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Oct 22 Is the U.S. in Liberia for Ebola or Diamonds?  
Oct 20 Theories Fly Over the X-37B´s Misson  
Oct 20 Is Russia Abusing McDonald´s in Response to sanctions?  
Oct 20 Fidel Castro Offers to Lend a Hand with Ebola Crisis  
Oct 20 Astounding Levels of Stupidity: Hamas Digging Tunnels Again!  
Oct 20 Astonishing Claim: Ebola Crisis a Hoax  
Oct 19 It was all an accident… thank you for the Experience Life Magazine cover  
Oct 19 Two Connecticut men plead guilty to bribery scheme involving FBI agent in New York  
Oct 19 Obama announces CDC directed ‘Ebola SWAT teams’, rapid response to the infected at homes and hospitals  
Oct 19 Airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Syria, Iraq  
Oct 19 High school student forced to the ground at gunpoint for not wearing seat belt  
Oct 18 Ebola Infected Dallas Nurse Delivers Emotional Video  
Oct 18 Leaked TPP Draft Makes it Clear: They want the Internet Censored  
Oct 18 Only 12% of Military Drone Victims ID’d as Militants!  
Oct 17 Report: Senate report on CIA will sidestep look at Bush ‘torture team’  
Oct 17 Everything is much worse than you think  
Oct 17 Texas health care worker who handled Ebola patients clinical specimens is currently quarantined on Caribbean cruse ship  
Oct 17 After Supreme Court declines to hear same-sex marriage cases, Attorney General Holder announces federal government to recognize couples in seven new states  
Oct 17 $535M Solyndra loan endorser Ron Klain appointed new White House Ebola Czar  
Oct 17 New Ebola Fears as man dies on plane from Nigeria after vomiting violently  
Oct 17 Ebola nightmare scenario unfolds: Infected nurse takes commercial flight with 132 passengers; plane makes 5 more flights  
Oct 17 Emergency in Madrid airport over patient with Ebola symptoms on flight from Paris  
Oct 17 Ohio Earthquakes Directly Connected to Fracking, Research Shows  
Oct 17 Obama readies unconstitutional Executive Order to send National Guard to Liberia  
Oct 17 Obama authorizes use of National Guard to fight Ebola in W. Africa  
Oct 16 Marine Survives Head-shot from Taliban Sniper  
Oct 15 College Rejects Students Over Ebola Scare  
Oct 15 Evidence Suggesting ISIS now Possesses Chemical Weapons  
Oct 15 Mysterious “White Shroud” Group Specializing in ISIS Member Assassination  
Oct 15 Apparently Iraq Really did Have Chemical Weapons  
Oct 15 Thailand invites tourists to experience martial law  
Oct 15 Italian nurse arrested over killing 38 patients who irritated her  
Oct 15 If global response not improved, Ebola cases could spike to 10,000 per week: WHO  
Oct 15 A single Ebola patient has overwhelmed the system — Dallas hospital forced to close emergency room  
Oct 15 Ebola Camps? Fox analyst calls for quarantine camps in every city  
Oct 15 City of Houston demands all Preachers turn over their sermons  
Oct 15 W.H.O. Says 10,000 New Ebola Cases a Week May be Approaching  
Oct 15 Two Americans Shot, one Killed in Saudi Arabia  
Oct 15 A Small Compartmentalized Office of the Navy Apparently Went Rogue  
Oct 14 Russian Hackers Used Bug in Microsoft Windows to Spy on Governments  
Oct 14 Kim Jong Un Finally Decides to Roll out of Hiding  
Oct 13 Sanctions Push Russian Ruble to All Time Low  
Oct 13 ISIS on Verge of Capturing Baghdad  
Oct 13 Will Ebola kill more people than the Black Plague  
Oct 13 News and the art of the con  
Oct 13 Sen. John McCain calls for new Ebola czar  
Oct 13 Help keep strong — Fundraiser  
Oct 13 First to contract Ebola in US: CDC confirms Texas health care worker’s diagnosis  
Oct 13 Warning: Chocolate may contain an Ebola surprise — price spike  
Oct 12 What went wrong? Texas Nurse Contracts Ebola  
Oct 12 Ebola Pops up in Massachusetts  
Oct 12 Joe Biden prays for another gun victim  
Oct 12 Snowden Gives the World Internet Privacy Advise (Video)  
Oct 12 Harvard: Diabetes Cure is Apparently Imminent  
Oct 12 Air Strikes Beginning to Fail Against ISIS  
Oct 12 ISIS Advance Prompts Experts to Worry About WWIII  
Oct 12 Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn’t every hospital have one of these?  
Oct 12 Government’s secretive “no-fly list” regime said to be crumbling  
Oct 12 Belligerent NYPD officer knocks teen unconscious after mistaking a cigarette for weed  
Oct 12 Battle for Baghdad: ISIS now within 8 miles of airport, armed with MANPADS  
Oct 12 *Video* CNN & NYT busted using crisis actors again, this time in Ebola hoax, says Youtuber  
Oct 11 Did Israel Just Blow Up an Iranian Nuclear Facility?  
Oct 11 Highly Specific Coup May Explain Kim Jong Un’s Vanishing Act  
Oct 10 Has Cold Fusion Finally Been Conquered?  
Oct 10 This is What Happens When You Sneeze on a Plane and Declare you Just Came From Africa  
Oct 10 Four Islamic terrorists have been apprehended in the last 36 hours at the Texas Border  
Oct 9 Has Kim Jong Un’s Sister Taken Control?  
Oct 9 Are the Police Following you Everywhere?  
Oct 9 Will ISIS try to Infect America with Ebola?  
Oct 9 CDC suggests “hermetically sealed caskets” for Ebola victims – A.K.A. “FEMA coffins”  
Oct 9 Ebola patient in Dallas dies at age 42  
Oct 9 World Bank Group to demand bailouts amidst global depopulation scam?  
Oct 9 ’78-year-old widow panhandler’ confronted by man for driving nicer car than him *Video*  
Oct 9 W.H.O. contradicts CDC, admits Ebola can spread via coughing, sneezing and by touching contaminated surfaces  
Oct 8 Ebola: What your Local News “Forgot” to Tell You  
Oct 8 World’s Last Known Dose of ZMAPP Given to Norwegian Woman  
Oct 8 Apparently China is Now the World’s Largest Economy  
Oct 8 Twitter Sues U.S. Government for 1st Amendment Rights Violation  
Oct 8 Canadian Made Ebola Vaccine Heads for Trials  
Oct 8 Is America Under Biological Attack?  
Oct 8 All is Well Jesse Jackson shows up in Dallas to help Ebola patient  
Oct 7 Syrian Rebels Capture Russian Spy Outpost  
Oct 7 Almost “Magical” Cancer Fighter Discovered in Australia  
Oct 7 Cops off the Hook for Disfiguring Toddler  
Oct 7 The Slave Markets of ISIS  
Oct 7 Fighting in Syria Fueled by the Amphetamine Captagon  
Oct 6 Has Kim Jong Un Been Deposed?  
Oct 6 U.S. Boots get Closer to Ground in Iraq  
Oct 6 Russian Student Applies for Asylum: Russia Cancels U.S. Student Exchange Program  
Oct 4 Law Enforcement Not Happy About Newest Smartphone Encryption  
Oct 4 China Test Fires Upgraded 10,000-km Range ICBM  
Oct 4 A Couple of Things Boeing has Been up to  
Oct 4 Biden blames US allies in Middle East for rise of ISIS  
Oct 4 Students, teachers turn out in force against censorship of history  
Oct 4 The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media  
Oct 4 On duty cop breaks into house assaults estranged wife and holds family at gunpoint  
Oct 4 Sheriff’s officers fearful after being ordered into quarantined apartment  
Oct 3 2 Years in Federal Prison Over Laser Pointer  
Oct 3 Ebola: Sick Prisoner Reveals he Recently Came Back From Africa  
Oct 3 Explanation of the Chinese Protests  

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