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New Cheers! What Your Favorite Drink Reveals About Your Taste In Men  
New 4 'How To Be A Lady' Lessons I Vow To Never Teach My Daughters  
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Jul 30 3 Life-Saving Lessons My Divorce Taught Me About Relationships  
Jul 30 2 Ways Texting Is Sabotaging Your Chance At A Real Relationship  
Jul 30 FYI: Cheating Is A Form Of Domestic Abuse  
Jul 30 5 Convincing Reasons To Morph Your Last Names When You Get Married  
Jul 29 6 Bits Of Love Advice We ALWAYS Give (But Never Take)  
Jul 29 PLEASE Don't Get Married Until You've Answered These 4 Questions  
Jul 29 8 Powerful Compliments We Should Be Giving Our Girls (At EVERY Age)  
Jul 29 How To Survive — And Thrive — As A Fatherless Daughter  
Jul 29 8 DIRE Mistakes To Avoid When Divorcing A Manipulative Narcissist  
Jul 28 Crazy! Science Can Predict If You'll Be Friends With Your Ex  
Jul 25 Yes, I'm Transgender (And I Need Body Positivity, Too)  
Jul 25 8 BIG Mistakes Parents Of Boys Should Never, Ever Make  
Jul 25 10 Pro-Tips For The Sauciest Phone Sex Sesh, Ever!  
Jul 25 5 Ways Online Dating Makes It Almost IMPOSSIBLE To Find True Love  
Jul 25 15 Beautiful Reasons To Ditch The Kiss And Get Your Hug On  
Jul 25 3 Things To Remember When You Realize You're Not The Favorite Parent  
Jul 25 7 Amazing Things You Should Be Saying To Your Single Mom Friends  
Jul 25 7 Surefire Ways To Totally BOMB A First Date  
Jul 24 4 Things My Broken Relationships Taught Me About Real Love  
Jul 24 If He Does These 25 Things, He's COMPLETELY Hooked On You, Girl!  
Jul 24 3 Simple Secrets For The Best Relationship, Ever  
Jul 24 6 Empowering (But Misleading) Things I Regret Telling My Kids  
Jul 23 New Study Says This Really Weird Thing Is Causing Your Depression  
Jul 23 5 Make-Or-Break Friendship Moments (And When To Call It Quits)  
Jul 23 These 3 Questions Will Reveal Whether Or Not You Should Break Up  
Jul 23 7 Brave, Noble Ways To Be The Bigger Person In Your Divorce  
Jul 23 15 First Date Red Flags That SCREAM "No Second Date!"  
Jul 23 9 (Quirky) Truths About Falling In Love With Your Best Friend  
Jul 23 10 Simple Ways To Feel Happier (And Healthier!) Every. Single. Day.  
Jul 22 Why Choosing A Relationship Is JUST Like Finding The Perfect Shoes  
Jul 22 What Makes Mick Fanning A "REAL Man" (Hint: It’s NOT A Shark Attack)  
Jul 22 No, Your Sh*tty Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Feminism  
Jul 21 Awkwardly Watch Couples Go Through Their Internet History Together  
Jul 21 10 (Totally LAME) Excuses Ashley Madison Cheaters Will Try Using  
Jul 17 5 Ways To Tell He's Serious About You Within 2 Days Of Meeting Him  
Jul 17 More People Would Rather Share Their Own Naked Pics Than THIS  
Jul 17 9 Good, Bad And Straight Up UGLY Things That Affect Your Fertility  
Jul 17 How To (Ever So Sweetly) Tell Your Guy You Just Need Some Damn Space  
Jul 17 6 Compelling Reasons To Stay AWAY From Relationships After A Breakup  
Jul 17 I Used My Fitness Watch To Prove That Sex Is Better Than The Gym  
Jul 16 10 Undeniable Signs The Dude You're With Is Definitely NOT "The One"  
Jul 16 I'm Not Attracted To My Wife Anymore (And I'm Ashamed To Say Why)  
Jul 16 How To Support The Mom Who's Pregnant With A Baby No One Approves Of  
Jul 16 The 13 Types Of People We ALL Have In Our Yoga Class  
Jul 15 10 GLARING Signs Your Kid's A Huge Brat  
Jul 15 Here's An Idea, How About We STOP Devaluing Femininity?  
Jul 15 THIS Is Why You Put Everyone Else's Happiness Before Your Own  
Jul 15 Yes, I'm A Bearded Lady — But I'm Not 'Grateful' For Your Attention  
Jul 14 My Cross-Dressing Husband Became A Woman — And We Stayed Together  
Jul 14 How It Really Feels To Be Divorced In Your 20s  
Jul 14 3 Essential "Abilities" All Great Lovers Have In Common  
Jul 10 What An Abuser Actually Looks Like  
Jul 10 What It Means When You Tell Me I'm Hot... "For A Mom"  
Jul 10 7 Unhealthy Signs You're In Love With A Total Control Freak  
Jul 10 A 7-Step Guide To Getting The *Sweetest* Revenge On Your Lame Ex  
Jul 9 I Spent $100K To Guarantee My Third Child Was A Girl  
Jul 9 6 Effortless, No Fuss Ways To Look COMPLETELY #Flawless  
Jul 9 8 *MAJOR* Things You Need For A Low-Maintenance Relationship  
Jul 9 13 Toxic Things Mentally Strong People NEVER Do  
Jul 9 If Your Date Doesn't Pass These 5 Tests, He's An Emotional Wreck  
Jul 9 My Boyfriend Had To Choose Between His Mom And Me  
Jul 9 5 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Increase Your Energy — No Coffee Necessary  
Jul 9 Whatever You Do, DON'T Praise Your Kid With This One Word  
Jul 8 Ladies, Can We All Agree To Stop Apologizing For These 20 Things?  
Jul 8 16 Things You Do Every. Single. Day. That TORTURE Your Skin  
Jul 8 4 Reasons You Think About Your Ex—And It's Not Because You Miss Him  
Jul 7 I Don't Get Why Everyone Is So Infatuated With The Idea Of Love  
Jul 7 I Don't Wish I Was Ugly, But I'm Over The Struggle Of Being Pretty  
Jul 7 I'm Sick Of My Feminist Mother Slut-Shaming Me  
Jul 7 All Those In Favor Of Putting Nicki Minaj On The $10 Bill, Say 'Aye'  
Jul 6 9 Dire (Yet, Avoidable) First Date Mistakes That Turn Men OFF!  
Jul 6 Uh, WTF?! The 10 Creepiest Porn Parodies EVER  
Jul 3 7 Sexy Moves Men Secretly Wish You'd Make In The Bedroom  
Jul 3 10 Signs You're Basically A 'Trainwreck' (As Told By GIFs)  
Jul 2 YIKES! 10 Unintentionally Disturbing Moments From Famous Sex Scenes  
Jul 2 15 Go-To Steps For Breaking Up With Your Guy (And Not Your Dignity)  
Jul 2 15 Signs You're The Designated Mom Of Your Friend Group  
Jul 2 3 Tips For Staying Healthy And Energized (Told By A Pro Ballerina)  
Jul 2 10 Foods GUARANTEED To Turn You On (And Maybe Turn Your Stomach)  
Jul 1 I Changed My Name When We Got Married — But Not To His  
Jul 1 I Have A Mental Illness (And Yeah, It Really Sucks)  
Jul 1 12 Ways To FINALLY Make Peace With Your Body — No Matter What Size  
Jul 1 11 Breakup Survival Tips (That Won't Force You To "Think Positive")  
Jul 1 I Knew I Was Ready To Fall In Love When I Realized I Didn't Need To  
Jul 1 6 Ways My Dog Makes Me A Better Mom (So Hell Yes I Call Her My Baby)  
Jul 1 Sure, You Can Escape The Friend Zone — But Why Would You Want To?  
Jul 1 We Only Have 3 Things In Common, But We Got Married Anyway  
Jul 1 10 Heartfelt Things To Tell Your Lover Instead Of 'I Love You'  
Jul 1 5 Reasons I'm 100 Percent Against The Dad Bod, Now And Forever  
Jul 1 How To Tell Your Guy EXACTLY What You Want In The Bedroom  
Jul 1 8 Times Your Best Friend *MUST* Come Before Your Boyfriend  
Jun 30 11 Powerful Things Truly Irresistible People Do WAY Differently  

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