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New Heavy rains paralyzes Bangkok, turning roads into canals  
New Dr Supat who murdered a Burmese couple sent back from Myanmar  
New Oil spills threaten Koh Phangan beaches  
New Bangkok now is under more electronic eyes  
New Elite troops deployed at Government House  
New Terror attacks in Midanao, Bangkok and Jakarta are linked: Malaysia DPM  
New Health Department warns patients with 4 diseases against eating durians excessively -  
New NBTC moves ahead with pilot SIM card registration using fingerprint scanning  
New Deteriorated mangrove forests to be allocated to local villagers  
New Thai Junta’s Highly Controversial Computer Crimes Law Comes into Effect  
New Taskforce targeting illegal wildlife trade online opens Facebook page  
New Wedge-tailed eagle captured swooping on drone  
May 25 Bargirl chopped into two pieces an dumped .  
May 25 Chicago-area ‘johns’ allegedly became key players in Thai sex ring  
May 25 So Who Knows What ?  
May 25 The comparison in public reaction between the Lee Rigby murder and the MCR Bombing  
May 25 Is it time for the Queen to retire?  
May 25 Melania Wears a Head Veil to Meet the Pope  
May 25 GOP candidate charged after allegedly 'body slamming' reporter  
May 25 The Fight for Free Speech ... and when that line is crossed  
May 24 Africa Day: What is it and what does it celebrate?  
May 24 Two houses on Khao Takiab in Hua Hin to be demolished  
May 24 GLO to issue new lottery tickets  
May 24 Five Lat Phrao police officers removed after illegal casino raid  
May 24 Iconic American Harley Davidson Motorcycles to be Made in Thailand  
May 24 Chiang Mai Police Sieze 80 Kg of Adulterated Honey  
May 24 Brothers claim proof that Phuket camp has their stolen elephant  
May 24 Brazil Packed with Travel Riches, So Why So Few Tourists?  
May 24 Mount Everest: Bodies of four climbers found in tent  
May 24 Dollarydoodoo  
May 24 Editorial Criticizes Thainess  
May 24 Indonesia: 2 killed in suspected suicide blasts near bus station in Jakarta  
May 24 Loud Mouthed Americans Screw Up.  
May 24 Mar-a-Lago Sinkhole - Your Metaphors  
May 24 Chinese arrested for falsifying concrete test results  
May 24 The Real Aim of Trump’s Trip to Saudi Arabia  
May 24 Moody's downgrades China's credit rating  
May 24 Real Madrid Sign 16 Year Old Brazilian for £38m.  
May 24 Chong Chom visa activation  
May 24 More rains anticipated on May 24-25  
May 24 Pattaya is becoming haven for online crimes  
May 24 BMA to impose regulation and control of street food quality on Silom and Rama IV road  
May 24 PM warns that election may be postponed if there is no peace in the country  
May 24 NLA urged to amend Thai maritime law to ease impact on affected communities  
May 24 One Primary Student Killed , 29 Injured after Lightening Strike in Tak Province  
May 24 Stressed doctors call for shorter hours  
May 24 Chinese shadow over Myanmar’s wars  
May 24 Duterte to ask for missiles from Russia  
May 24 Philippines President Duterte declares martial law on Mindanao island  
May 23 Poo Power laying Skid Marks  
May 23 The TD Annual Be Nice Day - 24 May  
May 23 The signs usually do say ... DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS !  
May 23 Raised blood platelet levels ‘strong predictor’ of cancer  
May 23 Airport bomb fears: Passengers evacuated after 'trace of EXPLOSIVES' found in bag  
May 23 Ignore List  
May 23 NRL Rugby League - State of Origin 2017  
May 23 I'm dying to climb Mt Everest  
May 23 Sticky rice mortar  
May 23 warning for Vitamin users  
May 23 UK: Manchester Arena - Explosion, Fatalities  
May 23 Yingluck says toppling democracy is a tremendous loss if no concrete reforms are achi  
May 23 Central provinces below dam brace for swelling of Chao Phraya  
May 23 Govt to push for nation-wide sales event of essential items  
May 23 Fruit buffet in Chiang Mai bustling with tourists  
May 23 Thailand is world’s deadliest country for motorcyclists  
May 23 Three Years after Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha’s Coup, Thailand Sees Sporadic, Unnerving Un  
May 23 Actress ‘Anna Reese’ arrested for drunk driving two years after killing policemen  
May 23 Three arrested for extortion, impersonating police officers in Phuket  
May 23 Illegal cock-fighting, gambling ring busted, 15 arrested  
May 23 China Confirms Detention of 6 Japanese Amid Report of Spying  
May 23 Chinese Online Retailer Developing One-ton Delivery Drones  
May 22 Sexy nurse forced to resign after making fun of Thai military  
May 22 Lawyer who founded Prenda Law is disbarred  
May 22 The Weird  
May 22 "Astaxanthin" the ultimate anti-aging/antioxidant  
May 22 the 9 Types of Intelligence  
May 22 The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol  
May 22 Term Limit proposal- Constitutional Amendement  
May 22 Phramongkutklao Hospital Bombing  
May 22 British Actress pissed again  
May 22 Phee, jing joks or logical explanation please!  
May 22 The State of the Swamp  
May 22 Now its North Korea  
May 22 Speed limits imposed on Transport Company’s buses during rainy season  
May 22 Three cops under probe for allowing two arrested suspects to escape  
May 22 Nationwide crime crackdown nets 10 million yaa baa pills and 20,000 guns  
May 22 Authorities warned organizers of May 22 coup anniversary  
May 22 Spider tickets expected in October to allow commuters travel by bus, train and boat  
May 22 Govt steps up nationwide eradication of child prostitution  
May 22 Suphanburi holds goat competition  
May 22 Human rights ‘greatly eroded’  
May 22 Surrogacy group caught  
May 22 Vendor With Bird Flu Prompts China to Close Poultry Markets  
May 22 Close 'em Down!  
May 22 VIDEO: Russian Ship Brings Medical Care to Remote Places  
May 22 Brazil police raid Sao Paulo 'Crackland' and make arrests  
May 21 Teakdoor photo competition - May 2017  
May 21 African Big Game Hunter vs Nellie the Elephant  
May 21 I've become an Alcoholic  
May 21 North Korea fires Ballistic missile 500km  

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