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15 Apr 11 Inclusive Growth: Local Economic Development (LED) Approach or Something Fresh?  
15 Apr 2 Inclusive Growth: Less Rhetoric and Some Urgent Solutions Needed  
15 Mar 5 FOCUS ON .... SONGHAI  
15 Mar 5 Grant programme invites applicants from African e-governance startups  
15 Mar 4 The role of decentralization in strengthening Moroccan democracy  
15 Mar 4 ADB and Bloomberg launch an African Bond Index  
15 Mar 4 LED advisors for EU: Kenya - Technical assistance to instruments for devolution advice and support (IDEAS) project  
15 Mar 4 3rd International African Development Forum: Call for a common vision to promote economic partnerships  
15 Feb 23 Mission of LEDNA at Chefchaouen  
15 Feb 21 Burkina Faso: solutions for sustainable reafforestation / reforestation  
15 Feb 21 The New Forms of Decentralized Cooperation: What Ambitions and with what Resources?  
15 Feb 21 Organic laws of morrocan local authorities are ready  
15 Feb 20 The decentralized rural electrification: an answer to energy poverty in Africa  
15 Feb 16 UCLG Africa signs a Partnership Agreement with the European Commission  
15 Feb 16 Government of Rwanda and ICDL to advance digital literacy  
15 Feb 13 Stanislas ZEZE, CEO of Bloomfield Investment Corp. in Abidjan,refers to the 15 proposals of Védrine's report  
15 Feb 13 Zimbabwe will host the 21st Session of the meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts for Southern Africa  
15 Feb 13 Mission of exchanges and consultation of François Amichia (President of CCT-WAEMU) in Burkina Faso  
15 Feb 13 University of local governance planned for summer 2015 in Rwanda  
15 Feb 12 Dangote establishing the biggest tomato factory in his native region in Nigeria  
15 Feb 6 Thinking about setting up a new business incubator or accelerator?  
14 Oct 30 Advisor on Business and Investment Climate  
14 Jun 25 World Tourism Day 2014: "Tourism and community Development"  
14 Jun 25 What is the core of your LED team?  
14 Jun 25 Orange African Social Venture Prize 2014  
14 Jun 25 ALAT LED capacity building initiatives in the backdrop of a LED policy vacuum in Tanzania — a case study  
14 Jun 25 The Job Reporting Toolbox: Everything you need to know about counting jobs  
14 Jun 21 Tirupati Balaji Packers India : Packers and Movers Pune  
14 Jun 20 The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2014  
14 Jun 20 Promoting Eco-Innovation: Challenges and potential solutions for private sector development  
14 Jun 20 Interventions for employment creation in MSMEs in low and middle income countries – A systematic review  
14 Jun 14 Right to the City: Promoting Local Economic Development in the Phase of Increasing Informality  
14 Jun 13 2014 Mastercard African Cities Growth Index  
14 Jun 13 Enterprise formalization: Fact or fiction? A quest for case studies  
14 Jun 12 Transforming Economies: Making industrial policy work for growth, jobs and development  
14 Jun 12 The School Enterprise Challenge 2014  
14 Jun 12 Call for applications 2014: The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) for SMEs  
14 Jun 5 The booklovers, the mayors and the citizens: participatory budgeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon  
14 Jun 5 World of Work Report 2014: Developing with jobs  
14 Jun 5 Consultant - National entrepreneurship policy framework  
14 Jun 5 Dimensions of Local Economic Development: Towards a Multi-level, Multi Actor Model  
14 Jun 5 The Levers of Local Economic Development: What elected officials need to know  
14 May 27 Big Ideas for Small Business  
14 May 27 Consultant to review the Malawi industrial rebate scheme  
14 May 27 Intern for the African facility for inclusive markets (AFIM), private sector development project  
14 May 27 All On Board - Making Inclusive Growth Happen  
14 May 26 10 Paid PhD Positions in Urban Studies (Gran Sasso Science Institute – l’Aquila, Italy)  
14 May 26 Women and LED in Tanzania – Opportunities and Constraints  
14 May 23 Recruitment of LEDNA Online Facilitator  
14 May 21 Building the New Urban Agenda for Intermediary Cities  
14 May 21 Cities of Hope: Young people and opportunity in South Africa’s cities  
14 May 21 Sustainable Economic Development In Nigeria  
14 May 21 Achieving Sustainable Poverty Reduction and Rural Development in Nigeria through Local Economic Development Strategies  
14 May 21 Africa is ready to leapfrog the competition through Smart Cities Technology  
14 May 16 Inclusive growth an imperative for African agriculture  
14 May 16 Industrial Development Report 2013. Sustaining Employment Growth: The Role of Manufacturing and Structural Change  
14 May 16 Agribusiness Incubation Training Outcome Assessment  
14 May 16 ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy: towards inclusive and sustainable development, 4th edition  
14 May 15 Grain, Fish, Money: Financing Africa's Green and Blue Revolutions_ The 2014 Report of the Africa Progress Panel  
14 May 12 Relocating street vendors in the city of Dar es Salaam – A tale of two markets (Part II) The Dar es Salaam Machinga Complex  
14 May 9 ‘Bottom-up’ development in post-neoliberal Latin America  
14 May 9 10 Ideas for Change: Community finance  
14 May 9 Investor Ready Cities: How cities can create and deliver infrastructure value  
14 May 9 University of Oxford offers professionals chance to gain a degree in sustainable urban development  
14 May 5 Relocating street vendors – The Tale of two markets in the city of Dar es Salaam (Part I)  
14 Apr 28 Market Fires and their Implication for Local Economic Development in Ghana  
14 Apr 25 Call for Papers: E-Governance and urban policy design in developing countries  
14 Apr 25 Building Community Prosperity Through Local Economic Development: An Introduction to LED Principles and Practices  
14 Apr 17 International individual consultant for regional agribusiness value chain projects evaluation and knowledge generation work  
14 Apr 17 International consultant, youth development partners coordination framework development  
14 Apr 17 The Big Business of Small Enterprises: Evaluation of the World Bank Group Experience with targeted support to SMEs  
14 Apr 17 Guidelines for an Employment and Labour Market Analysis (ELMA)  
14 Apr 17 Informal Firms and Financial Inclusion: Status and Determinants  
14 Apr 11 Manager of market efficiencies, Tanzania  
14 Apr 11 International consultant-local economic development-Art Initiative  
14 Apr 10 Basic principles of Community-Based Monitoring  
14 Apr 10 How to avoid the resource curse & promote local development  
14 Apr 10 Mega Cities Africa Conference and Expo 2014  
14 Apr 4 Multiple consultants needed for anticipated Monitoring and Evaluation initiative funded by USAID  
14 Apr 4 Beyond Macroeconomic Stability: Structural Transformation and Inclusive Development  
14 Apr 4 Impacts of a Micro-Enterprise Clustering Program on Firm Performance in Ghana  
14 Apr 4 Agriculture is Africa’s next frontier: African Renewal Special edition 2014  
14 Apr 4 Sustaining and Scaling the Impact of Enterprise Development Programmes: SABMiller’s Approach to Strengthening Business Ecosyste  
14 Mar 28 Part-Time Informal Settlements Local Economic Development Practitioner / Consultant  
14 Mar 28 Getting it together: How some local organisations in East Africa have succeeded in linking conservation and development  
14 Mar 28 The Practice of Responsible Investment Principles in Larger-Scale Agricultural Investments  
14 Mar 27 Africa Rising: Who benefits from the continent's economic growth?  
14 Mar 20 The Nigerian electricity sector and its impact on local economic development  
14 Mar 20 Micro, small and medium enterprise upgrading in low- and middle-income countries: a literature review  
14 Mar 20 The Local Economic Development Agency of Namibia launches new website: Press Release  
14 Mar 20 Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa  
14 Mar 14 Crowdfunding's Potential for the Developing World  
14 Mar 14 The State of African Cities 2014: Re-imagining sustainable urban transitions  
14 Mar 14 Guiding Ideas from Mind to Market: Learning from infoDev’s Mobile Microwork Innovation Competition  
14 Mar 13 How many stops in a one-stop shop? A review of recent developments in business registration  
14 Mar 13 Technical specialist, inclusive finance  
14 Mar 6 The Hague Academy 2014 Course on Local Economic Development  
14 Mar 6 Training course: Management of Local Development  
14 Mar 5 The 2014 African Transformation Report: Growth with depth  
14 Mar 4 Corporate Social Responsibility for Local Economic Development  
14 Mar 4 Director of Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Support Services (METSS) --Ghana  
14 Feb 28 Economic Development Technical Adviser (Somalia)  
14 Feb 28 Small Banks and Local Economic Development  
14 Feb 27 Project Finance Consultant in Uganda  
14 Feb 27 Policy options for agricultural investments and governance of markets in support of small-scale agriculture in Nigeria  
14 Feb 20 Inclusive Urban Planning for the Working Poor: Planning Education , Trends and Potential Shifts  
14 Feb 20 The Agribusiness Innovation Center of Mozambique:  
14 Feb 20 Skills Development and Training in SMEs  
14 Feb 19 Consultant - supporting implementation of financial inclusion - (part-time)  
14 Feb 18 6 positions at United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Nigeria  
14 Feb 14 Africallia Forum 2014  
14 Feb 14 Toolbox for promoting innovative systems  
14 Feb 13 Gaining systemic insight to strengthen economic development initiatives  
14 Feb 13 Foresight Africa: Top priorities for the continent in 2014  
14 Feb 13 10th Mesopartner Summer Academy: systemic change in territories  
14 Feb 6 Value Chain Competitiveness And Inclusiveness Expert, Ghana  
14 Feb 6 Helping Africa’s urban poor gain from modernization  
14 Feb 6 The King Baudouin African Development Prize 2014  
14 Feb 4 Business retention, expansion & attraction: How Namibia’s local authorities can create an enabling business environment  
14 Jan 31 Improving the Effectiveness of Green Local Development: The Role and Impact of Public Sector-Led Initiatives in Renewable Energy  
14 Jan 31 City to City Barcelona Fad Award 2014  
14 Jan 31 World Urban Forum 2014: "Urban Equity in Development - Cities for Life"  
14 Jan 31 Inclusive Business Policies. How Governments can Engage Companies in Meeting Development Goals  
14 Jan 30 Equator Prize 2014  
14 Jan 24 Facilitating outcomes: multi-stakeholder processes for influencing policy change on urban agriculture in West Africa & Asia  
14 Jan 24 Agricultural development and the local: the case of South Africa  
14 Jan 24 2050: What if cities ruled the world?  
14 Jan 24 Senior Business Advisor - Solutions For African Food Enterprises (SAFE) Malawi  
14 Jan 24 The Local Livelihood Implications of Biofuel Development and Land Acquisitions in Zimbabwe  
14 Jan 23 International Award UCLG - MEXICO City - Culture 21  
14 Jan 22 How to make planning law work for Africa  
14 Jan 22 The 2014 Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation  
14 Jan 19 Announcing 8 doctoral fellowships: “Urban Infrastructures in Transition: The Case of African Cities”  
14 Jan 19 Consultant - specialized technical skills for youth employment (STSYD)  
14 Jan 19 Warning over race to reshape African cities as "urban fantasies"  
14 Jan 19 Consultant - small & medium enterprise development, Nigeria  
13 Dec 13 Consultancy: facilitation of a training on “managing product diversification and savings product development successfully”  
13 Dec 13 International consultant - research: structural transformation to create jobs and increase economic productivity in Lesotho  
13 Dec 6 Utilizing Skill Acquisition Programs to Drive Local Economic Development in Lagos, Nigeria  
13 Dec 5 Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2014  
13 Dec 4 The 2014 Africa CEO Forum  
13 Dec 4 Africa Tourism Monitor 2013  
13 Dec 4 Rural-Urban Dynamics and the Millennium Development Goals  
13 Dec 4 Unlocking the Informal Economy: A Literature Review on Linkages Between Formal and Informal Economies in Developing Countries  
13 Nov 28 African Housing Dynamics: Lessons from the Kenyan Market  
13 Nov 28 Smart Cities Readiness Guide  
13 Nov 27 Local Leaders Transforming Chinese Provinces and Indian States  

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