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New Xamarin: Xamarin Indie Now $25/Month  
Jul 31 Xamarin: Put Some Office 365 in Your Apps  
Jul 29 Unity Technologies: Frame Debugger in Unity 5.0  
Jul 28 Xamarin: Image Detection in iOS 8  
Jul 28 Unity Technologies: Unit testing at the speed of light with Unity Test Tools  
Jul 26 Xamarin: Contest: Code Monkeys in the Wild  
Jul 25 Xamarin: Build Your First F# Mobile App Contest Winners  
Jul 24 Unity Technologies: Mixing Sweet Beats in Unity 5.0  
Jul 23 Mike Bluestein: Using Twilio with Xamarin  
Jul 23 Xamarin: New Sprite Kit Physics Features in iOS 8  
Jul 23 Miguel de Icaza: Mono Performance Team  
Jul 22 Xamarin: Announcing the Xammy Awards  
Jul 22 Códice Software: Plastic SCM server address changed, what now?  
Jul 22 Xamarin: Xamarin Evolve 2014: Announcing Training Classes & 39 Conference Sessions  
Jul 22 Xamarin: Live Webinar: Test Apps on Hundreds of Devices with Xamarin Test Cloud  
Jul 21 Unity Technologies: Assets that rock  
Jul 20 Jo Shields: Transition tracker  
Jul 17 Frank Krueger: Mocast  
Jul 17 Xamarin: Using Custom Controls in Xamarin.Forms on Windows Phone  
Jul 16 Xamarin: New Collection View Features in iOS 8  
Jul 16 Jeroen Frijters: Java Method Overriding Is FUBAR Part 10 of ?  
Jul 16 Jeroen Frijters: Java Security Fixes  
Jul 15 Códice Software: Securing a Plastic SCM system  
Jul 15 Xamarin: Mobile .NET Meetups and Xamarin 3 Celebrations in July  
Jul 15 Unity Technologies: Unity?s test automation team  
Jul 14 Unity Technologies: Magical moments: What the Everyplay acquisition means for developers  
Jul 13 Jeroen Frijters: Blog Update  
Jul 11 Frank Krueger: My Xamarin Studio F# Wishlist  
Jul 11 Xamarin: Xamarin on Film: @dotnetConf & FlashCast  
Jul 11 Unity Technologies: White Nights: breaking the conference rules in Russia  
Jul 9 Xamarin: Adding View Effects in iOS 8  
Jul 8 Códice Software: How to undo a merge  
Jul 8 Rafi Mizrahi: Custom Roland V-Drums  
Jul 8 Unity Technologies: High-performance physics in Unity 5  
Jul 7 Rafi Mizrahi: Innovative Thinking Inside the Box  
Jul 7 Rafi Mizrahi: Super-Size Boxee Box Spotted In The Wild  
Jul 7 Xamarin: Build Great Photo Experiences in iOS 8 with PhotoKit  
Jul 7 Rafi Mizrahi: Mondial final Tv Be Gone  
Jul 6 Rafi Mizrahi: Brain Machine Interface at DLD Tel Aviv 2011  
Jul 5 Xamarin: Contest: Build Your First F# Mobile App  
Jul 3 Xamarin: Awesome Samples to Jumpstart F# Mobile Development  
Jul 3 Unity Technologies: Metal, a new graphics API for iOS 8  
Jul 2 Xamarin: Headed to the Capitol for Microsoft WPC 2014  
Jul 2 Xamarin: Introduction to F# with Xamarin, Part II  
Jul 2 Unity Technologies: VR Game Jam in Boston  
Jul 2 Rafi Mizrahi: Yet Another Tron Costume  
Jul 1 Xamarin: Introduction to F# with Xamarin  
Jul 1 Mike Bluestein: iOS 8 Scene Kit sample in F#  
Jul 1 Mike Bluestein: Xamarin Getting Started Sampler  
Jul 1 Unity Technologies: Building Better Documentation  
Jun 30 Xamarin: Run an F# app, get an F# shirt  
Jun 30 Unity Technologies: Unity 4.6 ? New UI World Space Canvas  
Jun 27 Xamarin: Supercharge your Amazon Android apps  
Jun 26 Xamarin: Lights, Camera, Action ? 3D in iOS 8 with Scene Kit  
Jun 26 Unity Technologies: Shiny new animation features in Unity 5.0  
Jun 25 Xamarin: Show Me the XAML  
Jun 24 Xamarin: Webinar Recording: Native Mobile Apps in Xamarin Studio  
Jun 24 Francisco Figueiredo: Initial Visual Studio Design time support added to master branch!  
Jun 24 Unity Technologies: Serialization in Unity  
Jun 24 Xamarin: Xamarin Studio and NuGet  
Jun 24 Rafi Mizrahi: Professional Apple Developers: GarageGeeks Sessions  
Jun 24 Rafi Mizrahi: The first Israeli AWS User Group event  
Jun 23 Xamarin: Using Custom Controls in Xamarin.Forms on Android  
Jun 23 Unity Technologies: Unity5: API changes & automatic script updating  
Jun 20 Xamarin: Xamarin.Forms Contest Winners  
Jun 20 Xamarin: Contest: Ship an Amazon Fire Phone App  
Jun 20 Unity Technologies: Unity for PlayStation®Mobile ? full release!  
Jun 20 Xamarin: iOS 8 support  
Jun 19 Xamarin: 3 Steps to Ship an Amazing Amazon Phone App  
Jun 19 Unity Technologies: Crash course training days in the UK  
Jun 18 Xamarin: Exciting Speakers Coming to Xamarin Evolve  
Jun 18 Xamarin: Webinar Recording: Developing iOS and Android apps in Visual Studio  
Jun 17 Unity Technologies: The Unity Community Out in Force at E3  
Jun 17 Códice Software: Merge refactored code with ReSharper and SemanticMerge  
Jun 16 Unity Technologies: Unity for PlayStation®4 is here!  
Jun 16 Xamarin: Build Custom Controls with the Xamarin Designer for iOS  
Jun 16 Xamarin: Don?t Miss the Party! Celebrate Xamarin 3 with Local Developers  
Jun 16 Xamarin: Xamarin?s Google I/O 2014 Party  
Jun 13 Xamarin: Webinar Recording: Meet Xamarin.Forms  
Jun 13 Jeroen Frijters: Malformed UTF-16  
Jun 13 Xamarin: Cheat Sheet for Top Mobile App Controls  
Jun 12 Xamarin: Xamarin Hits the Road in Europe  
Jun 11 Xamarin: Using Custom UIViewControllers in Xamarin.Forms on iOS  
Jun 11 Unity Technologies: All about the Unity networking transport layer  
Jun 11 Mark Probst: Associated Types Considered Weird  
Jun 10 Unity Technologies: DevGamm: In Russia, Unity develops with you  
Jun 9 Xamarin: Xamarin 3 Delivers Rich Updates to Xamarin Studio  
Jun 9 Unity Technologies: Unity Test Tools 1.3 ? responding to your feedback  
Jun 6 Xamarin: Great Content from Our Community  
Jun 6 Xamarin: Xamarin?s First Developer Evangelism Intern  
Jun 6 Jérémie Laval: Scrolling-based effects in Android UI  
Jun 6 Mark Probst: Generators in Swift  
Jun 5 Xamarin: Why every mobile developer should be reactive  
Jun 5 Unity Technologies: No Limits ? Unity in Cross Industry Development  
Jun 5 Unity Technologies: Asset Store applications section launches with awesome one week sale  
Jun 4 Xamarin: Developing Native iOS and Android apps in Visual Studio  
Jun 4 Unity Technologies: From Zero to Hero: The Asset Store Publisher Story  
Jun 4 Xamarin: Webinar Recording: Say Hello to Xamarin 3  
Jun 4 Mark Probst: Playing with Swift  
Jun 3 Xamarin: Incredible Speakers for Xamarin Evolve 2014  

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