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Dec 20 The Definitive List Of Phrases Moms Have To Say WAY Too Often  
Dec 20 If He Does These 24 Things, Congrats! You Found Your Soulmate  
Dec 20 10 First Date Locations Way Stranger Than Yours  
Dec 20 If You Do These 7 Things On A First Date, You're Doing It Wrong  
Dec 20 THIS Is Why You Should Marry Him For All Of His Faults  
Dec 20 I Asked 6 Dating Experts To Tell Me Why I'm Still Single (GULP.)  
Dec 19 Boredom and 9 More Reasons People Fall Out Of Love  
Dec 19 10 Reasons "Sleeping With" Your Husband Kinda Blows  
Dec 19 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Admitted To A Psych Ward  
Dec 19 Pucker Up! 9 Unexpectedly Sexy Places To Hang Mistletoe  
Dec 19 The Habit That's Making Him Bored In The Bedroom  
Dec 19 50 Parenthood Lessons Dads-To-Be Need To Learn, STAT  
Dec 19 3 Socially Unacceptable Things I Only Ever Do Around My Kids  
Dec 19 Impress The Pants Off Your Guy With These 7 Awesome Date Ideas  
Dec 19 Alpha Males Like It Hot, Confirms Science  
Dec 19 10 Truths About Happiness You Need To Teach Your Kids ASAP  
Dec 18 Why It's Time To Stop Dieting As A Couple (Says Science)  
Dec 18 10 Brutal Truths About Being Married To Someone Who's Bipolar  
Dec 18 25 Major, Marriage-Saving Promises I Made To My Dear Husband  
Dec 18 20 Disturbing Love And Life Lessons From Disney Princesses  
Dec 18 Does Worrying Keep You Up At Night? Science Says You're A Smarty  
Dec 18 Xmas Done Chic: 5 Levels Of Increasingly Festive Holiday Outfits  
Dec 18 This Just In: Holiday Season Is Also Cheating Season (For Women)  
Dec 18 If Your Guy Does These 16 Things, Congrats! You Found A REAL Man  
Dec 18 Being Young At Heart Really Keeps You Alive Longer (Says Science)  
Dec 18 A Bizarre List Of Red Flags I Ignored ... Learn From My Mistakes!  
Dec 18 Fa-La-La NO. 10 Ways The Holidays Suck When You're Single  
Dec 18 9 Times Being The Child Of A Gynecologist Got Really Awkward  
Dec 18 6 Brilliant Ways Technology Will Save Your Relationship  
Dec 18 Why Your Bacteria Might Be The Reason You're Still Single  
Dec 18 Why Women Won't Date You If You're Not Into Premarital Nookie  
Dec 18 What It's Like To Marry An Atheist When You Believe In God  
Dec 17 5 Perfectly Innocent Things That All Of A Sudden Are Sexy Now  
Dec 17 7 Sexy Ways To Stay Warm With Your Boyfriend This Winter  
Dec 17 3 Life-Changing Promises Every Dad Should Make To His Kid  
Dec 17 11 Nosey Observations My Nephews Have Made About My Love Life  
Dec 17 7 Holiday Gifts Nerds Will Seriously Geek Out Over  
Dec 17 BEWARE! If Your Man Does These 15 Things, He's Majorly Insecure  
Dec 16 The Easiest Way To Heat Things Up? It's In A Customized Love Kit  
Dec 16 9 Genius (And Super-Easy!) Holiday Hacks For Really Lazy People  
Dec 16 What Your Job REALLY Says About Your Love Life  
Dec 16 My Husband's Pants Choice Is Killing Our Sexy Time  
Dec 16 8 Ways The Holidays Freakin' SUCK Now That I'm A Parent  
Dec 16 This Just In: Men Who Do These Chores Get Laid Less  
Dec 16 Why You Absolutely Need To Be The Leading Lady In Your Own Life  
Dec 16 How I Stopped Being A Fool For Womanizers  
Dec 16 Get Your Cuddle On And Make A Difference At These Animal Shelters  
Dec 16 10 Reasons To Get It On In The Morning, Every Morning  
Dec 15 The 8 Worst Holiday Gifts From Girlfriends, According To Guys  
Dec 13 Need Some TLC? 7 DIY Skincare Treatments For Every Type  
Dec 13 4 Things About Love I Learned From Romance Novels  
Dec 12 19 Things That Should Have Been Nominated For Golden Globes  
Dec 12 If Your Guy Ever Does These 5 Things, DON'T MARRY HIM  
Dec 12 That Awkward Time I Dated A Celebrity And Got Dumped For A Model  
Dec 12 A Date Almost Took Advantage Of Me—And It Still Terrifies Me  
Dec 12 4 BIG Mistakes I Made As A Wife (Psst! I'm The Ex-Wife Now)  
Dec 12 Here's Why You May Not Be A Great Parent After All  
Dec 12 My First-Date Pesto Is A Way To A Man's You-Know-What  
Dec 11 The One Thing On Your Face Guys Never Notice (Unless It's Wrong)  
Dec 11 8 Foods You DEFINITELY Want To Avoid Before Making A Move  
Dec 11 The Best Friend Who Saved My Life Is A Stranger I Met On The Web  
Dec 11 7 Reasons We're SO Damn Attracted To Introverted Guys  
Dec 11 10 Hurtful Things Not To Say To A Parent Of A Mentally Ill Child  
Dec 11 5 Undeniable Signs You're Stuck In A One-Sided Relationship  
Dec 11 The 8 Types Of Parents You Meet On The Playground  
Dec 11 Unpopular Opinion: The Other Woman Has Feelings, Too  
Dec 11 Instagram Vs. Real Life Marriage: You Can't Filter The TRUTH  
Dec 11 Watch Our Writer Dish On The Mistakes That Cost Him His Marriage  
Dec 11 So THIS Is What Guys Think Of Your Curves In That Dress  
Dec 11 The 12 Essential Do's And Don'ts Of Surviving A Cheater  
Dec 11 Anxious And Think Everything Is The Worst? Do THIS Simple Thing  
Dec 11 These Are The Sexiest Words You Can Say On A First Date  
Dec 11 Dear Single Moms: 5 Things You'll Regret In The Future  
Dec 11 6 Friends You'll Lose In Your Twenties  
Dec 10 The Secret To A Long Life? Having Awesome Friends (Says Science)  
Dec 10 It's Science: The Real Reason He Needs A Guys' Night Out Tonight  
Dec 10 Cologne, Yes Or No? One Newly Single Guy Debates Male Sex Appeal  
Dec 9 I Was In A Horrifyingly Abusive Marriage And Didn't Even Know It  
Dec 9 8 Outrageous Myths About Men We All Believe  
Dec 9 These 12 Dirty Holiday Sexts Will Even Make Santa Blush  
Dec 8 6 Tips To Rock Holiday Hues Without Looking Like A Christmas Tree  
Dec 8 6 Bad Dating Habits Introverts Need To Quit, ASAP  
Dec 8 75% Of Women Say THIS Interferes With Their Relationship  
Dec 6 Sorry, You're NOT A "Single Mom" Just Because Your Husband Works  
Dec 6 No Sparks? Here's What You Need To Know About Letting Down A Date  
Dec 5 Oh, Sh*t. 5 Sure-Fire Signs I'm Turning Into My Mom  
Dec 5 This Cranberry Margarita Cocktail Just Made Xmas WAY More Merry  
Dec 5 12 Pawesome Holiday Gifts For Pets  
Dec 5 10 People Who Found True Love In Things Other Than People  
Dec 5 10 Christmas Songs That Are Actually Creepy As Hell  
Dec 5 Full-Time Mom: 10 Skills You Can Totally Add To Your Resume  
Dec 5 Why It's So Important To Spend the Holidays With Your Boo  
Dec 5 What Does Your Guy's Underwear Say About His Personality?  
Dec 4 Curly Hair Probs? 5 Simple Tips For Frizz-Free Locks  
Dec 4 My Husband Raped Me On Our Wedding Night And I Didn't Realize It  
Dec 4 3 Easy Ways To Make Her Feel Like The Most Beautiful Woman, Ever  
Dec 4 10 Reasons "Sleeping With" Your Husband Is AWESOME  
Dec 4 Dear Second Child: I'm Sorry You're Being Cheated  
Dec 4 How Long It REALLY Takes To Get Over A Breakup (Says Science)  
Dec 4 9 Major Inconveniences Only People Who Live Alone Will Understand  

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