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New Reign: Most Sophisticated “Spyware” Yet  
New Iran Nuclear Talks: Large Gaps Remain  
New Turkish President: Men and Women Cannot be Equal  
Nov 23 British SAS “Mad Max” Quad Squads Sneaking Through ISIS Territory, Picking Them Off 1×1  
Nov 21 Hamas: Israeli Leaders Legitimate Targets  
Nov 21 MH370 Passenger Manifest Being Witheld  
Nov 21 NSA “Superpowers” Extend to Disconnected Computers  
Nov 21 Thousands of “Private” Webcam Feeds Published by Russian Site  
Nov 20 N. Korea Fires up Plutonium Processing Plant  
Nov 20 1000 Killed Since Ukraine “Cease Fire”  
Nov 20 Bill designed to curb NSA domestic surveillance goes down in Senate  
Nov 20 One man’s lung cancer death sentence permanently removed by honey and herbs  
Nov 20 NYC: Woman drops dead in salon, bleeding from eyes and mouth  
Nov 20 Man tased by police while waiting for his food in parking lot  
Nov 20 G20 and BRICS Great Schism  
Nov 19 Ferguson Martial Law Command Base Ready To Be Reactivated?  
Nov 19 Norad Tracking Secret Russian Satellite  
Nov 19 First Images of Philae Probe Landing Site  
Nov 19 Banker Sentenced for 2008 Crisis  
Nov 16 Iran: Quite Unlikely they will ever yield (Video)  
Nov 16 ISIS Apparently Beheads Another American  
Nov 14 Insider Reveals Truth About CIA Interrogation Ops  
Nov 14 X-Nazi’s Receiving U.S. Social Security Benefits  
Nov 14 Top physics professor: ‘All Hell to break loose over next few days from polar vortex’  
Nov 14 The unforgiven: How college debt is crushing a generation (and a solution)  
Nov 14 “Oops my bad”, Cop accidentally shoots himself and another officer  
Nov 14 Member of organized cybercrime ring responsible for $50 million in online identity theft sentenced to 115 months in prison  
Nov 14 Mistral ships won’t be delivered to Russia Nov. 14 – French Defense Minister  
Nov 14 Israel Blocking War Crimes Probe  
Nov 14 U.S. Official´s Want to Send Troops to Fight ISIS  
Nov 14 Is Fracking Responsible for a string of Texas Quakes?  
Nov 13 Texas Bill Calls for Police to Collect Fines on the Spot  
Nov 13 Cannibal Cop Released with Time Served  
Nov 13 Sale of IBM’s Chip Section Concerning to Pentagon  
Nov 12 Philae Probe has Landed on a Comet  
Nov 12 NATO Says Russia Just Rolled Large Amounts of Military Hardware and Troops Into Ukraine, Russia Denies it  
Nov 12 Russian Bombers to Patrol Gulf of Mexico  
Nov 12 Rosetta Mission to Land on Comet This Morning  
Nov 12 China steals American Technology and showcases a new Stealth Fighter  
Nov 12 Huge Data Theft at U.S. Postal Service  
Nov 11 Would Mastering Nanotechnology Lead to Utopia?  
Nov 11 Europol May have Overstated Their Effect on the “Darknet”  
Nov 10 Lockheed Martin Makes Strides in Quantum Computing  
Nov 10 Egyptian Terror Group Merges with ISIS  
Nov 10 Illuminati Plans 2014  
Nov 10 “Lost Gospel” Claims Jesus Married Mary Magdalene and Had Children  
Nov 10 China Claims Huge Technological Edge in Cyber Security  
Nov 10 Virus Discovered That Increases Stupidity  
Nov 8 Cop Busted for Sharing Nude Pictures of Women in Custody  
Nov 8 Cops Charged, Attack, Beat Teen Apparently Unprovoked (Video)  
Nov 7 U.S. Military Drawing Plans to Bolster Troop Presence in Iraq  
Nov 7 37 Million Honey Bees Bite the Dust Just Weeks After GMO Planting  
Nov 7 Russia Sends 32 Tanks Over Border, Angela Merkel Not Amused  
Nov 7 Get a Load of This, Wearable Wristwatch Drone Dubbed Nixie  
Nov 7 FBI and Europol Seize Hundreds of “Dark Web” Domains  
Nov 7 Cop Arrested for Roughing up Minor, Suing City for Lost Wages  
Nov 6 Silk Road Copycat Busted by FBI  
Nov 6 Navy Seal Reveals Himself as Osama Bin-Laden Killer  
Nov 6 ICC Decides NOT to Investigate Israel for War Crimes  
Nov 6 Bowling Ball And Feather in World’s Largest Vacuum Chamber  
Nov 6 Army Funded Project Achieves Brain to Brain Communications  
Nov 6 U.S. and China Going Tit for Tat with Laser Weapons  
Nov 6 Without Fanfare, Mainstream Media Acknowledges U.S. Shadow Government  
Nov 6 Turkish President Erdogan Lavishing Himself in Astonishing Levels of Luxury  
Nov 6 Independence: Mendocino County, Ca Makes History  
Nov 6 ICC Expected to Find Israel Guilty of War Crime  
Nov 5 Chinese “Un-Block” Facebook for APEC Summit  
Nov 5 How the Pirate Bay Website has Transitioned to an “Invulnerable” State  
Nov 5 1 Million Cyber Attacks Per Day  
Nov 5 Iran Forcing Some Into Sex Change Operation  
Nov 5 France has an “Official” UFO Investigations Department  
Nov 5 1 Billion Euro´s to Fund Graphene Research, Promising but Tricky  
Nov 4 Pilot of Virgin Galactic Craft Parachuted from 50,000ft Without Pressure Suit or Oxygen  
Nov 4 Potentially Dangerous Asteroid Discovered by Robotic Telescope  
Nov 4 Last of the PirateBay Founders Arrested in Laos  
Nov 4 5 easy ways to improve your health on a tight budget  
Nov 4 After you read this you’ll never look at milk the same way again!  
Nov 4 New York news crew uncovers potentially operational FEMA camp by mistake, threatened  
Nov 4 Cannabis wars: Lebanese pot growers arm-up against ISIS invaders  
Nov 4 Our thorny “Thern” problem (Earth: A mind-controlled planet)  
Nov 4 In Desperation, TV Networks Risking Lives for Ratings  
Nov 4 Illinois To Pass A Law So Illegals Can Vote  
Nov 4 China has developed a highly accurate laser defense system against light drones  
Nov 2 Portland: Woman who traveled from Liberia hospitalized after displaying fever spike, family quarantined  
Nov 2 Pentagon funds vaccine to counter airborne exposure to Ebola  
Nov 2 False Flag warning NYC: Full-scale ‘Ebola’ pandemic drill to go live Nov. 13-14, FEMA, crisis actors, role players involved  
Nov 2 $20 Billion Spent on “Micro Purchases” by Various U.S. Agencies (Video)  
Nov 2 Rosetta in Position to Land Probe on Asteroid  
Nov 2 Apparently They Have Tractor Beams  
Nov 2 Military Fed Up With Clueless Susan Rice Micromanagement Of ISIS War  
Nov 1 Congo: Crowd of people stones man to death before torching and eating his body  
Nov 1 Maine CDC: ‘Nurse lied, roommate in Africa had Ebola’  
Nov 1 ISIS slaughters ex-police and army officers in Iraq – report  
Nov 1 ‘Unprecedented mobilization’: Hundred-thousand rise against Irish water tax  
Nov 1 Middle school student, assaulted, arrested, currently in jail, for wearing a rosary to football game  
Oct 31 Private Industry Wages “Active” Cyberwar with China  
Oct 31 Terrorists Threaten Bio-Weapon Attack Unless Bitcoin Ransom Paid  
Oct 30 Maine nurse defies Ebola quarantine, goes for bike ride  
Oct 30 Tar Sands resistance blowing huge hole in oil industry’s bottom line: Report  
Oct 30 Cop created false police reports to get his mistress’s husband thrown in jail  

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