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Sep 23 The Boxing News thread  
Sep 23 Started growing some hipster facial hair, any ideas for styles?  
Sep 23 Notice To Aussie & Yank Retirees of the LOS  
Sep 23 Photo Essay - A train passenger's view of India  
Sep 23 Ugandan music  
Sep 23 We're all doomed, enjoy your last couple of hours  
Sep 23 Blue tooth speaker not picked up  
Sep 23 Best and Worst Expat Locations  
Sep 23 Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For  
Sep 23 The End Is Near  
Sep 23 Yoda Ibn Faisal revealed!  
Sep 23 Warning out for heavy rain, high waves in South  
Sep 23 Jealous husbands the biggest culprits in spousal murders, study finds  
Sep 23 Australia Positioning to Help US Check China’s Maritime Expansion  
Sep 23 Alarm as 'super malaria' spreads in South East Asia  
Sep 22 The Chao Phraya River in pictures  
Sep 22 DJ Pat's new exclusive Thai jungle night club  
Sep 22 Indonesia raises Bali volcano alert to highest level  
Sep 22 Sex worker admits selling sex to feed family despite knowing she has HIV  
Sep 22 Seeds, shells and stuff  
Sep 22 Uber loses license to operate in London  
Sep 22 Outback WWI battle re-enactment by Australian Light Horse  
Sep 22 Morgan Freeman: We Are At War  
Sep 22 Trip to Koh Chang  
Sep 22 Neanderthal brains 'grew more slowly'  
Sep 22 Word of the day  
Sep 22 Phuket launches “Bike Sharing in Phuket” with Smart City ambition  
Sep 22 Labor Minister orders investigation into complication of employing highland people  
Sep 22 Boat racing competition to be held next month in Mukdahan  
Sep 22 Thailand’s Third Army Destroys Opium Poppy Fields in Northern Thailand  
Sep 22 Winter Here by Mid-October Officials Say  
Sep 22 Selfie-craze almost costs runners their lives as elephant sees red  
Sep 22 Khon Kaen gets Uber ride-sharing service  
Sep 22 Fearing far-right surge, Merkel tells Germans to vote on Sunday  
Sep 22 Thai police detain well-known anti-Muslim Buddhist monk  
Sep 22 Mass protest in Philippines over Duterte 'dictatorship'  
Sep 21 World's richest woman passes - not through the eye of the needle  
Sep 21 13 ex-PAD core leaders to compensate AOT 522 million baht for airports’ shutdown  
Sep 21 Police: Jet Airways bomb threat “a misunderstanding”  
Sep 21 Police swoop on temple fraud suspects in Nakhon Pathom and Nonthaburi provinces  
Sep 21 40% Thai teenagers have gambling addiction experiences  
Sep 21 Beaches closed and swimming in sea banned in Phuket  
Sep 21 Free bus, train and boat services in Bangkok during Oct 25-27  
Sep 21 Security at Hua Hin to be stepped up for high season  
Sep 21 GSB launches "Street Food Loans" to upgrade street food vendors  
Sep 21 Home loan approvals break target on high economic confidence  
Sep 21 Wat Tham Phrathat Khao Prang looks great from Highway 21  
Sep 21 Where I can start...  
Sep 21 If you find ‘SSSS’ on your boarding pass at airports, good luck...  
Sep 21 Newscaster Lawrence O'Donnell has a bad day  
Sep 21 Briton faces jail in Dubai after flipping middle finger in road rage incident  
Sep 21 so called private estates.  
Sep 21 Blaming the housing crisis on unprecedented mass immigration, makes you evil? Discuss  
Sep 21 Burmese asylum seeker attempts to marry 14 year old ... in Australia  
Sep 21 Headphones. Using them as the Mancave's main sound system.  
Sep 21 ASH Thailand says e-cigarette is harmful to health  
Sep 21 Elderly people stage protest march against delay in allowance pay  
Sep 21 Mother, son get suspended jail term for insulting traffic police officer  
Sep 21 Hunk Monk: Bodybuilding monk on Steroids .  
Sep 21 BMTA to introduce e-ticket system aboard 200 buses on 1 Oct  
Sep 21 Chulalongkorn University discovers new species of trapdoor spider  
Sep 21 Ladyboy makes off with 55,000 Baht after night of passion with Swiss man  
Sep 21 Travel ban lifted on route leading to town near Fukushima plant  
Sep 21 Man arrested for throwing paint on badly-parked car  
Sep 21 Couple receives aid after destroying house in search of Ironwood Nymph  
Sep 21 Hundreds of Police Occupy Beijing Market Amid Anger Over Closures  
Sep 21 Faulty Construction, Heavy Rain Cause Dam to Flood Lao Villages  
Sep 21 Myanmar Soldiers Confess to Killing Three Kachin Refugees  
Sep 21 Interfax: Russia to Pay Damages for Beslan School Siege  
Sep 21 Woman Jailed for False Rape Accusation in Britain  
Sep 20 Model agency boss faces arrest for allegedly pimping minors  
Sep 20 Sex Doll-Sharing Service Taqu Suspended After Angering Chinese Communist Party  
Sep 20 30ft-high statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov unveiled in Moscow  
Sep 20 Pattaya Expat Worries, according to unofficial survey  
Sep 20 Wanabe jihadist murders of wife in front of children ... in Australia  
Sep 20 No pasaran Castellano suspend Generlitat, glovess off in Barca  
Sep 20 6.1 Earthquake hits New Zealand  
Sep 20 Britain suspends Myanmar army training  
Sep 20 Shaman’ boasts about charming crocodiles before being eaten by one  
Sep 20 Catalonia referendum: Spanish police target Catalan government  
Sep 20 Message to the mods  
Sep 19 7.1 Quake near Mexico City, Pueblo, Mexico  
Sep 19 Cabinet nod for B17bn Bang Ban-Bang Sai canal  
Sep 19 City bus route reform will go ahead  
Sep 19 Woman files complaint against Facebook user for defamation  
Sep 19 Former Miss Teen Thailand “Amy Amelia” arrested for drugs  
Sep 19 About 300 snakes are received each month by wildlife clinic  
Sep 19 Khao Yai national park to go towards Thailand 4.0  
Sep 19 Gold prices continue to fall  
Sep 19 PM to allocate forest reserve land to farmers in Prachuap Khiri Khan  
Sep 19 Thailand's Central Bank Has a Major Dilemma: Its Currency  
Sep 19 Remote Car Key Jammers Suspected in Chiang Mai  
Sep 19 Model agency boss faces arrest for allegedly pimping minors after viral face-slapping  
Sep 19 Jet Fuel Shortage Disrupts Travel To-From New Zealand's Main Airport  
Sep 19 Photo of Cubans at Dominoes in Irma Floodwaters Sparks Debate  
Sep 19 I must say ...  
Sep 19 Tool-wielding monkeys push local shellfish to edge of extinction  
Sep 19 Take me to Bangkok and I will show you my lady parts , Taxi please .  
Sep 19 The coming war on China  
Sep 19 The Man who saved the World - is Lost  
Sep 19 Pay for play flop  
Sep 19 What do you want for Isthmus your 2 front teeth?  
Sep 19 Manchester United urged to stop their fans singing song about Romelu Lukaku  
Sep 19 Bull elephant killed and skull gouged out for tusks by brutal poachers  
Sep 19 A special police panel set up to probe zero-dollar tourism business  
Sep 19 Thai Central Bank Steps in to Stop Rise of Thai Baht  
Sep 19 N. Korean abductee families raise voices as victims age, public interest wanes  
Sep 19 Police search for foreigners caught having ‘sex’ on Rayong bridge  
Sep 19 Schoolgirl, 9, sent for rehabilitation as two motorcycle taxi drivers arrested on rep  
Sep 19 China Builds Road to Nepal Border, Sets Up Flag  
Sep 19 Indonesia’s Only Transgender Islamic School Quietly Running Again  
Sep 18 US puppet, The EU, Overrules Italian sovereignty regarding genetically modified seeds  
Sep 18 CCleaner Malware  
Sep 18 U.S. child sex abuse suspect may be living, teaching children in Thailand, police say  
Sep 18 Thai Translator App  
Sep 18 Random pics of life in Itoshima (Fukuoka, Japan).  
Sep 18 Hey - who nicked my ...  
Sep 18 Philippines... choose your beach, choose your island.  
Sep 18 FACTA  
Sep 18 Most people want to know when the next election is to be held: Dusit Poll  
Sep 18 Police to ponder legal action against rubber plantation owner for the death of an ele  
Sep 18 BMA prepares to landscape Khlong Lot  
Sep 18 Phuket Street Food Festival now underway  
Sep 18 Dispute over fish ladders to save species  
Sep 18 Anti-Sotus page alleges sexual abuse of Silpakorn U freshmen  
Sep 18 Northeastern mental-health clubs help children with special needs  
Sep 18 ‘Stateless’ students granted citizenship under new policy  
Sep 18 Beijing Bans Winter Construction to Improve Air Quality  
Sep 18 New Tropical Storms Forming in Active Hurricane Season  
Sep 17 OAG urged to probe air ship and GT200 bomb detectors to set a precedent for procureme  
Sep 17 Floating Hotel, Kanchanaburi  
Sep 17 Sentencing  
Sep 17 Russian man washes up shore in rubber boat after trying to reach Pattaya Land Ahoy  
Sep 17 Man commits suicide after killing his 2 daughters, He was a cnut as a father  
Sep 17 Hello TDers  
Sep 17 Duckweed Aaaaaaargh!  
Sep 17 Bangkok Live Webcams  
Sep 17 Teak Furniture  
Sep 17 Sex work lures African women to Pattaya  
Sep 17 British man dies in Sri Lanka crocodile attack  
Sep 17 Who's still alive?  
Sep 17 Missing forestry official found dead at the foot of a hill in Chiang Mai  
Sep 17 New tax rates to earn extra 12 billion baht to state coffer  
Sep 17 Discarded spirit houses turned into artificial reefs  
Sep 17 Girl, 5, sits by mom’s body not knowing she’s dead  
Sep 17 Social Development Ministry to offer first-ever guide dog services  
Sep 17 Vessels Warned on Mekong River Following Huge Discharge from China’s Jinghong Dam  
Sep 17 Source: Rumors spread in North Korea about deaths from nuclear test  
Sep 17 Entire Philippine city police force sacked over killings, robbery  
Sep 17 Push to eliminate measles, rubella continues in the face of challenges  

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