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Dec 1 Xamarin: Xamarin Developer Events in December  
Nov 30 Xamarin: Creating Platform-Specifics in Xamarin.Forms  
Nov 29 Xamarin: Live Webinar | Getting the Most out of iOS 10 and Android N  
Nov 29 Xamarin: Say Hello to the Xamarin Profiler  
Nov 27 Códice Software: OS X Branch Explorer learns to filter branches  
Nov 24 Códice Software: Move changesets to a different branch  
Nov 23 Xamarin: Introducing Xamarin.Forms 2.3.3: Native View Declaration and Platform Specifics  
Nov 21 Xamarin: Live XAML Previewing with the Xamarin.Forms Previewer  
Nov 21 Códice Software: Merging in Plastic Cloud is now available  
Nov 19 Xamarin: Introducing Workbooks & Inspector  
Nov 18 Xamarin: Live Webinar | Get Started with Xamarin and Microsoft Azure  
Nov 16 Xamarin: Xamarin Test Cloud Announcements at Microsoft Connect();  
Nov 16 Xamarin: Microsoft Connect (); 2016 Recap  
Nov 15 Xamarin: Android Nougat Quick Setting Tiles  
Nov 14 Xamarin: Webinar Recording | Scale Your Mobile Quality: Industry Benchmarks and Testing Best Practices  
Nov 12 Xamarin: Join us for Microsoft Connect(); Now with Virtual Training from Xamarin University  
Nov 10 Xamarin: Getting Started with the iOS 10 Notification Framework  
Nov 8 Xamarin: Webinar Recording | Building Better Apps with Microsoft Cognitive Services and Xamarin  
Nov 4 Xamarin: Microsoft Research Ships Intelligent Apps with the Power of C# and AI  
Nov 3 Xamarin: Mobile Leaders Podcast | Productivity and Delight in Enterprise Apps with Josh Clark of Big Medium  
Nov 2 Xamarin: Say Hello to Siri with SiriKit  
Nov 1 Xamarin: Xamarin Developer Events in November  
Nov 1 Jim Purbrick: Creating A Safe Environment For People In VR  
Oct 31 Xamarin: Podcast: What?s New in Xamarin.Forms 2.3.3  
Oct 29 Xamarin: The Xamarin Show: Grab a Snack Pack!  
Oct 27 Xamarin: Live Webinar | Scale Your Mobile Quality: Industry Benchmarks and Testing Best Practices  
Oct 26 Xamarin: Adding the Microsoft Graph to Your Xamarin.Forms Mobile Apps  
Oct 25 Xamarin: Kickstart Your Project with Our New Bootstrapped Mobile Apps  
Oct 22 Xamarin: Last Xamarin Dev Days of 2016  
Oct 20 Xamarin: Mobile Leaders Podcast | Understanding the Uniqueness of Mobile DevOps with Roy Cornelissen, Xpirit  
Oct 20 Xamarin: Create a Game with iOS 10 and Message App Extensions  
Oct 18 Xamarin: Xamarin.Forms Book Now Available in Easy to Digest Chapter Summaries  
Oct 13 Xamarin: Live Webinar | Xamarin University Presents: Introduction to Xamarin with Visual Studio  
Oct 13 Xamarin: Understanding Android?s Doze Functionality  
Oct 12 Códice Software: Path is too long fixed in Plastic SCM  
Oct 11 Xamarin: Bringing Platform-Specific Functionality to Xamarin.Forms Apps  
Oct 11 Códice Software: Jenkins multibranch pipeline projects with Plastic GitServer  
Oct 10 Xamarin: Xamarin Dev Days Continue to Roll Out!  
Oct 7 Xamarin: Mobile Leaders Podcast | Enterprise Mobility Trends with Maribel Lopez: Where Are Things Headed?  
Oct 6 Xamarin: Easier App Debugging with Xamarin Studio Run Configurations  
Oct 6 Códice Software: p2pcopy: C# console app to transfer files peer to peer  
Oct 3 Xamarin: Xamarin and Visual Studio at Future Decoded  
Oct 1 Miguel de Icaza: TLS 1.2 Comes to Mono: Update  
Sep 30 Xamarin: Xamarin Developer Events in October  
Sep 29 Xamarin: Adding Bindable Native Views Directly to XAML  
Sep 28 Xamarin: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Profitable Mobile Services Business Through Mobile DevOps  
Sep 27 Xamarin: Android Archiving and Publishing Made Easy  
Sep 26 Xamarin: Speech Recognition in iOS 10  
Sep 22 Xamarin: Iowa Caucuses Launch Inaugural Polling Apps with Xamarin  
Sep 21 Xamarin: Xamarin at Microsoft Ignite  
Sep 20 Xamarin: New iOS 10 Privacy Permission Settings  
Sep 20 Xamarin: Enhanced Notifications in Android N with Direct Reply  
Sep 16 Xamarin: Scaling from Side Project to 200,000+ Downloads with Xamarin and Microsoft Azure  
Sep 16 Xamarin: Xamarin Around the World with Xamarin Dev Days  
Sep 15 Xamarin: Start Building Azure-Connected Apps with the Xamarin Shopping Demo App  
Sep 14 Xamarin: Introducing the Azure Track in Xamarin University  
Sep 13 Xamarin: Major Updates: iOS 10, Android Nougat, and Other Tasty Bits  
Sep 13 Xamarin: Testing iOS 10 in Xamarin Test Cloud  
Sep 13 Códice Software: Using PeerFinder from Console: Wi-Fi Direct data transfer in C#  
Sep 12 Xamarin: Podcast: iOS 10, iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, and more!  
Sep 10 Códice Software: Visual improvements - OS X GUI  
Sep 9 Xamarin: Preparing for Native Library Linking Changes in Android N  
Sep 9 Xamarin: Let the iOS 10-ing begin!  
Sep 8 Unity Technologies: A look inside: The Quest for Green Automation  
Sep 7 Unity Technologies: Webhooks and Slack Notifications in Unity Cloud Build  
Sep 7 Xamarin: Introducing The Xamarin Show on Channel 9  
Sep 6 Unity Technologies: Progressing Beyond Pre-Render: The MARZA Movie Pipeline for Unity  
Sep 6 Xamarin: Xamarin.Android 7.0 Now With More Nougat  
Sep 5 Códice Software: Plastic repo spelunking with PowerBI  
Sep 2 Xamarin: Xamarin Developer Events in September  
Sep 1 Unity Technologies: Introducing Women in Gaming: College Series  
Sep 1 Códice Software: Geoloc: a trigger to track the coordinates of each checkin  
Aug 31 Unity Technologies: Adam ? Animation for the real-time short film  
Aug 31 Xamarin: Continuous Delivery to Google Play with Team Services  
Aug 30 Xamarin: Live Webinar | Building Better Apps with Microsoft Cognitive Services and Xamarin  
Aug 30 Unity Technologies: Get the Unity 5.5 beta now  
Aug 26 Xamarin: More Xamarin Dev Days!  
Aug 25 Xamarin: Continuous Integration for iOS Apps with Visual Studio Team Services  
Aug 24 Xamarin: How Olo Powers 150+ Restaurant Ordering Apps with Mobile DevOps  
Aug 24 Unity Technologies: Attaching your project to a bug report  
Aug 24 Rafael Teixeira: Newest open source project: managed-commons-collections-squarelist  
Aug 23 Xamarin: Creating a Serverless Backend for Mobile Apps  
Aug 22 Xamarin: Podcast: Identity Management in Mobile Apps  
Aug 22 Unity Technologies: Unity Ads Platform Update: Integration Tutorials  
Aug 22 Jim Purbrick: crestexplorer  
Aug 19 Unity Technologies: Video games: a matter of life and death?  
Aug 19 Códice Software: plasticnotifier - a small tool to watch repos and show desktop notifications with new csets  
Aug 18 Unity Technologies: Developing for HoloLens with the Emulator  
Aug 18 Xamarin: Continuous Integration for Android with Visual Studio Team Services  
Aug 18 Códice Software: How to send Windows Toast notifications from Console apps  
Aug 17 Xamarin: Xamarin Developer Certification is Getting Better  
Aug 17 Unity Technologies: A Look Inside: Tracking Bugs By User Pain  
Aug 16 Xamarin: ?Document All the Things? Contest Winners  
Aug 15 Xamarin: Webinar Recording | Continuous Everything: Why You Need Mobile DevOps  
Aug 12 Unity Technologies: Unity & OGA Partner to Increase Speaker Diversity  
Aug 12 Xamarin: Xamarin Dev Days: More Dates & More Cities!  
Aug 12 Xamarin: Authenticating Mobile Apps with Azure Active Directory B2C  
Aug 11 Unity Technologies: IL2CPP Optimizations: Avoid Boxing  
Aug 10 Unity Technologies: 2016 Unity Awards Open Submission Has Begun  
Aug 9 Xamarin: Building Custom Animations in Xamarin.Forms  

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