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Jul 2 Xamarin: Xamarin Test Cloud Now Available to All Xamarin Developers  
Jul 2 Unity Technologies: IL2CPP Internals: P/Invoke Wrappers  
Jul 2 Xamarin: iOS 9 Preview Now Available  
Jul 1 Unity Technologies: The State of Unity on Linux  
Jul 1 Códice Software: Towards Semantic Version Control  
Jul 1 Michael Hutchinson: Build Time Code Generation in MSBuild  
Jun 30 Unity Technologies: New version of Unity Answers unveiled today  
Jun 30 Xamarin: Summer Fun with Xamarin Events in July  
Jun 29 Xamarin: What?s New in Google Play services  
Jun 27 Mike Bluestein: Reader Q&A ? PDFs in iOS  
Jun 26 Unity Technologies: Leveraging Unity Cloud Build for testing large projects  
Jun 26 Xamarin: Build and Debug C++ Libraries in Xamarin.Android Apps with Visual Studio 2015  
Jun 25 Jeroen Frijters: MethodHandle Performance  
Jun 24 Unity Technologies: The Blacksmith Releases: Executable, Assets, Tools and Shaders  
Jun 24 Unity Technologies: Unity Roadmap  
Jun 24 Unity Technologies: Unite Europe 2015 Keynote Wrap up  
Jun 24 Xamarin: Live Webinar: Why Mobile Quality Matters  
Jun 24 Xamarin: Android M Preview Now Available  
Jun 24 Rafael Teixeira: Experiment on Roslyn C# compiler: Translatable Strings  
Jun 23 Unity Technologies: Design-Driven In App Purchases: Creating Sustainable Monetization  
Jun 22 Unity Technologies: Making of The Blacksmith: Animation, Camera effects, Audio/Video  
Jun 22 Xamarin: Extending Xamarin.Forms Controls with Custom Renderers  
Jun 19 Códice Software: Improved text editor for diffs  
Jun 19 Xamarin: Newest Content from our Community  
Jun 19 Unity Technologies: Pixel Perfect 2D  
Jun 18 Xamarin: Want to try Xamarin University? Now you can!  
Jun 18 Unity Technologies: WebGL: WebAssembly and Feature Roadmap  
Jun 18 Xamarin: Expand Your App?s Reach with Google?s App Invites  
Jun 17 Unity Technologies: Making of The Blacksmith: Scene setup, Shading, Lighting  
Jun 17 Unity Technologies: IL2CPP Internals: Generic sharing implementation  
Jun 15 Xamarin: Forums Updates: Badges and More!  
Jun 15 Unity Technologies: Making of The Blacksmith: Concept and Art Production  
Jun 12 Unity Technologies: Unity User Groups en América Latina  
Jun 12 Mike Bluestein: Load a Collada File in Scene Kit  
Jun 12 Xamarin: Xamarin Podcast: WWDC and Google I/O 2015  
Jun 11 Xamarin: Better Apps & Faster Release Cycles Part IV  
Jun 11 Xamarin: Crafting 5 Star iOS Experiences with Transitions  
Jun 11 Unity Technologies: The Blacksmith FAQ & Unity?s Demo Team  
Jun 11 Jim Purbrick: Free Tests For Everyone!  
Jun 10 Xamarin: Keep Users from Leaving Your App with Chrome Custom Tabs  
Jun 10 Jim Purbrick: Investing In Testing  
Jun 10 Xamarin: Better Apps & Faster Release Cycles Part III  
Jun 10 Unity Technologies: Unity and Anime Studio Pro: The Making of Monster Mingle  
Jun 10 Xamarin: WWDC 2015 Recap for iOS Developers  
Jun 9 Códice Software: Plastic SCM integration with Jenkins CI  
Jun 9 Xamarin: Better Apps & Faster Release Cycles Part II  
Jun 9 Unity Technologies: Unity 5.1 is here!  
Jun 9 Xamarin: Better Apps & Faster Release Cycles Part I  
Jun 8 Mike Bluestein: Couchbase Lite & Xamarin slides  
Jun 8 Xamarin: Put Some Cyanogen in Your Xamarin Apps  
Jun 6 Unity Technologies: Security Update Coming for Web Player  
Jun 5 Xamarin: Catch Up on Xamarin Community Contributions This Weekend  
Jun 4 Xamarin: Add Collaboration To Your Mobile Apps with SharePoint  
Jun 4 Unity Technologies: Unite 2015 Boston is Coming. Submissions for the 2015 Unity Awards are Open!  
Jun 3 Unity Technologies: IL2CPP Internals: Method calls  
Jun 3 Xamarin: Build Your Own Selfies App with Xamarin.Forms and Azure  
Jun 3 Frank Krueger: Introducing the iCircuit Gallery  
Jun 2 Jo Shields: Linux packages, June 2015 edition  
Jun 2 Xamarin: iOS Development for Windows Developers  
Jun 2 Unity Technologies: How we do fast and efficient yaml merging  
Jun 2 Xamarin: Google I/O 2015 Recap For Android Developers  
May 31 Mike Bluestein: Updated Scratch Ticket Code  
May 30 Ruben Vermeersch: Google Photos - Can I get out?  
May 30 Xamarin: Get the Summer Going with Xamarin Events in June  
May 29 Unity Technologies: Exquisite City  
May 28 Unity Technologies: Web Publishing Following Chrome NPAPI Deprecation  
May 28 Frank Krueger: Coding in Your Head  
May 27 Xamarin: IBM and Xamarin Partner to Simplify Secure Enterprise Mobility  
May 27 Unity Technologies: Making Your Mobile Game a Success. Part Four: Building Community  
May 26 Xamarin: Introducing the Xamarin Podcast  
May 26 Unity Technologies: Bringing DirectX 11 features to mobile in Unity 5.1  
May 26 Códice Software: Diff math  
May 25 Frank Krueger: Many Levels of Rejection  
May 25 Unity Technologies: Agnostic Cloud Management  
May 23 Mike Bluestein: Apple Watch Development Slides  
May 23 Ruben Vermeersch: dupefinder - Removing duplicate files on different machines  
May 22 Xamarin: Case Study: Development Time Slashed by 50% for Leading Transport Company  
May 22 Xamarin: RSVP for Xamarin?s WWDC 2015 Party  
May 21 Unity Technologies: Xsolla Unity SDK ? a customizable in-game store for desktop, web and mobile  
May 20 Xamarin: Get Started with HomeKit  
May 20 Unity Technologies: IL2CPP Internals ? Debugging tips for generated code  
May 20 Xamarin: Xamarins on Film: New Video Resources  
May 19 Unity Technologies: A report from our Unite conferences in Asia  
May 18 Xamarin: Join Xamarin at Twilio Signal  
May 18 Unity Technologies: Traveling the world with the Asset Store  
May 15 Xamarin: Community Contributions You Won?t Want to Miss  
May 15 Unity Technologies: VR pioneers Owlchemy Labs  
May 14 Xamarin: Crafting 5 Star iOS Experiences With Animations  
May 14 Códice Software: Holographic development with Unity  
May 13 Xamarin: RSVP for Xamarin?s Google I/O 2015 Party  
May 13 Unity Technologies: IL2CPP Internals: A Tour of Generated Code  
May 13 Xamarin: A Scalable Introduction to Vector Drawables  
May 12 Unity Technologies: Color Grading with Unity and the Asset Store  
May 11 Xamarin: Xamarin.Studio 5.9 Enhancements  
May 11 Unity Technologies: Case Study: Usability Testing the Audio Mixer  
May 9 Xamarin: Android Tips: Hello AppCompatActivity, Goodbye ActionBarActivity  
May 8 Unity Technologies: Making Your Mobile Game a Success. Part Three: Acquiring Users  
May 7 Unity Technologies: Mike Capps Joins Unity as Internal Advisor  
May 7 Xamarin: Champion San Jose Earthquakes Win with Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin Insights  
May 6 Xamarin: Build 2015: Visual Studio Integration & Developer Celebrations  

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