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New Unity Technologies: Welcome Playnomics to the Unity Family!  
Apr 17 Xamarin: Easy In App Purchases for iOS  
Apr 17 Unity Technologies: Extend the editor: to infinity and beyond!  
Apr 17 Xamarin: Epic Evolve Sessions  
Apr 16 Jeroen Frijters: Arraycopy HotSpot Vulnerability Fixed in 7u55  
Apr 16 Xamarin: C# Meetups featuring Google Glass, Bluetooth LE & More  
Apr 15 Andreia Gaita: Codebits 2014 - 3 days of fun  
Apr 15 Unity Technologies: Turn your character into a player!  
Apr 15 Miguel de Icaza: Mono on PS4  
Apr 15 Miguel de Icaza: Documentation for our new iOS Designer  
Apr 10 Unity Technologies: Assets for Animation Awesomeness  
Apr 10 Xamarin: Xamarin Evolve 2014 Registration Now Open  
Apr 10 Unity Technologies: Train Jam 2014  
Apr 10 Xamarin: OpenSSL ?Heartbleed? Update  
Apr 10 Francisco Figueiredo: Npgsql 2.1.3 released!  
Apr 10 Xamarin: Swipe To Refresh added to Android  
Apr 9 Miguel de Icaza: Mono and Roslyn  
Apr 9 Xamarin: C#, iOS, and Android Take Center Stage at Build  
Apr 8 Xamarin: Native Printing with Android  
Apr 8 Unity Technologies: Playstation®Vita for all: The Unity for PlayStation®Mobile public preview  
Apr 7 Xamarin: Sennheiser Cuts Development Time by 40% with Xamarin  
Apr 5 Ruben Vermeersch: Benchmarking on OSX: HTTP timeouts!  
Apr 4 Xamarin: Xamarin and Microsoft Launch the .NET Foundation  
Apr 3 Xamarin: Look Sharp in a Xamarin C# Shirt  
Apr 2 Xamarin: Mobile Meetups Happening Worldwide in April  
Apr 2 Xamarin: Miguel?s ?Go Mobile With Xamarin? Session at Build  
Apr 2 Unity Technologies: Unity 4 beta for Windows Phone 8.1 apps  
Apr 2 Códice Software: Merge quiz - find the common ancestor  
Apr 1 Xamarin: Sharper HTML Hybrid Apps with Razor  
Apr 1 Ruben Vermeersch: Release Notes: Mar 2014  
Mar 29 Unity Technologies: GDC 2014 Wrap-up  
Mar 28 Francisco Figueiredo: Npgsql 2.1.2 released!  
Mar 25 Códice Software: Cocoa 101 for C# developers ? Dissecting SemanticMerge to learn Xamarin.Mac  
Mar 24 Xamarin: Party with Xamarin & .NET at Build!  
Mar 24 Códice Software: JIRA 6 integration improvement  
Mar 24 Jeroen Frijters: IKVM.NET 7.4 Release Candidate 0  
Mar 24 César López Natarén: MindTouch Inc. is looking for passionate engineers to join our team.  
Mar 21 Jim Purbrick: Organisational Structures  
Mar 20 Unity Technologies: Physically-based shading upcoming in Unity 5.0  
Mar 20 Francisco Figueiredo: Npgsql 2.1.0 released!  
Mar 19 Xamarin: Announcing Xamarin Evolve 2014 Ticket Sales Dates  
Mar 19 Xamarin: Android Wear Developer Preview now available  
Mar 18 Unity Technologies: Unity 5!  
Mar 18 Xamarin: End March with a Great Mobile Meetup!  
Mar 17 Xamarin: Samsung and Xamarin Partner to Provide Heightened Mobile Security  
Mar 15 Mike Bluestein: Draw a PDF in Landscape with Core Graphics  
Mar 14 Torello Querci: NFS on LXC container  
Mar 14 Xamarin: Webinar Recording: Xamarin and SAP Mobile Platform for Mobile Enterprise Success  
Mar 13 Unity Technologies: Breaking news: welcoming Everyplay and GameAds to the Unity family!  
Mar 12 Xamarin: Building Enterprise Dashboards on the iPhone and iPad  
Mar 12 Unity Technologies: Unity Test Tools 1.2 have been released  
Mar 11 Unity Technologies: Unity at GDC 2014  
Mar 11 Unity Technologies: The Unity Community: We?ve got Karma!  
Mar 11 Xamarin: Xamarin Welcomes iOS 7.1, with Day One Support!  
Mar 10 Jeffrey Stedfast: GMime gets a Speed Boost  
Mar 10 Mono Summer of Code: Apply Now for Summer of Code 2014  
Mar 10 Ruben Vermeersch: Testing with Angular.JS  
Mar 6 Unity Technologies: Unity and architecture  
Mar 6 Xamarin: Xamarin Takes Top Spot for Best Mobile Development Tool  
Mar 6 Xamarin: Xamarin Invades Channel 9  
Mar 3 Xamarin: Awesome Mobile C# Meetups to Start off March  
Mar 1 Ruben Vermeersch: Release Notes: Feb 2014  
Feb 28 Xamarin: Webinar Recording: Cross-Platform Data Visualization for Mobile with ShinobiControls and Xamarin  
Feb 27 Códice Software: New release Plastic SCM is out  
Feb 27 Unity Technologies: How do we use code coverage for Unity?  
Feb 27 Mike Bluestein: Use Nokia X HERE Maps with Xamarin.Android  
Feb 26 Xamarin: Creating Magic with Cloud Connected Mobile Apps  
Feb 26 Mono: Mono 3.2.7 is out!  
Feb 26 Francisco Figueiredo: Npgsql 2.1 Release Candidate 1 released!  
Feb 25 Unity Technologies: Mike Bithell: The Asset Store is a path to more ambitious indie games  
Feb 25 Mono Summer of Code: Calling students for Summer of Code 2014!  
Feb 25 Xamarin: Nokia X ? HERE for C# developers with Xamarin  
Feb 24 Xamarin: SAP and Xamarin Partner to Empower Enterprise Mobile Developers  
Feb 20 Francisco Figueiredo: How to get Npgsql 2.1.0 beta  
Feb 20 Unity Technologies: Unity Night in Odessa  
Feb 19 Unity Technologies: Exclusive offer for Unity developers building games for Windows  
Feb 19 Xamarin: Live Webinar: Cross-Platform Data Visualization for Mobile with ShinobiControls and Xamarin  
Feb 19 Códice Software: Early adopters for SemanticMerge -Mac version  
Feb 18 Xamarin: Continuous Integration for Your Mobile App  
Feb 17 Francisco Figueiredo: Using Entity Framework 6 with Npgsql 2.1.0  
Feb 15 Ruben Vermeersch: Deploying Node.JS the modern way, everywhere  
Feb 14 Xamarin: Flappy Valentine?s Day!  
Feb 12 Xamarin: Join Microsoft and Xamarin for Mobile Development Keynote and Celebration  
Feb 11 Unity Technologies: Overcoming issues with iOS App Store submissions  
Feb 10 Xamarin: Use iBeacons in Android with C#  
Feb 7 Unity Technologies: Global Game Jam 2014  
Feb 7 Unity Technologies: Simplygon Now Live in Unity  
Feb 6 Xamarin: Xamarin Developer Group Growth and Sponsorship  
Feb 6 Mike Bluestein: Creating Collection View Cells from a Xib  
Feb 4 Xamarin: A Look Back at the .NET Rocks! Roadshow  
Feb 3 Xamarin: February Mobile C# Developer Meetups  
Feb 3 Jeffrey Stedfast: Introducing MailKit, a cross-platform .NET mail-client library  
Feb 3 Mike Bluestein: Core Animation Resources for Xamarin.iOS Developers  
Jan 30 Xamarin: Join us in Paris at TechDays 2014  
Jan 29 Xamarin: Wordament Ships to Every Major Platform with Xamarin  
Jan 29 Jim Purbrick: Beyond Time Dilation?  
Jan 28 Unity Technologies: The ?Kii to Unity? contest  
Jan 28 Xamarin: Visual Basic Goes Mobile with Portable Libraries  
Jan 26 Rafi Mizrahi: DLD 2014 - Innovation & Creativity - The Smart and The Useless  
Jan 25 Mike Bluestein: Advanced Collection Views  

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