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Sep 30 U.S. Chicken Rejected by European Activists  
Sep 30 Evidence Emerges That Michelle Obama Never Birthed Malia And Sasha  
Sep 30 Mossad Openly Seeks Agents Online  
Sep 30 Venezuelan Government Seizes U.S. Owned Clorox Factory  
Sep 29 Russian Currency Buckling Under Pressure  
Sep 29 Couple Gets Life Sentence for Astonishing Levels of Animal Cruelty  
Sep 29 Pilot Arrested, Refused to Bomb ISIS  
Sep 28 Ron Paul talks about the War against Syria and Iraq  
Sep 28 Police chief’s attempt to join Michael Brown march provokes new arrests, tensions in Ferguson  
Sep 28 Justice Department settles lawsuit against Texas bus company for discriminating against U.S. workers  
Sep 28 Central banking is financial terrorism  
Sep 28 Gen. Dempsey: ’15,000 troops needed for ground campaign in Syria’  
Sep 28 ‘Three-dimensional, continuously multidirectional cloaking’ achieved  
Sep 25 FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook FBI publishes crime report showing “0” murders occurred in Newtown in 2012  
Sep 22 German Intelligence Reports Children as Young as 13 Joining ISIS  
Sep 22 ISIS Scrambles to Desperate Measures Under Coalition Attack  
Sep 22 Kroger stands up to Anti-Gun Loons  
Sep 22 Canadian Fed´s Accrue $300,000 in Cell Service Late Fees  
Sep 22 Putin’s secret Ukraine attack plans Revealed in Leaked Transcript  
Sep 21 Police s USA, kids playing outside is a crime: CPS to Mom “Don’t let them play outside.”  
Sep 21 Elite buying up 27.5lb gold bars, 243% increase since January  
Sep 21 Top 5 plant based foods that improve your digestion  
Sep 21 Secret Service embarrassed as man makes his way into White House front door  
Sep 21 Homeless people outfitted with GPS trackers for city study  
Sep 20 Thousands Running From Attempted Ebola Lockdown  
Sep 19 40 ISIS Members Killed in Latest U.S. Bombing Run  
Sep 19 Apparently Walmart had a Cockfight in Their Mexico Store  
Sep 19 8 Ebola Workers Murdered in Guinea  
Sep 19 ISIS Using Captured Journalist to Present Propaganda Video’s (Video)  
Sep 19 North Korea Declares Itself World Leader of Human Rights  
Sep 18 Brendan Tevlin: A Jihad Killing in New Jersey USA  
Sep 18 Putin Allegedly Threatened to Invade Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Romania  
Sep 18 Apple will no longer unlock Iphones for the police even with search warrants  
Sep 17 New York Man charged with Trying to Aid ISIS  
Sep 17 Manhunt for Eric Matthew Frein, Accused of Killing Pa. state Trooper  
Sep 17 No More Russian Rides for U.S. Astronauts  
Sep 17 Thousands Evacuating Over Philippine Volcano  
Sep 17 Reporter Examines Complexity of Russian Missile (Video)  
Sep 17 The Music Industry Exposed  
Sep 16 Obama Sending 3000 Troops to Contain Ebola  
Sep 16 ISIS Distributing Bomb Plans, Calling to Attack U.S. Cities  
Sep 16 Show From Iraq Portrays ISIS Leader as “Spawn of Satan and Jewish Girl”  
Sep 16 Possible Remnants of Life Found on Martian Rock  
Sep 16 93-year-old Charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder  
Sep 14 Scientists Expecting Another Volcanic Eruption in Iceland  
Sep 14 How Much Sanctioning will Russia Absorb Before it Lashes Out  
Sep 14 NATO Starts Delivering Weapons to Ukrainian Military  
Sep 14 NSA and GCHQ Have Penetrated Deutsche Telecom  
Sep 14 Dependacrats are mad over Virginia License plates  
Sep 14 N. Korea: American Sentenced to 6 Years Hard Labor  
Sep 14 Radio Powered by Ambient Radio Waves in Environment  
Sep 12 2 Naval F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Jets Crash in Western Pacific  
Sep 12 Mystery Illness Kills 8  
Sep 12 TrackingPoint: Precision Guided Firearm Technology (Video)  
Sep 12 Large Solar Flare Impacts Earth  
Sep 12 Newest Sanctions Hit Russia Where it Hurts….Energy  
Sep 12 How NSA Forced Yahoo to Divulge Customer Information  
Sep 12 Susan Rice: The U.S. View on Conflict with ISIS (Video)  
Sep 12 Russian Infantry Combat Vehicle “Atom”  
Sep 12 Yale study Finds Correlation Between Fracking and Increased Rates of Illness  
Sep 11 Russia: Planned U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS “Act of Aggression”  
Sep 11 Russia Practises Nuclear Cruise Missile Launches Against U.S.  
Sep 10 Russia: More Intercontinental Nuke Missile Tests Coming  
Sep 10 Researchers Develop Printable Solar Cells  
Sep 10 Huge “Family Detention” Center Planned for Texas  
Sep 10 Facebook’s value to top $200B  
Sep 10 New York property owner and manager sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for conspiring to violate the Clean Air Act  
Sep 10 Model shows how Ebola will spread: “It only takes one infected individual making it through an airport checkpoint”  
Sep 10 Profits soar as Pentagon leans on private corporations for special ops  
Sep 10 MH17 broke up in mid-air due to external damage – Dutch preliminary report  
Sep 10 China moves thousands of troops to the Russian Border  
Sep 10 Load of Radioactive Material Goes Missing  
Sep 8 S. Carolina: Black Girl Beat-Up for Acting Too White  
Sep 8 NASA Submarine to Explore Oceans on Titan  
Sep 8 Snowden Offered Asylum in Switzerland if he Testifies Against NSA  
Sep 7 Jack The Ripper Finally Identified  
Sep 7 U.K. Women Join ISIS Police Force, Punish Females that Break Sharia Law  
Sep 6 Intelligence Suspects “New Snowden” Leaking Information  
Sep 6 Slave Wages and Exhaustion Leads to Young Mothers Death  
Sep 6 Louisiana Cop Busted Sending Racial Hate Text’s  
Sep 5 Record Number of U.S. Citizens not in Labor Force  
Sep 5 NATO Nations Giving Ukraine Precision Guided Weapons  
Sep 5 Most Detailed Map yet of our Place in Space (Video)  
Sep 5 Joan Rivers Dead Two Months After Calling Obama Gay, Michelle a Tranny  
Sep 4 ISIS is Now Threatening to Behead a Brit  
Sep 4 Rich and Poor: The Food Gap Widens  
Sep 4 Russia Warns NATO: Don’t Offer Ukraine Membership  
Sep 4 Russia to Conduct Massive Nuclear Exercise in Response to Ukraine Flack  
Sep 4 Make sure you Know your 4th Amendment Rights  
Sep 3 Can You Identify This Craft?  
Sep 3 Vice President Biden: Follow ISIS to Gates of Hell (Video)  
Sep 3 Russia and China Trying to Close Military Technology Gap with U.S.  
Sep 3 Obama Again Promises to Punish ISIS Following Sotloff Execution  
Sep 3 ISIS Fighter had Unfettered Access to U.S. Airliners (Video)  
Sep 3 Obama Repels ISIS Intimidation  
Sep 3 U.S. Sending Weapons and Personnel to Baltics  
Sep 3 Russian General Urges Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against U.S. and Allies  
Sep 3 US claims rightful access to data stored anywhere in the world  
Sep 3 As Obama Stalls Steven Sotloff is Executed by ISIS  
Sep 2 17 Fake Cellphone Spy Towers Found in U.S.  

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