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Sep 8 Only 50% Of Women Can Locate Their Vagina — And That's Not OK  
Sep 8 My Ex Left Me Before The Tombstone Was On Our Son's Grave  
Sep 8 Smoothie Bowls: The Sexiest, Healthiest New Food Craze  
Sep 6 50 Shades, 50 States: Where Does Your State Rank In Kinkiness?  
Sep 6 Hookups Really Can Lead To Marriage, Says Science  
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Sep 4 I Sleep With Teenage Boys — But It's Not What You Think  
Sep 4 Um, I Just Found Out My Husband Has Been Taping Us Having Sex!  
Sep 4 11 Women Reveal Their Craziest Sex Stories  
Sep 4 No Blurred Lines: Why Columbia Student Emma Sulkowicz Is Our Hero  
Sep 3 Good News, Fellas! A Town Of All Women Is Seeking Men!  
Sep 3 I Landed The Man Of My Dreams, All Because I Cut My Hair Short  
Sep 3 The Death Of My Alcoholic Father Made Me A Better Mom  
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Sep 3 I'm A City Girl Who Tried An Online Dating Site For Farmers Only  
Sep 2 I Went 30 Days Without Makeup And Yikes, Never Again  
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Sep 2 Here's Your Love Horoscope For September 2014!  
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Sep 2 9 Sexy Things You Must Do Before You Die — And 3 You Can Skip  
Sep 2 5 Major Mistakes You're Making Right After A Breakup  
Sep 2 How The Weather Makes Us Want To Get It On — Or Not  
Sep 1 What Women Really Think … Of Men (Or Ladies) They ‘Poach’  
Aug 31 The Silent Killer: My Wife's Depression Almost Ended Our Marriage  
Aug 30 Tinder Is Too Harsh For Me! I Hate Swiping Left On Your Soul  
Aug 29 14 Phobias Destined To Ruin Your Love Life  
Aug 29 Log Off: Why Social Media Seriously Sucks During A Breakup  
Aug 29 Sry, L8r! 9 Worst Breakup Texts Ever  
Aug 29 Dislike! The 5 Most Annoying Facebook Couples  
Aug 29 The Science Of Separating: 5 Shocking Truths About Divorce  

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