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Nov 16 Cartographic Capabilities for Critical Cyberinfrastructure (“C4”): Internet topology and performance analytics for mapping critical network infrastructure  
Nov 16 A Brief History of a Future Internet: the Named Data Networking Architecture  
Nov 14 "Lost in Space: Improving Inference of IPv4 Address Space Utilization" slideset  
Nov 14 "Leveraging Internet Background Radiation for Opportunistic Network Analysis" slideset  
Nov 14 "BGP Stream" slideset  
Nov 14 "BGP Hackathon" slideset  
Nov 14 "Measuring and Monitoring BGP" slideset  
Oct 13 "Adding Enhanced Services to the Internet: Lessons from History" slideset  
Oct 9 "The Road to an Open Internet is Paved With Pragmatic Disclosure & Transparency Policies" slideset  
Oct 9 6th Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE 2015)  
Sep 29 "Complete Routed-Space DNS Lookups" dataset available  
Aug 12 "Software Systems for Surveying Spoofing Susceptibility" slideset  
Aug 8 NDN Community Meeting (NDNcomm 2015): Architecture, Applications, and Collaboration  
Jul 8 Answering the Ethical Questions: Cyber Risk Ethics Decision Support (CREDS) Tool  
May 13 BGPStream - An Open Source Framework for Live/Historical BGP Data Analysis  
May 5 CAIDA "Anonymized Internet Traces 2015 Dataset" dataset available  
Mar 27 "IPv6 AS Relationships, Clique, and Congruence" slideset  
Mar 25 "Measuring and Characterizing IPv6 Router Availability" slideset  
Mar 25 AIMS 2015 Workshop on Active Internet Measurements  
Feb 12 5th NDN Retreat  
Feb 12 "Mapping the Technological Frontier and Sources of Innovation" slideset  
Jan 28 DHS PREDICT Project: CAIDA Update  
14 Dec 20 "Internet topology and performance analytics for mapping critical network infrastructure" slideset  
14 Dec 17 "Mapping Interdomain Congestion" slideset  
14 Nov 26 Challenges in Inferring Internet Interdomain Congestion  
14 Nov 26 Inferring Complex AS Relationships  
14 Oct 17 "Internet Architecture Innovation: 2020 and 2030" slideset  
14 Oct 16 "Dataset Comparison: IPv4 vs IPv6 traffic" slideset  
14 Sep 27 5th Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE 2014)  
14 Aug 28 On Twitter: A sneak peek at CAIDA's work on monitoring Internet Outages  
14 Aug 21 CAIDA "Macroscopic Internet Topology Data Kit (ITDK)" 2014-04 dataset available  
14 Aug 13 CAIDA "Inferred AS to Organization Mapping Dataset" available  
14 Jul 14 CAIDA Program Plan and CAIDA name change  
14 Jul 7 NDN Community Meeting (NDNcomm 2014)  
14 Jun 30 "Disclosure Control Update" slideset  
14 Jun 30 "ICT Research Ethics Update" slideset  
14 Jun 26 "Dolphin: Bulk DNS Resolution Tool" slideset  
14 Jun 26 "How to Throw the Race to the Bottom: Harmonizing Ethical & Legal Issues with ICT Research Using Online Data" slideset  
14 Jun 18 "DRoP: DNS-based Router Positioning & DDec: DNS Decoding" slideset  
14 Jun 18 CAIDA "IPv6 DNS Names Dataset" dataset available  
14 Jun 5 CAIDA Mini-Workshop on Topology, BGP and Traceroute Data  
14 Apr 10 "CAIDA Research Activities: Informing Internet Science, Technology, and Public Policy" slideset  
14 Apr 7 "Internet Garbage: Storage, Access, and Analysis" slideset  
14 Mar 31 CAIDA "Anonymized Internet Traces 2014 Dataset" dataset available  
14 Mar 21 "A Second Look at 'Detecting Third-Party Addresses in Traceroute Traces with the IP Timestamp Option'" slideset  
14 Mar 11 "Speedtrap: Internet-Scale IPv6 Alias Resolution" slideset  
14 Mar 11 "AS Relationships, Customer Cones, and Validation" slideset  
14 Mar 11 "A First Look at IPv4 Transfer Markets" slideset  
14 Mar 11 "Internet Interdomain Congestion" (Yahoo!) slideset  
14 Mar 10 AIMS 2014 Workshop on Active Internet Measurements  
14 Feb 20 CAIDA "UCSD Network Telescope Educational Dataset: Analysis of Unidirectional IP Traffic to Darkspace" Dataset available  
14 Feb 20 "Internet Interdomain Congestion" slideset  
14 Jan 19 Greedy Forwarding on the NDN Testbed  
13 Dec 2 4th Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE 2013): Economic health of the internet ecosystem  
13 Oct 28 "Duality between static and dynamic networks" slideset  
13 Oct 24 "Cartographic Capabilities for Critical Cyberinfrastructure (C4)" slideset  
13 Oct 24 "CAIDA Breaking News" slideset  
13 Oct 2 "AS Relationships, Customer Cones, and Validation" Dataset available  
13 Aug 27 New scamper tool released  
13 Jul 31 CAIDA's 2012 Annual Report  
13 Jul 27 Network Geometry Workshop  
13 Jul 7 "Monitoring Large-scale Internet Outages" slideset  
13 Jun 18 "Country Governance and IP Reputation" slideset  
13 May 29 "CAIDA Research Overview" slideset  
13 May 22 CAIDA Ark "IPv6 AS Links Dataset" Dataset available  
13 May 15 "Inferring latent geometries of real networks" (Santa Fe Institute) slideset  
13 Apr 30 "IPv6 Alias Resolution via Induced Fragmentation" slideset  
13 Apr 25 "Gaining Insight into AS-level Outages through Analysis of Internet Background Radiation" slideset  
13 Apr 25 "CAIDA Research Overview" (Cisco Nerd Lunch) slideset  
13 Mar 22 "Analysis of an Internet-wide Stealth Scan from a Botnet" (LISA) slideset  
13 Mar 22 "The Universal Laws of Structural Dynamics in Large Graphs" slideset  
13 Mar 22 "Measuring and Modeling the Adoption of IPv6" slideset  
13 Mar 22 CAIDA "Anonymized Internet Traces 2013 Dataset" dataset available  
13 Mar 22 "IRNC-SP" PI meeting slideset  
13 Mar 22 "Large Scale IPv6 Alias Resolution " slideset  
13 Mar 22 "Lessons learned by 'measuring' the Internet during/after the Sandy storm" slideset  
13 Mar 22 USENIX LISA's recording of Alberto Dainotti's "Analysis of an Internet-wide Stealth Scan from a Botnet" presentation  
13 Mar 22 CAIDA UCSD Network Telescope "Patch Tuesday" Dataset available  
13 Mar 22 "Physics and geometry of networks" slideset  
13 Mar 22 "Popularity versus Similarity in Growing Networks" (SIAM CSE) slideset  
13 Mar 22 Cyber-security Research Ethics Dialog & Strategy (CREDS) Workshop  
12 Dec 19 "CAIDA's AS-rank: measuring the influence of ASes on Internet Routing" slideset  
12 Dec 19 "Of Skunks and Canaries (and maybe rat holes)" slideset  
12 Dec 12 ISMA 2013 AIMS-5 Workshop on Active Internet Measurements  
12 Dec 7 Article: "SDSC's CAIDA Internet Research Group Awarded Cybersecurity Contract"  
12 Dec 7 "Popularity versus Similarity in Growing Networks" (USC ISI) slideset  
12 Nov 28 Popularity versus Similarity in Growing Networks slideset  
12 Nov 28 Network Cosmology NetSci slideset  
12 Nov 28 The Universal Laws of Structural Dynamics in Large Graphs (July) slideset  
12 Nov 28 Hyperbolic routing in NDN slideset  
12 Nov 28 The Universal Laws of Structural Dynamics in Large Graphs (October) slideset  
12 Nov 28 Large Graphs in Physics slideset  
12 Nov 24 A Coordinated View of Large-Scale Internet Events slideset  
12 Nov 24 Analysis of a "/0" Stealth Scan from a Botnet slideset  
12 Nov 24 Measuring the Deployment of IPv6: Topology, Routing, and Performance slideset  
12 Nov 24 The Structure and Evolution of the AS-level Internet slideset  
12 Nov 24 3rd Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE 2012): Definitions and Data  
12 Oct 22 CAIDA's AS-rank: measuring the influence of ASes on Internet Routing  
12 Oct 21 News: "Garbage In, Info Out" Communications of the ACM article  
12 Oct 21 UCSD Network Telescope Dataset on the Sipscan available  

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