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New Web Finds, 5.27.17  
New The Rest of the Web, Friday, 5.26.17  
New Mexican Politician Mocked For Worst Campaign Hashtag Ever  
May 26 Bella Thorne and Scott Disick Are Trolling For Attention  
May 26 Zayn Malik Regrets Doing ’50 Shades Darker’ Duet With Taylor Swift  
May 26 T.J. Miller Leaving Silicon Valley Makes Me Very Sad  
May 26 Paris Jackson Got Mistaken For A Homeless Person  
May 26 New Details On The Death of Chris Cornell  
May 26 The Rest of the Web, Thursday, 5.25.17  
May 26 Donald Trump Shoves Aside NATO Leader With His Tiny Shrimp Fingers  
May 26 Justin Bieber Forgets His Spanish, Tries Out a New Language  
May 26 Chris Cornell Fans Trying to Book the Room He Committed Suicide In  
May 26 Men Mad at Women Only Screenings Of ‘Wonder Woman’  
May 26 Ever Wondered Why They Gave Jon Snow a Small Dick?  
May 26 Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Battle in the Handshake Wars  
May 25 Melania Trump Broke Down and Finally Held Donald Trump’s Hand  
May 25 The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 5.24.17  
May 25 Montana Special Election Candidate Greg Gianforte Body Slams Reporter and Begins Punching  
May 25 Web Finds, 5.25.17  
May 25 A Wasted Kate Moss Wanted to Fight Partygoer Before Mary J. Blige Stepped In  
May 24 Back Into The Danger Zone: Tom Cruise Confirms ‘Top Gun 2’  
May 24 ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer Promises Great War  
May 24 Dani Mathers Can Be Seen Cleaning Graffiti for the Next 30 Days  
May 24 Orlando Bloom Sorry That His Dick Gets People Fired  
May 24 Lindsay Lohan Wants to Do a TV Series About Russia. Really. Maybe.  
May 24 Nicki Minaj Wants Drake, but His Eyes Are On Vanessa Hudgens  
May 24 Web Finds, 5.24.17  
May 24 The Rest of the Web, Tuesday, 5.23.17  
May 24 Kylie Jenner Mad That Ariel Winter Is Jacking Her Look  
May 24 David Letterman Compares Amy Schumer to Richard Pryor, Says That Donald Trump Has No Soul  
May 23 Scarlett Johansson Hooked Up With ‘SNL’ ‘Weekend Update’ Host Colin Jost  
May 23 The Rest of the Web, Monday, 5.22.17  
May 23 Web Finds, 5.23.17  
May 23 First Ariana Grande Attack Victim Identified And Her Eerie Tweet The Day Before  
May 23 Katy Perry Confirms ‘Swish Swish’ Is About Taylor Swift  
May 23 Dana White’s Past Ensures No Future For Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather  
May 23 Zack Snyder Passes ‘Justice League’ Baton to Joss Whedon  
May 23 Roger Moore Passes Away At 89  
May 23 Migos Didn’t Want Drag Queens To Distract You From Katy Perry’s Dancing  
May 23 Ellen’s Interview With Jessica Simpson Is a Wreck  
May 23 Waitress Fired for Boning Orlando Bloom  
May 23 Big Game Hunter Killed When The Elephant He Shot Fell On Him  
May 23 NBA’s Twitter Recognizes Amy Schumer, but Calls Dave Chappelle a ‘Fan’  
May 22 Melania Slaps Away Donald’s Pussy Fingers, Somebody Save Her  
May 22 Pamela Anderson Looks Real Different at Cannes  
May 22 Pissed Off Sea Lion Pulls Little Girl Into the Water  
May 21 Indian Rambo More Rambo-esque Than Imagined  
May 21 Bella Hadid in a Bikini Making the Most of Cannes  
May 20 Web Finds, 5.20.17  
May 20 Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Reaction to Getting Into Harvard  
May 20 Johnny Depp Rejected ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Script Because Two Female Villains is Confusing  
May 20 Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Demands $60 Million from Him For ‘Murdering Her Soul’  
May 20 Ruby Rose Defends Taylor Swift From Big Bad Katy Perry  
May 20 The Rest of the Web, Friday, 5.19.17  
May 19 Jeff Goldblum Was Almost the Voice of Apple’s Siri  
May 19 The Rest of the Web, Thursday, 5.18.17  
May 19 Web Finds, 5.19.17  
May 19 Chris Martin Wants to Do Charlize Theron Which Makes Gwyneth Paltrow Sad  
May 19 Mother Finds Out Her 6-Year-Old Was Killed… At the Press Conference  
May 19 13 Reasons Why to Watch ’13 Reasons Why’  
May 19 The Rock’s Dick Is Hard Over All the People Supporting Him for President in 2020  
May 19 Anna Faris Looks Salty Over Chris Pratt Fan Photo  
May 19 Chris Cornell’s Wife Doesn’t Accept Suicide Ruling  
May 19 Katy Perry’s New Song Might Be About Taylor Swift, It’s Bad Either Way  
May 18 Bella Hadid Fondles Emily Ratajkowski’s Boobs  
May 18 Chris Cornell, Soundgarden Frontman, Dead at 52  
May 18 Reading This Chris Cornell Quote Now That He’s Dead Sucks  
May 18 Celebrities React to Chris Cornell’s Death  
May 18 Bella Hadid ‘Accidentally’ Flashed Her Underwear  
May 18 Taylor Swift Has Learned Nothing and is Still Dating Brits  
May 18 Imagine Jordan Peele Directing ‘Akira,’ Now Stop Because It’s Not Happening  
May 18 Val Kilmer Gives Longest Reddit AMA Answers Ever  
May 18 Jimmy Fallon Is Ok With Being Weak As Fuck  
May 18 Some Dumbass Sued His Date for Texting During ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’  
May 18 This Church School Teacher Became a TV Porn Star  
May 18 The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 5.17.17  
May 18 What, Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Get Drunk and Spank Herself with Dollars Bills in a Strip Club Anymore??  
May 18 Web Finds, 5.18.17  
May 18 Amy Schumer and Boyfriend Break Up, Plans to Steal Someone Else’s Man Like She Does Her Jokes  
May 17 Video of Thailand’s Crop-Topped King Is Getting Facebook Kicked Out of Thailand  
May 17 Women Masturbating and Sucking Dildos at the Washington DC Train Station But It’s Not What You Think, Sort of  
May 17 Scott Disick and Bella Thorne Are Doing It…Or Are They?  
May 16 Kendall Jenner Eats Shit, Not Literally  
May 16 The Rock Beats Trump in 2020 According to Polling  
May 16 Dave Chappelle Apologizes for Being Optimistic About Donald Trump  
May 16 The Rest of the Web, Monday, 5.15.17  
May 16 Web Finds, 5.16.17  
May 16 ‘Shark Tank’ Better Be Careful They Don’t Turn Into ‘Celebrity Apprentice’  
May 16 Taylor Swift Licks Gigi Hadid Up and Down  
May 16 McKayla Maroney Double Downed on Her Ass  
May 16 Nicki Minaj Launching a Charity to Pay for Her Fans’ Education  
May 16 This ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ News Might Make Johnny Depp Poorer  
May 15 Kara McCullough Wins Miss USA Despite Not Being from a State  
May 15 Stranger Things Season 2 Headed Towards a ‘Grand Plan’ and ‘Blinking Light’  
May 15 Jenna Dewan Tatum Dated Justin Timberlake After He Broke Up with Britney Spears  
May 15 Pastor Eaten by Crocodiles While Trying to Do a Live Re-Enactment of Jesus Walking on Water, Because God Finds the Same Shit Funny That I Do  
May 15 Paris Jackson Goes Topless to Keep Her Hype Going  
May 15 James Woods Talks About Anderson Cooper’s Butt Plug and Perez Hilton Does Not Approve  
May 15 ‘New Girl’ Will Be Back for One Final Season  
May 14 McKayla Maroney Put This Up on Instagram Because She’s 21  

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