimming Down A Lot Recently” Before He Slipped Through A/C Vent - “He Could Be Anywhere Right Now, We Just Don’t Know…”  
08 Jul 19 San Francisco California To Vote On Not Prosecuting Prostitutes (Saving Taxpayers A Lot Of Money)  
08 Jul 19 Power-Crazed Bexar County Texas District Attorney Susan Reed Charges Needle Exchange Program Worker With Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia  
08 Jul 19 Two Philadelphia Police Officers Waste Taxpayer Resources, Shut Down 2 Streets Causing Traffic Jam - While Chasing A Puppy  
08 Jul 19 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Police Officer George Marko Admits Killing Innocent Bystander Protecting A Child - Hit 5 Times As The Officer Shot Up A Home  
08 Jul 19 Tax Dollars Burn As U.S. Capital Police Bomb Squad And HAZMAT Team Sweep Near U.S. Capital Finds Man With Laundry Detergent - The Innocent Man Was Detained And Questioned By Officers Seeking Tips On Washing Clothes  
08 Jul 19 Less Than Brilliant Illinois Prison Van Driver Got Lost, Stopped To Ask For Directions, And Lost His Vehicle To A 13 Year Old Girl Who Was Handcuffed, Shackled, And Being Transported Like A Criminal For Running Away  
08 Jul 19 Miami-Dade County Florida Prison Correctional Officers Charged By Feds With Accepting Cash From Inmates And Smuggling Drugs Into Facility  
08 Jul 19 Despite DNA Evidence New Jersey State Police Troopers Won’t Be Charged After Gang-Bang Rape Of Rider University Student In One Officer’s Home  
08 Jul 19 Tax Dollars Burn As U.S. Capital Police Bomb Squad And HAZMAT Team Sweep Near U.S. Capital Finds Man With Laundry Detergent - The Innocent Man Was Detained And Questioned About The Soap  
08 Jul 19 Veteran Hollywood Florida Police Officer Michael Verdugo Suspended After His Role In A Homosexual Pornographic Movie Surfaces  
08 Jul 19 Update: Veteran New York City Police Officer Det. Wayne Taylor Gets A Special Plea Deal, Quits, Sentenced To Just 3 1/2 Years In Prison After Forcing 13 Year Old Runaway Girl Into Prostitution  
08 Jul 18 More Discipline Possible After Crazed New Orleans Police Officer Ashley Terry Pulled Gun On A Woman And Children In Road Rage Incident At Children’s Day Camp - Officer Responding To 911 Call Didn’t Bother With Report Or Talk To Victims Or Witnesses  
08 Jul 18 This Week In New Orleans Lousiana: Police Officer Led Bridge Police On High Speed Chase, Almost Ran Over An Officer, And Slapped Another - Officer Ashely Terry Suspended After Drawing Gun On Woman And Children In Road Rage Incident At Day Cap Pickup Line  
08 Jul 18 11 Term Congressman And Civil Rights Leader John Lewis Still Appears On TSA’s “No-Fly” List  
08 Jul 18 Milwaukee Wisconsin Police Sergeant Suspended After Shooting Suicidal Police Officer, Who Then Finished The Job Himself  
08 Jul 18 Federal Investigation Into Cook County Illinois Jail Finds Guards Regularly Beat Inmates, Lack Of Medical And Dental Care, Sanitation Issues, Three Inmates Sharing One Bed, Gangs Of Guards Conducting Organized Beatings, Dumbwaiter For Moving Weapons Betwe  
08 Jul 18 Large U.S. Capital Police Bomb Squad And HazMat Team Sweep Near U.S. Capital Finds Man With Laundry Detergent - And Of Course The Innocent Man Was Detained And Questined About The Laundry Soap  
08 Jul 18 The War On Terror: Federal Tax Dollars Wasted By U.S. Air Force Designing Luxury “Comfort Capsules” For Senior Officers - At Least 4 Generals Involved In Picking Colors, Carpet, And Chairs - $68K Spend Changing Color Of Leather And Seat Belts  
08 Jul 18 Undercover Maryland State Police Officers Pissed Away Federal Tax Dollars For Over A Year Investigating Anti-Death Penalty Groups - At Least One Person Was Added To Database Tracking “Terrorists And Drug Dealers”  
08 Jul 18 Former Bridgeton New Jersey Police Officers Carl Holliday And Gregory Willis Both Get A Very Special Plea Deal - Sentenced To Just 3 Years In Prison After Kidnapping And Beating A Mexican And Failing To Arrest A Drunk Driver  
08 Jul 18 Former Dallas County Iowa Sheriff Brian Gilbert Received A Tiny Slap On The Wrist After Conviction For Robbing Motorists Of $120,000 In Drug Money - Nutcase May Have Now Violated His Probation By Calling Former Wife’s Mother And Threatening To Shoot Ex An  
08 Jul 18 Homeland Insecurity Secretary Michael Chertoff Claims That European Terrorists Are Entering The U.S. And There Is Little We Can Do About It  
08 Jul 18 Kent UK Police And Store Security Guards Terrorize A 12 Year Old Girl Who Sampled Nail Polish  
08 Jul 18 Despite DNA Evidence New Jersey State Police Troopers Won’t Be Charged After Gang-Banging Rider University Student At Officer’s Home  
08 Jul 18 Veteran Hoboken New Jersey Police Officer Michael Miranda Arrested, Suspended, Charged With Child Molestation - Two Victims, Assaulted For Years  
08 Jul 18 Innocent Man Finally Released After Arrest On Bogus Charges By Nashville Tennessee Police - Six Days In Jail Despite Air-Tight Alibi  
08 Jul 18 Gary Indiana Police Officer Parnell Jordan Pleads Guilty In Federal Court To Payroll Fraud Scheme  
08 Jul 18 Jersey City New Jersey Police Officers Arrest “Unknown Male” Drug Dealer, Then Let Him Go As A Crowd Gathered  
08 Jul 18 San Francisco California Computer Engineer Pleads Not Guilty To Locking City’s Network - Excessive Bail Set At 5 Times That Of Someone Charged With Murder  
08 Jul 18 Rutherford County tennessee Deputy Sheriff Hits And Kills 11 Year Old Girl, Drags Her Down Street, Gets Out Of His Car And Throws A Bottle  
08 Jul 18 Washington State Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Victim After Wrongful Arrest By State Police - Smell Of Pot Not Enough To Arrest Everyone In Car  
08 Jul 18 Kent UK Police And Store Security Guards Terrorize 12 Year Old Girl Who Sampled Nail Polish In Store  
08 Jul 18 Chinese Police Officer Shoots Three Reporters At Press Conference Spotlighting Success Of Their Gun Control Campaign  
08 Jul 18 San Francisco California Computer Engineer Pleads Not Guilty To Locking City’s Network - Bail Set At 5 Times That Of Someone Charged With Murder  
08 Jul 17 Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft Defends Torture  
08 Jul 17 Former Atlantic Beach South Carolina Police Officer Terrance Wiggins To Be Released Yet Again On Bond After Violation Of Previous Bond And Committing New Offense Of Domestic Violence  
08 Jul 17 Pinellas Park Florida Police And SWAT Team Botch $140 Drug Bust, Resulting In Innocent Woman Motorist’s Death, Injuries To 4 Passengers Including Her 3 Children, And Property Damage  
08 Jul 17 DeKalb County Georgia Police Officer Indicted For Murder After Killing Unarmed Man - The Sole Criminal Prosecution After Rash Of 2006 Police Killings In DeKalb  
08 Jul 17 Former Chicago Illinois FBI Agent Charged Preparing To Steal Drugs - Caught On Tape Conspiring To Commit Murder-For-Hire, Home Invasion Robberies, And Nother Crimes  
08 Jul 17 Hundreds Attend Funeral For Man Killed In Prince George’s County Maryland Jail While In Solitary Confinement - Officers Under Investigation  
08 Jul 17 Former Atlantic Beach South Carolina Police Oficer Terrance Wiggins, Awaiting Trial For Sex With A Crack Whore On Floor In Police Department, Arrested And Charged With Domestic Violence  
08 Jul 17 Dayton Ohio Police Officers Shot Blind Woman Suffering From Cancer With Taser Weapon After She Refused To Talk To Them  
08 Jul 17 Nevada Highway Patrol Police Officer Sgt. Edward Lattin Had Drugs In His System When He Caused Fatal Accident - Jailed, Suspended, And Charged With DUI  
08 Jul 17 Madison Connecticut Police Scandal Has Seen 8 Officers Fired, Suspended, Or Charged - Cost To Taxpayers So Far: $337,420  
08 Jul 17 East St. Luis Illinois Police Hire Criminal Officer Felix Arnold - Previously Plead Guilty After Beating A Family Member In Domestic Violence Incident, Twice Convicted Of Driving On A Suspended License, And Operating An Uninsued Vehicle Three Times  
08 Jul 17 Long Island New York Police Officer John J. Sheehan Convicted In Dog Shooting Case  
08 Jul 17 Nutcase Retired Front Royal Virginia Police Officer And Former Sheriff’s Candidate James Douglas “J.D.” Striker Arrested, Jailed Without Bond, Charged After Shooting At Son  
08 Jul 17 Illinois Governor Has Little Confidence In Chicago Police, Wants To Call In The National Guard (Aren’t They In Iraq?) To Protect The Out Of Control City  
08 Jul 17 Silverton Oregon Police Officer Tony Gonzalez, Who Recently Shot Irishman, And Who Is Charged With Child Molestation, Is A Former Cagefighter And Tattoo Covered Freak  
08 Jul 17 Veteran Waterbury Connecticut Police Officer Lt. Greg McCarty Fired For Handling Of Now-Fired Capt. Michael Edwards’ Domestic Violence Incident  
08 Jul 17 Charges Filed In Yet Another County Against Former Muscogee Oklahoma Police Officer Kris Ledford  
08 Jul 17 Innocent Man Attacked By Glenwood Springs Colorado Police Officer For Standing, Beaten While Handcuffed  
08 Jul 17 Former Olive Branch Mississippi Police Officer Adam McHann Changes His Guilty Plea In Federal Court After K9 Attack On Unarmed Cooperating Teen  
08 Jul 17 Calgary Canada Police Association President John Dooks “Shocked” By Retired Police Officer Steven Huggett’s Child Pornography Arrest (Obviously He Doesn’t Read BCN!) - Charges Were Hidden From The Public  
08 Jul 17 Charlotte-Mecklenburg North Carolina Police Officer Jenny Curlee Fired After Shooting Unarmed Motorist  
08 Jul 17 Federal Judge May Block First Kangaroo Court Trial At Bush’s Guantanamo Bay Torture Prison  
08 Jul 17 Veteran Daytona Beach Florida Police Officer Lt. Major Garvin Fired After He Threatened Starbucks If He Didn’t Receive Free Coffee, Lying About It - Visited Store 6 Times A Day, Intimidated Some Employees  
08 Jul 17 Sonoma California Doughnut Store Robbery Results In Huge Police Response - Suspect Escapes  
08 Jul 17 Nashville Tennessee Police Arrest Man For Robbery, Despite Air-Tight Alibi And Evidence That He Was Attending Classes At Design Academy  
08 Jul 17 Phoenix Arizona Police Officer Imelda Mendoza Falls Asleep While Driving Causing Three Car Wreck And Injuries  
08 Jul 17 CNN Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin Placed On TSA’s Error-Filled Terror Watch List After Criticizing The TSA - Our Tax Dollars At Work  
08 Jul 17 Terrorist Armed With A Machine Gun At Aurora Colorado Home Depot Was Man With Nail Gun Looking For Parts  
08 Jul 17 Washington DC Police To Seize Guns Amid Legal Owner’s Registration Efforts  
08 Jul 17 Dallas Texas 911 Operator Told Murder Suspect To Find A Ride To Jail When He Called To Turn Himself In  
08 Jul 17 State Of Massachusetts Police Officer Michael L. Faria Was Text Messaging At Time Of His Fatal Hit And Run Wreck  
08 Jul 16 New Rochelle New York Police Infested With Bedbugs  
08 Jul 16 Detroit Michigan Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Linked To A Preacher, A Prostitute, And Dropped Criminal Charges  
08 Jul 16 Torbay UK Traffic Warden Can’t Tell Time - Hands Out Parking Tickets To Innocent Victims  
08 Jul 16 23 Troopers File Lawsuit Charging New Jersey State Police With Racial Bias, Cronyism  
08 Jul 16 Judge Tosses Charges After 94 Year Old Man Was Entraped By Manatee County Sheriff’s Detective During Prostitution Sting  
08 Jul 16 Myrtle Beach South Carolina Continues Anti-Motorcycle Effort With Zoning Rules Prohibiting Special Events In May After Shooting They Can’t Link To Bikers  
08 Jul 16 Myrtle Beach Fire Department Evacuates Homes And Hotels In 4 City Block Area As A 1/2 Pound Of Pool Chemical Burns  
08 Jul 16 Dying Bedridden Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins Denied Compassionate Release From Prison - Despite Tremendous Cost To California Taxpayers - $1.45 Million Spent Since March  
08 Jul 16 Webster County Missouri Sheriff’s Employee Shot While Burning Old Evidence After 22 Rounds Exploded In The Fire - Name Hidden From Taxpayers  
08 Jul 16 London UK Police To Be Given 3 Hours To Respond To Emergency Calls, And Up To 3 Days For Others  
08 Jul 16 Hernando County Florida Sheriff’s Finance Director Emily Bernon Not Charged By Deputy Sheriff Giselle Mulverhill After Drunken Wreck And Dancing In The Road  
08 Jul 16 15 Italian Police Officers Found Guilty After Beating G8 Protesters - Sentenced To Between 5 Months And 5 Years In Prison  
08 Jul 15 Federal Appeals Court Upholds $15 Million Rampart Corruption Scandal Jury Verdict Against Los Angeles California Police Department  
08 Jul 15 Dale County Alabama Deputy Sheriff Mike Roskum Quits, Admits Watching Pornography On Patrol Car Computer And Quits - Now Employed By Newton Police Department  
08 Jul 15 Kane County Illinois Prosecutor Elizabeth Lovig Suspended Amid Secret Relationship With Aurora Police Officer - Criminal Cases May Be In Jeopardy  
08 Jul 15 Groups Want A Better Look At Complaints Against New Jersey Police Officers  
08 Jul 15 Houston Texas Paid $1.5 Million Settlement After Crazed Rookie Police Officer Arthur Carbonneau Shot And Killed Innocent 14 Year Old Boy Who Was Playing Computer Games  
08 Jul 15 Former Australian Federal Police Officer Michael Edward Hatch Sentenced To Just 14 Months In Jail For Child Pornography  
08 Jul 15 Lawsuit Charges Fulton County Illinois Sheriff Jeff Standard And Deputy Karl Williams After They Took High School Teacher’s Backhoe, Implying It Was Stolen And That He Was A Drug Dealer - Threatened With False Arrest And Imprisonment On Fabricated Evidenc  
08 Jul 15 Shelby County Tennessee Deputy Sheriff Alvin Dortch Fired After Lying About Fatal Crash  
08 Jul 15 Veteran Brusly Louisiana Police Officer Robert Williams Arrested, Suspended, Charged After Robbing Motorist Of $2,900  
08 Jul 15 Former Cicero New York Police Officer Jack Himes Sr. Sentenced To Just 10 Years In Prison For Child Molestation - 3 Years Of Abuse - Not Prosecuted For Molesting A Second Child  
08 Jul 15 Boston Massachusetts Police Officer Antonio Rotger Suspended, Accused Of Choking His Wife In Florida Over July 4th  

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