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New ‘Family Matters’ Star Allegedly Threatened to Boil His Daughter in a Pot  
Feb 23 Jamie Chung Cast As Blink In Untitled FOX/Marvel Show  
Feb 23 We Have a New Chewbacca  
Feb 23 Tom Brady Presents Tom Brady’s Suspect Board in Search for Stolen Jersey  
Feb 23 Patrick Stewart Doesn’t Know His Own Penis  
Feb 23 Web Finds, 2.23.17  
Feb 23 The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 2.22.17  
Feb 23 We Found 7 New Planets Today and Sally Yates, That Attorney General Fired by Trump, Burned Him with This Tweet  
Feb 23 Trump’s Gonna Hate This Troll Doll Right Down to Its Micropenis  
Feb 23 Jenna Jameson Hates Abortions and Muslims, Loves the KKK  
Feb 23 Instagram Model Alexis Ren Tweets About Ex’s Penis Size  
Feb 23 Twitter Says John Legend Is Arthur’s IRL Celebrity Doppelganger, Chrissy Teigen Gets in on It  
Feb 22 The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 2.21.17  
Feb 22 Web Finds, 2.22.17  
Feb 22 ‘The Bachelor’ Power Rankings: Week 8  
Feb 22 Candice Wiggins Claims She Was Straight Bashed In The WNBA  
Feb 22 Iceland’s President Wants to Make Pineapple on Pizza Illegal  
Feb 22 Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Racially Profiled  
Feb 21 Karrueche Tran Files Restraining Order Against Chris Brown  
Feb 21 Katy Perry Gasps and Pants in Her Grammys Isolated Track  
Feb 21 Celebs Keep Bugging Daisy Ridley to Reveal ‘The Last Jedi’ Details  
Feb 21 Web Finds, 2.21.17  
Feb 21 Model Claudia Romani Makes Out with Boyfriend  
Feb 21 Jennifer Connelly’s Beach Body Gonna Leave You Shaking Your Head  
Feb 21 Charlotte McKinney in a Bikini Means Today Got a Whole Lot Better  
Feb 21 The Rest of the Web, Monday, 2.20.17  
Feb 21 Bono Is a Big Mike Pence Fan  
Feb 20 This May Be the Best Interview Ever Given  
Feb 18 Weed Catapult Found At US Mexican Border  
Feb 18 Trump Forced Meatloaf on Chris Christie During Their Date  
Feb 18 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in Totally Real International Love Triangle  
Feb 17 Tom Brady Wants to Impregnate Gisele Bundchen for His Mother  
Feb 17 Jennifer Garner Finally Files for Divorce from Ben Affleck  
Feb 17 #ThankYouMattDamon Shows All the Ways Matt Damon Changed Asian History  
Feb 17 Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Isolated Vocal Track Is Actually Super Good  
Feb 17 Nick Cannon Firing Everybody and Walking Around in Turbans  
Feb 17 Roman Polanski Wants to Come Home to Settle His Rape Case  
Feb 17 Web Finds, 2.17.17  
Feb 17 Courtney Stodden — Bisexual and ‘Very Single’  
Feb 17 The Rest of the Web, Thursday, 2.16.17  
Feb 17 Chrissy Teigen Nude and Lounging Around  
Feb 17 Florida Prostitute Offers Cop BJ in Exchange for Taco Bell  
Feb 17 Amanda Knox Was ‘Gay for Stay’ In Prison  
Feb 17 People Keep Bringing Cucumbers to See ‘Fifty Shades Darker’  
Feb 17 Walmart Being Sued for Selling Fake Craft Beer  
Feb 17 Justin Bieber Might Have Headbutted Somebody, Most Badass Thing He’s Ever Done  
Feb 17 Pewdiepie Apologizes for ‘Jokes,’ Thinks News Media is Threatened by YouTube Stars  
Feb 17 Gigi Hadid Flaunts Her Toned Tummy  
Feb 16 Coming Soon: The Underdog Story of Tom Brady  
Feb 16 Conor McGregor Says He’ll Sleep Floyd Mayweather With His ‘Big Ball Sack’  
Feb 16 Anti-Vaxxer Robert De Niro Offers $100,000 to Disprove Vaccine Science  
Feb 16 Sad Phil Jackson Rode the Bus and Twitter Had a Field Day  
Feb 16 Web Finds, 2.16.17  
Feb 16 Bianca Balti Nabs Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Rookie of the Year  
Feb 16 The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 2.15.17  
Feb 16 Ashton Kutcher Blew John McCain a Kiss at Senate Hearing About Child Sex Trafficking  
Feb 16 Kesha Releases Fucked Up Dr. Luke Emails  
Feb 16 Kanye West Allegedly a Wreck at New York Fashion Week  
Feb 16 Rape is Fine, but Flutes are Off Limits for ‘Game of Thrones’  
Feb 16 The Weeknd Criticizes Bieber’s ‘Fuck and Tongue Game’  
Feb 16 Vin Diesel Releases Odd Valentine’s Day Video  
Feb 15 Ivanka Trump Wants to Fuck Justin Trudeau as Much as We All Do  
Feb 15 J.K. Rowling Makes Piers Morgan Look Stupid on Twitter  
Feb 15 Philip Pullman Announces ‘His Dark Materials’ Follow-Up  
Feb 15 Scarlett Johansson Calls Monogamy Unnatural  
Feb 15 Mugshot Guy Just Made His Runway Debut At New York Fashion Week  
Feb 15 ‘The Bachelor’ Power Rankings: Week 7  
Feb 15 Karlie Kloss Is About to Get Some Backlash  
Feb 15 Hilary Duff’s Ex-Husband Investigated for Rape  
Feb 15 They Finally Let a Black Person Be ‘The Bachelorette’ After 12 Seasons  
Feb 15 Brock Lesnar Officially Retires from MMA  
Feb 15 Tom Brady is Okay If Teammates Don’t Go to the White House  
Feb 15 Wolverine Has Skin Cancer  
Feb 15 Kate Upton Lands 2017 SI Swimsuit Cover Despite Being a Possible Diva  
Feb 15 Web Finds, 2.15.17  
Feb 15 Lindsay Lohan ‘Scared To Return’ To US  
Feb 15 Pewdiepie Canceled After Saying ‘Death to All Jews’  
Feb 15 Elizabeth Elam Brings Nudity Back to Playboy  
Feb 15 Ben Affleck Might Want Out of Batman, Probably Is Sick of Hearing from Nerds  
Feb 15 Carlos Santana Doesn’t ‘Get’ Beyonce and Neither Do I  
Feb 15 Spoilers Revealed for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer  
Feb 15 April Gloria Looks Like Taylor Swift, Is Your New Queen  
Feb 15 The Rest of the Web, Tuesday, 2.14.17  
Feb 14 Web Finds, 2.14.17  
Feb 14 Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather Supposedly Agree to Terms  
Feb 14 The Rest of the Web, Monday, 2.13.17  
Feb 14 Hannah Davis is a Host Carrier Now  
Feb 14 New Lorde Music on the Way  
Feb 14 Nick Cannon Quits ‘America’s Got Talent’ and Is Now a Civil Rights Leader  
Feb 14 Beyonce’s Isolated Vocals Prove She Should Have Won All the Grammys  
Feb 14 Did Adele Pull a Total ‘Mean Girls’ Move and Break Her Grammy in Half for Beyonce?  
Feb 14 Metallica Wants to Make Lady Gaga a Permanent Member, Super Unlikely to Really Happen  
Feb 14 Most Popular Tinder Profile Ever Belongs to This Austrian Model. Supposedly.  
Feb 14 Dumbass Notes From Studio Executives, Need Fewer Women and More White People!  
Feb 14 Beyonce and Adele May Unite to Record Duet That Will Make Millions Weep, Probably  
Feb 13 Cee Lo Green Wore This to a Grammy Event  
Feb 13 Adele Messed Up on the Grammys and Asked for a Do-Over  
Feb 11 The Rest of the Web, Friday, 2.10.17  
Feb 11 Web Finds, 2.11.17  
Feb 11 Sarah Paulson and Millie Bobby Brown Have a Twitter Lovefest  

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