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16 Mar 31 El Chapo (Shorty) Guzman on the Lam
16 Mar 31 Asia the Next target for the Drug Cartels
16 Mar 31 What five dollars can do for you!
16 Mar 31 In search for Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán
16 Mar 31 Chapo “The Fight is on” ISIS!
14 Feb 24 the capture of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman
14 Feb 13 Guns and our United States Constitution
13 Oct 6 Honduras and the Narco Islands!
13 Oct 3 Americans have lost their faith now the Famine!
13 Sep 28 Peru has become the world’s largest COCA producer
13 Sep 27 Officials investigate after three men found shot in Tulsa garage
13 Sep 27 Easiest and newest blogging platform going for Number 1
13 Sep 26 When a sound idea becomes reality success follows
13 Sep 25 Creation comes by developing a sound idea!
13 Sep 19 Man Murders three in Miami
13 Sep 15 Dolly Cifuentes linked with Joaquin El Chapo Guzman arraigned
13 Sep 6 Jonathan Fernando Ramírez Villegas, alleged chief escort for the Gulf Cartel captured
13 Aug 24 Ten men with links with Mexican cartels and Los Zetas and the FARC, captured
13 Aug 18 Mario Armando Ramirez Trevino, “X-20″, alleged leader of the Gulf Cartel, was arrested
13 Aug 12 EL Chapo back in the news
13 Aug 11 Rafael Caro Quintero, responsible for killing of DEA agent in 1985 Released
13 Jul 25 All the reasons for me to live in Thailand
13 Jul 25 Eight persons slaughtered in Caycara Orinoco, Venezuela
13 Jul 7 Have you been scammed lately? Stay away from fastlane commissions!
13 Jul 7 Nine dead in firefight with armed civilians in Reynosa
13 Jul 7 President Obama “No future, no vision concerning Africa! Only Gay rights!
13 Jun 20 Narco-tunnel found in old immigration office in Sonora
13 Jun 4 Those that vanished from Mexican Bar!
13 May 20 North Korea in defiance!
13 May 16 Pena Nieto government reaching an accommodation with some cartel figures
13 May 8 Gonorrhea more deadly than AIDS found in Japan
13 May 3 Suicide the leading cause of death in USA
13 Apr 20 Cancun- Seven people were murdered and four arrests made
13 Apr 20 Millionaire investigated for money laundering involving Nestor Kirchner
13 Apr 12 Can you defend yourself in an emergency situation?
13 Apr 11 Obama’s Crazy Budget, has he gone Mad?
13 Apr 5 three gangs – known as Air It Out, True Money Gang and Whoade on Facebook?
13 Apr 4 Wanted! alleged white supremacists accused of shooting State prison Chief!
13 Apr 4 North Korea further threats the US will be crushed in an attack!
13 Apr 3 Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is the main trafficker of methamphetamine in the Asia Pacific triangle
13 Apr 3 seven people dead after a gunman opened fire in a bar in northern Mexico
13 Apr 3 Mexican Cartels sending trusted agents to work in USA!
13 Apr 3 Why Barack Obama Returns 5% of his salary!? Is it guilt?
13 Mar 28 Hiv or hepatitis 7000 possibly infected in Oklahoma
13 Mar 27 Six of the eight cartels have Command networks in Texas!
13 Mar 26 Two Texas state troopers Body cavity molestation!
13 Mar 23 Seven people killed in Guerrero
13 Mar 23 21 bags located in Jalisco containing human remains
13 Mar 22 SoCal Businesses Raided, Arrests Made In Nitrous Oxide Sting
13 Mar 22 British bank HSBC was charged with money laundering in Argentina
13 Mar 22 Monsters Among Us: Stacy Adamson, along with Taryn Blair Adamson and Chevena Polite, kidnapped, tortured and killed Daniel Jamison
13 Mar 22 Mexican cartels growing operation in Northern Triangle of Central America
13 Mar 22 Teen murderer makes obscene gestures towards family of ones he killed
13 Mar 22 Two American Terrorist worth 10M$ bounty!
13 Jan 7 It’s time to stop this and preserve the 22nd Amendment!
13 Jan 5 Mexican drug cartels dominate the world supply of cocaine
13 Jan 5 alleged nephew of Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in Colombia
13 Jan 2 Fiscal monkeys; Republicans and Democrats led by a Moron for President!
12 Dec 30 Mexico Arrest of one of the nine most wanted women by the PGR
12 Dec 30 US cities see rise in Methamphetamine lab seizures
12 Dec 28 Fiscal cliff “Go for it” see what happens!
12 Dec 27 Eyes to see with! What about you?
12 Dec 26 When the USA forgot about God, he sent a reminder!
12 Dec 21 Gang of murderers and kidnappers arrested in Nuevo Leon!
12 Dec 20 Los Zetas lose another leader in Cardel!
12 Dec 20 Fast and Furious weapons and Miss Sinaloa
12 Dec 19 Venezuelan model was found dead in Guadalajara
12 Dec 19 Hezbollah Muslim extremist setting up on Mexican soil
12 Dec 17 Artist Paulo Antonio Pintor Salazar was found dead
12 Dec 17 67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua,
12 Dec 12 Cuernavaca- 11 policemen arrested for allowing traffickers escape
12 Dec 12 Accused assassin “The Arete”, arrested in Colima!
12 Dec 11 Woman CIA agent denied promotion after locating Osama bin Laden
12 Dec 11 Cannon delivers marijuana in cans over the border in Yuma Arizona
12 Dec 11 Re-hashing the Marijuana Business Theory
12 Dec 10 Americans on foodstamps 50 million before the end of the year.
12 Dec 8 The Fiscal cliff and the stupidity of the US Government!
12 Dec 8 Armed Commandos terrorize town killing 11 people
12 Dec 6 New narco tunnel discovered in California
12 Dec 5 New Alliance leader slain in Alcapulco early on Wednesday morning
12 Dec 4 John McAfee shows up in Guatemala
12 Dec 3 Terrell Horne, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard murdered by Mexican drug traffickers
12 Dec 2 Seven bodies found dismembered in Torreon
12 Dec 2 North Korea rocket launch scheduled this month!
12 Nov 29 More than a Hundred bodies dissolved in acid, located on the property of The Pozolero
12 Nov 28 Miss Sinaloa tested positive for use of firearms!
12 Nov 26 Miss Sinaloa 2012 found dead with an assault rifle!
12 Nov 25 phenomenon of ‘the dead women of Juarez’
12 Nov 24 Most wanted Joe Luis Saenz, arrested by FBI in Mexico!
12 Nov 24 What cease fire, The Hamas have already broken it!
12 Nov 24 the Army locates and ceases three narco-laboratories in Jalisco
12 Nov 24 British scientist caught smuggling two kilos of cocaine
12 Nov 24 Obama! Can Israel trust him?
12 Nov 24 birth of a new pharaoh “Morsy the dictator” what about Obama?
12 Nov 1 Carlos Arnulfo Flores Flores, alias “El Flaco arrested for murder
12 Oct 31 El Chapo Guzman’s Lieutenant arrested in Chihuahua
12 Oct 31 Legalizing marijuana in the U.S. a reverse affect on Mexico!
12 Oct 28 CUERNAVACA, 10 women killed this month!
12 Oct 28 Irans technology has copied sophisticated U.S. Drones!
12 Oct 27 More than eight tons of marijuana confiscated in Reynosa, Mexico

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