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Sep 27 How to Receive Push Notifications for Google Forms on your Mobile Phone  
Aug 30 Get Email Alerts When New Employees Join a Company  
Aug 29 The Best SMS App for Android is made by Microsoft  
Aug 27 Master YouTube Video Search with Simple Commands  
Aug 27 How to Add the Facebook Messenger Chat Widget in your Website  
Aug 27 The Easiest Way to Extract Email Addresses from your Gmail Account  
Aug 27 How to Search Google Drive Like a Pro!  
Aug 27 How to Search Videos within a YouTube Channel on your Mobile Phone  
Aug 27 How to Copy a Formula Down an Entire Column in Google Sheets  
Aug 27 How to Hide a File in your Google Drive in Plain Sight  
Apr 23 How to Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists and Junk Newsletters in Gmail  
Apr 15 How to Easily Switch between Multiple Google Accounts  
Apr 15 Google Can Remember Things for You  
Apr 15 Using WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents and Notes  
Feb 28 How to Email Unique File Attachments using Mail Merge for Gmail  
Feb 13 See the Email Sender’s Company and Logo in your Gmail Inbox  
Jan 21 How to Make Phone Numbers Callable in Google Sheets  
Jan 3 Know What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs  
16 Dec 15 How to Add a Picture Password to your Google Forms  
16 Dec 14 How to Generate a Report of Bounced Email Addresses in Gmail  
16 Dec 13 How to Receive Notifications for Google Forms on your Mobile Phone  
16 Dec 13 An Undocumented Gmail Trick – Search Emails by Date and Time  
16 Nov 16 Make a Bookmark to Quickly Restart Google Chrome  
16 Oct 25 How to Embed Images from Google Photos into your Website  
16 Oct 18 How to Capture Screenshots in Google Chrome without using Extensions  
16 Oct 5 How to Make YouTube Playlists with a Google Spreadsheet  
16 Aug 30 How to Create Forms that allow File Uploads  
16 Aug 10 How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs  
16 Jun 4 How to Embed a YouTube Video with Sound Muted  
16 May 19 Make Stunning Video Presentations with Spark Video from Adobe  
16 May 3 How to Copy an Entire Folder to Another Folder in Google Drive  
16 May 3 How to Embed Facebook Message Buttons in your Website  
16 May 2 How to Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically  
16 Apr 15 How to Create Multiple Copies of an Email Draft inside Gmail  
16 Apr 15 Learning CSS with Cats and a Dinner Table  
16 Mar 9 How to Track Google Spreadsheet Views with Google Analytics  
16 Mar 8 How to Make eBooks with Google Docs  
16 Feb 22 How to Make Org Charts with Google Sheets  
16 Feb 22 How to Use Github for Hosting Files  
16 Feb 19 How to Add Speech Recognition to your Website  
16 Feb 3 The Directory of Twitter News Feeds  
16 Feb 3 How to Use Animated GIF Images as your Mac Wallpaper  
16 Feb 2 How to Find and Replace Text in Gmail and other Web Pages  
16 Feb 1 How to Make ASCII Art with Photos on Facebook and Instagram  
16 Feb 1 Access your Passwords from Anywhere with Google Password Manager  
16 Jan 20 How to Use Pluralsight Training for Free  
16 Jan 20 How to Record your Desktop Screen with YouTube  
15 Dec 5 A Wireless USB Stick that Expands your Mobile Phone’s Storage  
15 Nov 24 A Wireless USB Stick that Expands your Phone’s Storage (And a Giveaway)  
15 Nov 23 How to Opt-Out of Interest-Based Advertising and Stop the Ads from Following You  
15 Oct 31 How to Get Things Done with Trello  
15 Oct 28 How to Create RSS Feeds for Google Search Results  
15 Oct 28 Make your WordPress Website More Secure with Single Sign On  
15 Oct 17 Create a Beautiful Photography Website in Minutes  
15 Oct 15 How to Tell if Apple Magic TrackPad 2 will work with your Mac  
15 Oct 5 How to Watch YouTube Videos with Picture-in-Picture on your iPad  
15 Sep 30 How to do Reverse Image Search on your Mobile Phone  
15 Sep 24 How to Change a Picture’s Date in Google Photos  
15 Sep 14 How to Hide AdSense Ads on your Website  
15 Sep 14 How to Print Multiple Gmail Messages in one go  
15 Sep 9 Prevent Blogger from Redirecting your Blogspot Blog to Country-Specific URLs  
15 Sep 8 How to Read your Android Battery Graph  
15 Sep 7 The Best Google Font Combinations That Look Good Together  
15 Aug 24 Gmail AutoResponder is a Better Alternative to Canned Responses  
15 Aug 19 Adjust the Volume of your Android Phone without using the Buttons  
15 Aug 14 The Best Tools for Saving Web Pages, Forever  
15 Aug 10 Use Quick Look on Mac to Preview Live Websites  
15 Aug 3 How to Create a Retweet and Favorite Bot for Twitter  
15 Aug 3 Get Fare Estimates for Uber Taxis on Twitter  
15 Jul 28 Embedded Tweets can be Easily Faked  
15 Jul 28 Evernote Drops Email-to-Note for Free Accounts, Alternative  
15 Jul 15 How to Customize the Facebook Page Plugin for Websites  
15 Jul 14 How to Get the Password of WiFi Network You Are Connected To  
15 Jul 14 Bring Gmail’s Archiving Feature to Microsoft Outlook for Mac (without scripting)  
15 Jul 1 An Improved Gmail Clipper from Evernote  
15 Jun 29 How to Update Files in Google Drive without Changing the Link  
15 Jun 29 Find LinkedIn Profiles with Google Search  
15 Jun 24 Send Tweets with Rich-Text Formatting using TallTweets  
15 Jun 23 Can I Upgrade my Computer to Windows 10 for Free?  
15 Jun 23 How to Transcribe Video Files to Text with YouTube  
15 Jun 21 How to Enable Facial Recognition in your Google Photos  
15 Jun 19 Google Photos – The Good Parts  
15 May 18 Make International Phone Calls from your Mobile even without the Internet  
15 May 16 Add Related Posts to WordPress with Jetpack but without the Extra Baggage  
15 May 16 How to Monetize Google Maps on your Website with AdSense Ads  
15 May 13 Send Personalized Tweets & DMs in Bulk from a Google Spreadsheet  
15 May 7 Login to your WordPress Website without Typing the Password  
15 May 2 Essential Apps and Utilities for your Mac  
15 Apr 26 Your Mobile Phone can Detect Earthquakes  
15 Apr 21 Protect your Google Accounts with a USB Security Key  
15 Apr 15 Always Block Google from Accessing your Site’s Search Results  
15 Apr 13 Host your Podcasts on Google Drive for Free  
15 Apr 11 Incredible Art Made Entirely In Google Drawings  
15 Apr 6 Teach yourself Touch Typing with Free Tools  
15 Apr 4 Download WhatsApp Photos via Dropbox  
15 Apr 3 You Should Learn Regular Expressions  
15 Mar 30 How to Embed Facebook Videos in your Web Pages  
15 Mar 30 How to Fake your Location in Google Chrome  
15 Mar 30 Create an Apple ID without using a Credit Card  
15 Mar 9 Quickly Save your Gmail Messages in Evernote with a Google Sheet  
15 Mar 2 How to Remove Password from PDF Files with Google Chrome  
15 Mar 2 How to Create YouTube Playlists without Logging In  
15 Feb 23 Learning Vim for Beginners  
15 Feb 17 Edit the Text and Images of your PDF file in the Browser  
15 Feb 17 Tips to Extend the Life of your Gadget’s Batteries  
15 Feb 17 Find How Many Visitors Are Not Seeing Ads on your Website  
15 Feb 9 An Easier Way to Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists in Gmail  
15 Feb 3 Know the Battery Status of your Visitor’s Mobile Phone  
15 Feb 3 Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive  
15 Jan 24 Download your WhatsApp Contacts  
15 Jan 21 Find How Many “Eggs” Follow you on Twitter  
15 Jan 19 There’s a Game Hidden inside your Google Chrome, It works on Android too!  
15 Jan 19 Lost your Phone? You Can Still Retrieve its IMEI Number  
15 Jan 14 Run a Poll on Twitter with Google Forms  
15 Jan 14 How to Return Apps Purchased from the Mac App Store  
15 Jan 12 The Best Screen Recorder for Android 5  
14 Dec 22 How to Write a Successful Blog  
14 Dec 18 How to Prevent Gmail from Trimming your Email Signature  
14 Dec 11 Take YouTube Videos Offline on your Mobile  
14 Dec 9 Spider a Website with Wget – 20 Practical Examples  
14 Dec 4 Use the Reader Mode in Chrome for Android for a Better Reading Experience  
14 Dec 4 How to Easily Find the Biggest Files in your Google Drive  
14 Dec 4 Create Price Alerts on Junglee  
14 Dec 3 Moving Files between your Android and Desktop Gets Easier with AirDroid 3  
14 Nov 25 Create a Tree View of your Google Drive  
14 Nov 22 Who Tweeted It First on Twitter?  
14 Nov 19 How to Tell if Google Considers your Website as Mobile Friendly  
14 Nov 19 Get Daily Email Reports of your Google Drive Activity  
14 Nov 10 Add the Same File to Multiple Folders in Google Drive without Copying  
14 Nov 10 Google Adds a Time Zone Converter  
14 Oct 20 Upgrade your Macs without Using all your Monthly Bandwidth  
14 Oct 20 Make Screencast Movies of your iPhone or iPad with QuickTime  
14 Oct 16 Use Google Sheets for Multilingual Chat with Speakers of Different Languages  
14 Oct 16 How to Color Alternate Rows in Google Sheets  
14 Oct 8 Restart your Android Phone in Safe Mode to Troubleshoot Problems  
14 Oct 8 A Price Tracker Made for Online Shopping in India  
14 Oct 6 10 Tips for Evernote Users  
14 Oct 6 How to Connect an External Microphone to your iOS Device  
14 Sep 30 Add Collaboration Features to your Website with a Line of Code  
14 Sep 30 Restrict Google Forms to only Allow One Entry Per Person  
14 Sep 26 How to Collect Email Leads from Twitter in a Google Spreadsheet  
14 Sep 25 Get Quick Access to Most-Used Apps on your Android Phone  
14 Sep 22 Write Emails in HTML and Send them through GMail  
14 Sep 10 When You Cannot Reject a Friend Request on Facebook  
14 Sep 10 Save SlideShare Presentations as Animated GIFs  
14 Sep 1 The 10 Things you can do with the Documents App for iOS  
14 Aug 26 How to Sell your Music on the Internet  
14 Aug 25 How to Load Disqus Comments on Click  
14 Aug 20 The Different Ways to Make Money on the Internet  
14 Aug 19 How to Easily Recognize Web Colors from RGB Codes  

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