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New Detection of Methane on Mars Strong Indicator for Life  
New Psychopathic: ISIS Feeds Dead Son to Mother  
Feb 28 Israel Seeking $300 million From U.S. for Missile Defense  
Feb 28 Spock has Died, At 83 (Video)  
Feb 28 North Korea Working to Develop U.S. Reachable Nuke  
Feb 27 The Most Powerful Organized Crime Group you Never Heard of  
Feb 27 The ATM That Loans Money  
Feb 27 James Clapper, DNI, Supports Arming Ukraine Government  
Feb 27 Iran Hangs Obama in Effigy  
Feb 27 U.S. Capitol Legalizes Marijuana  
Feb 27 Aviation Expert Accuses Putin for MH370  
Feb 27 Unexplained Crater in Russia  
Feb 26 Jihadi John “The Beheader” Identified as Mohammed Emwazi  
Feb 26 Surgeon Ponders Complete Human Head Transplant  
Feb 26 U.S. Experts: Pakistan Likely to go Nuclear Against India Under Right Circumstance  
Feb 26 How Your Tax Dollars Empower Monsanto to Destroy  
Feb 25 Russia Busted Lobbing Artillery Into Ukraine  
Feb 25 Mock U.S. Aircraft Carrier Destroyed During Iranian War Games (Video)  
Feb 25 China Dropping Major Technology Purchases from U.S.  
Feb 22 Bastard Scientist Accepted Bribes to Deny Climate Change  
Feb 22 Revealed: NSA Has Been Actively Trying to Disable Cellphone Network Security  
Feb 22 Ukrainian Forces Left in “Zombie” State After Major Defeat  
Feb 20 Michelle Obama badmouths the Flag  
Feb 20 Coming Soon: The Department of the Internet  
Feb 19 Russian Backed Rebels Send Ukrainian Troops Running  
Feb 19 Russia is Attempting to Dump the Dollar  
Feb 19 Pentagon’s Train and Equip Program Set in Motion  
Feb 18 World’s First: Electricity From Ocean Waves  
Feb 18 HSBC Raided for Money Laundering  
Feb 18 Terror Plotter Considers Derailing Train, Causing Volcanic Eruption  
Feb 18 Did ISIS Just Burn 45 to Death?  
Feb 18 Illuminati & New World Order Conspiracy or Reality 2015 Full Documentary  
Feb 17 CIA Alleged to Have Purchased Iraqi Chemical Weapons  
Feb 17 Many Westerners Volunteering to Fight ISIS  
Feb 16 Pesticides: It Would be Nice if They Were Safe, But They Are Not  
Feb 10 Hubble Finds Smiley Face in Space  
Feb 10 Gitmo War Court Costing Taxpayers $7,600 per Minute  
Feb 10 Obama Draws “Final” Red Line for Iran  
Feb 10 Leaked Swiss Banking Data Reveals Mass Tax Avoidance  
Feb 9 Bid to Arm Ukraine to Fight Russian-Backed Separatists Dividing NATO  
Feb 9 Apparently Your TV Can’t be Trusted  
Feb 9 The Elite: Painting Sold for 300 Million Dollars Privately at Auction  
Feb 9 Russia Slated to Have Military Bases in the EU Nation of Cyprus  
Feb 9 Canada has Lost Precision GPS Guided Artillery Ammo  
Feb 8 Lebanon Receives Thoughtful Care Package from U.S.  
Feb 8 Mind of a Worm Uploaded Into Robot  
Feb 8 Prince Andrew and Friends Illegal Sexcapades  
Feb 8 Jordan Hell-Bent on Destroying ISIS Completely  
Feb 8 N. Korea Decides to Fire 5 Short Range Anti-Ship Missiles  
Feb 7 Jordan Produces Revenge Video Depicting Attacks on ISIS  
Feb 7 Ukrainian Currency Has Nose-Dived 50% in 2 Days  
Feb 7 Girls Can Marry at 9 Says New Islamic Guide  
Feb 7 Does the Minimum Wage Actually Cost Jobs  
Feb 6 ISIS Claimed it Killed U.S. Female Hostage Kayla Jean Mueller  
Feb 6 Mass Surveillance by U.S. and UK Deemed Illegal by IPT  
Feb 6 Swedish Foreign Minister: War Between Russia and the West was now Quite Conceivable  
Feb 6 “Mystery” DNA Abounds in New York Subway System  
Feb 6 Nanotechnology in the Military  
Feb 5 Professor Claims 200 Year Old Mummified Monk “Still Alive”  
Feb 5 Russian Inflation Takes a Huge 15% Jump  
Feb 5 Norway: Homeless and Those That Help Them to Become Criminals  
Feb 5 CIA Insider: 100,000 Troops to Effectively Combat ISIS  
Feb 4 $400,000 of U.S. Weaponry Set Loose in Yemen  
Feb 4 UK Jihadi Twin Brides Lured by ISIS Post Images  
Feb 4 Scientists Crack Code for Major Viral Group  
Feb 4 Former Nazi Charged with 300,000 Counts of Murder  
Feb 4 Venezuelan Government Forcibly Takes Control of Supermarket Chain  
Feb 3 Big Pharma Crosses the Line, $700,000 a Year for This Drug  
Feb 3 NASA Planning Trip to Jupiter’s Moon, Europa  
Feb 3 At Least 100 Raped Under Guise of Medical Study  
Feb 3 Obama Says U.S. Deploying “All the Assets it Can” to Rescue American Held by ISIS  
Feb 3 It is Now Legal to Create a Baby With the DNA of Three People  
Feb 3 Russia, N. Korea and Cuba to Conduct Joint Military Drills  
Feb 2 ISIS Crippled, Struggling to Replenish Ranks  
Feb 2 Danger Zone: U.S. Considering ¨Lethal¨ Aid to Ukraine  
Jan 31 ISIS Fighters Confirm They Were Driven Out of Kobani by Relentless Air-Strikes  
Jan 31 Chuck Hagel: U.S. May Eventually Need More Boots on the Ground in Iraq  
Jan 31 U.S. Appeasement of Iran is Enabling Assad  
Jan 31 Human Rights Violations in Russia has Plummeted  
Jan 31 U.S. General: Russian Drones Responsible for Heavy Casualties in Ukraine  
Jan 30 Singapore: Don’t Dare Use a Mobile Device While Driving  
Jan 29 Ex Los Alamos Nuclear Scientist Busted for Attempting to Sell Secrets  
Jan 29 Interbreeding Between Neanderthal and Human Uncovered  
Jan 29 Stanford Researchers Have Reversed Alzheimer’s in Mice  
Jan 28 Facebook, Google and Twitter Referred to by France as Terrorist “Accomplices”  
Jan 27 Workers Busted Mistreating Elderly  
Jan 27 Putin Accused of Murder by Poison  
Jan 27 Planet with Immense Ring System Discovered  
Jan 27 Trojan Exposed as NSA Tool  
Jan 27 ISIS Jihadi’s Returning to Sweden get Rewarded  
Jan 27 Beagle II Lander Finally Shows up on Mars  
Jan 27 An Image Important to Remember, Easy to Forget  
Jan 27 Russian Spy Taken Down by FBI  
Jan 27 CIA Agent Found Guilty on All Counts  
Jan 25 U.S. Creates Astounding Level of Special Operation Bases Around the World  
Jan 24 Teen Escapes N. Korea, Makes Harrowing Journey to Sweden  
Jan 24 New Horizons Probe Nearly to Pluto  
Jan 24 Scientist: Doomsday Clock Never Closer  
Jan 23 ISIS Crumbling Under Latest Barrage of Attacks  
Jan 23 Apparently Russians are Prepared to Eat Less for Putin  

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