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Sep 2 The Headphone Port: The Mac’s Achilles Heel  
Sep 2 External Link: A Reminder to Not Jailbreak Your iPhone  
Sep 2 External Link: Amazon Prime Video Offers Offline Viewing for iOS Devices  
Sep 1 External Link: NFL Game Pass Comes to Apple TV  
Sep 1 External Link: Apple Testing a Move into Original Content  
Aug 31 ExtraBITS for 31 August 2015  
Aug 31 TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 31 August 2015  
Aug 31 Google’s OnHub Router Gets Rough Treatment in Early Reviews  
Aug 29 Save Space and Uninstall Apps with CleanMyMac 3  
Aug 29 External Link: Adam Engst Goes Automotive on The Tech Night Owl Live  
Aug 29 PopChar X 7.2  
Aug 29 VMware Fusion 8.0 and Fusion 8.0 Pro  
Aug 28 Migrating to a New Mac in the Real World  
Aug 28 FunBITS: Pac-Man 256 Retools Classic Fun for iOS  
Aug 27 External Link: Apple Event Set for September 9th  
Aug 27 How to Disable Auto-Play Videos on Social Media  
Aug 25 External Link: Joe Kissell Finds the Best Online Backup Service  
Aug 25 External Link: Best Buy to Offer AppleCare  
Aug 25 Solve Wi-Fi Coverage Problems with WiFi Explorer and NetSpot  
Aug 25 ExtraBITS for 24 August 2015  
Aug 25 TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 24 August 2015  
Aug 24 External Link: Intuit to Sell off Quicken  
Aug 24 Photos: A Few Frames Shy of a Full Roll  
Aug 24 Simon 4.1  
Aug 24 Apple Replacing Some iPhone 6 Plus iSight Cameras  
Aug 24 Evernote 6.1  
Aug 22 External Link: Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Stops Installing Most Fonts  
Aug 22 External Link: Adam and Tonya Explain the New Take Control Site on MacVoices  
Aug 22 External Link: The Sordid Messiness of the Ashley Madison Hack  
Aug 21 External Link: Apple Finally Acknowledges Dr. Dre’s Abuse of Women  
Aug 21 External Link: Comcast Testing Its Internet Essentials Program with Seniors  
Aug 21 Parallels Desktop 11  
Aug 20 Six Windows 10 Features Apple Should Steal  
Aug 19 Google OnHub Router Aims to Simplify Wi-Fi for Everyone  
Aug 19 External Link: The iTunes Music Festival Returns as the Apple Music Festival  
Aug 18 How to See Your iPhone’s Precise Signal Strength  
Aug 18 ExtraBITS for 17 August 2015  
Aug 18 TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 17 August 2015  
Aug 18 Save 50% in Take Control’s 2015 Back to School Sale  
Aug 17 Safari 8.0.8, 7.1.8, and 6.2.8  
Aug 15 BBEdit 11.1.2  
Aug 15 PDFpen and PDFpenPro 7.3  
Aug 14 OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite and iOS 8.4.1 Address Numerous Security Holes  
Aug 14 Security Update 2015-006  
Aug 14 iTunes 12.2.2  
Aug 13 External Link: Apple Is Recalling Some Apple TV Units  
Aug 12 External Link: Marco Arment Explains Why People Block Ads  
Aug 12 External Link: Google Is Dead; Long Live Google  
Aug 12 External Link: Rite Aid Surrenders to Apple Pay  
Aug 12 How Do We Fix Twitter?  
Aug 10 ExtraBITS for 10 August 2015  
Aug 10 TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 10 August 2015  
Aug 10 OmniOutliner 4.3  
Aug 9 External Link: Verizon Dropping Contracts, Subsidies, and Family Plans  
Aug 9 Postbox 4.0.3  
Aug 8 Dark Sky 5 Offers Hyperlocal Weather Forecasts for iOS  
Aug 8 FunBITS: Do Computers Dream of Psychedelic Bears?  
Aug 5 External Link: How “The Martian” Author’s Comcast Email Was Hacked  
Aug 5 Eight Apple Watch Stands That Stand Out  
Aug 5 External Link: Reinventing the (iMac) Wheel  
Aug 4 External Link: Apple Denies Plans to Become a Cellular Carrier  
Aug 4 What You Need to Know About the Thunderstrike 2 Worm  
Aug 4 ExtraBITS for 3 August 2015  
Aug 4 TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 3 August 2015  
Aug 3 Audio Hijack 3.2  
Aug 3 Learn to Record Anything with “Take Control of Audio Hijack”  
Aug 3 Tinderbox 6.3.1  
Aug 3 Piezo 1.2.8  
Aug 3 DEVONagent Lite, Express, and Pro 3.9.2  
Aug 3 OmniFocus 2.2.3  
Aug 1 How to Avoid Data Overage Charges When Traveling to Canada  
Aug 1 iTunes and the 80-20 Rule  
Aug 1 External Link: Four iOS Interface Patterns That Work Badly  
Aug 1 External Link: Watch Adam and Tonya’s Çingleton 2014 Talk  
Jul 31 External Link: How iTunes Fails Classical Music Fans  
Jul 30 External Link: T-Mobile Announces Incentives for iPhone Users  
Jul 30 Keyboard Maestro 7 Features Enhancements Throughout  
Jul 29 External Link: Nike Ordered to Compensate FuelBand Owners  
Jul 28 External Link: Jim Dalrymple Recovers Most of His Music  
Jul 28 ExtraBITS for 27 July 2015  
Jul 28 TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 27 July 2015  
Jul 27 External Link: Josh Centers Tackles Apple Finances with The Tech Night Owl  
Jul 25 FunBITS: Music in Time and Space  
Jul 25 How to Replace a Cracked iPhone 5c Screen with Screasy  
Jul 25 External Link: Flickr Brings Back Pro Accounts  
Jul 25 Give Better Presentations with “Take Control of Keynote”  
Jul 24 External Link: Jim Dalrymple Quits Apple Music, Calling It a “Nightmare”  
Jul 23 MacBook Pro Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0  
Jul 23 Microsoft Office 2011 14.5.3  
Jul 23 Mellel 3.4.2  
Jul 23 Default Folder X 4.7.3  
Jul 23 TripMode Prevents Unwanted Internet Data Usage on a Tethered Mac  
Jul 23 BeardedSpice Gives You Control of Your Mac’s Media Keys  
Jul 23 TextExpander 5.1  
Jul 23 External Link: Flying the Unfriendly Skies  
Jul 22 Apple Posts Record Financials for Q3 2015  
Jul 21 Five More Apple Music Tips  
Jul 21 Unveiling the New Take Control Web Site  
Jul 21 ExtraBITS for 20 July 2015  
Jul 21 TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 20 July 2015  

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