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FeedFury FAQ
What is FeedFury?
FeedFury is a search-powered RSS/Atom/XML directory, aggregator and reader. We retrieve content from various web feeds and display and link to it. We think "search-powered" listings are the most relevant. When are you most honest? When you're searching, that's when! All of our data is live, as it happens.

Is this a SPAM site?
No. Unlike splogs we do not modify your content and always link directly to the source. We try to help your blog and/or site gain in search engine rankings by being listed in our directory, giving it exposure it would otherwise not receive. As a publisher you can choose how much content you push to your feed and can even include your own ads that will be displayed here on FeedFury.

Why should I register?
Registering allows you to bookmark your favorite feeds so you can come back and read them from anywhere you have internet access. We are also considering many additional member features such as comments, feed updates to email and more.

What's with all the ads?
We have to pay for our expensive dedicated servers somehow! We try to make our site useful and our ads non-intrusive. FeedFury is still a very new site - a work in progress. Please support the site by seriously considering our advertisers.

Will FeedFury use a lot of bandwidth when retrieving my feeds?
FeedFury performs conditional GET requests for all feed updates. Supporting feeds that have not changed since the last retrieval are not sent to us or updated (the feed server simply replies "Not modified"). This saves load on both the FeedFury database resources and the feed host bandwidth and web server resources. For this reason you may see feeds that have not been "Modified" in a very long time. This is normal and is not an error in the FeedFury update script - it just means the content hasn't changed. *If you are a publisher we highly recommend configuring conditional GET in your blog software or web server configuration.

I added a feed and it was removed, what's up?
We often review new submissions to make sure they are in the correct category and do not contain forbidden material (basically porn and blatant search engine spam). We also remove feeds where duplication and other errors occur. Additionally, if you submit too many similar feeds we may re-categorize or remove one or more of them. All removals are without warning or explanation at this time. If you feel your feed should not have been removed please check it for quality and re-submit.

Why are some feeds shown as Modified and others as Updated?
For feeds supporting conditional GET requests we show the time the feed was last modified - that is, the last time the feed had new content and FeedFury retrieved it. Feeds not supporting conditional GET are updated about once every 20 minutes and the time of the last update is shown.

Isn't your server going to explode?
Probably!!! We're adding upwards of 50,000 articles of content every day so it shouldn't be long until we have to optimize things even further. Don't worry, we've still got a ton of ideas and look forward to the next improvement.

What are the server specs right now?
Everything runs off of our powerful new server dedicated to FeedFury. Specs: 2x Xeon Dual-Core 3.0Ghz CPUs; 4GB ECC RAM; 2x 320GB SATA 2 (3GB/s) Hard drives (Mirrored)

How can I contact FeedFury?
You may contact us at

You have reached the end of the FAQ. Please check back later for updates!