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May 23 Achieving Science with CubeSats: Thinking Inside the Box  
May 20 Health Literacy and Palliative Care: Workshop Summary  
May 20 Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Safety and Security of U.S. Nuclear Plants: Phase 2  
May 17 Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects  
May 16 Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle: Eighth Revised Edition  
May 16 Modernizing Crime Statistics: Report 1: Defining and Classifying Crime  
May 10 SBIR at NASA  
May 10 Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice  
May 6 Indo-U.S. Workshop on Challenges of Emerging Infections and Global Health Safety: Summary of a Workshop  
May 5 Principles and Obstacles for Sharing Data from Environmental Health Research: Workshop Summary  
Apr 29 Gain-of-Function Research: Summary of the Second Symposium, March 10-11, 2016  
Apr 28 Applying an Implementation Science Approach to Genomic Medicine: Workshop Summary  
Apr 28 Future Directions for NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure to Support U.S. Science and Engineering in 2017-2020  
Apr 27 Food Literacy: How Do Communications and Marketing Impact Consumer Knowledge, Skills, and Behavior? Workshop Summary  
Apr 25 Grand Challenges for Engineering: Imperatives, Prospects, and Priorities: Summary of a Forum  
Apr 20 Ending Discrimination Against People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders: The Evidence for Stigma Change  
Apr 20 Advancing the Discipline of Regulatory Science for Medical Product Development: An Update on Progress and a Forward-Looking Agenda: Workshop Summary  
Apr 19 Mainstreaming Unmanned Undersea Vehicles into Future U.S. Naval Operations  
Apr 15 The Promises and Perils of Digital Strategies in Achieving Health Equity: Workshop Summary  
Apr 13 Advancing the Power of Economic Evidence to Inform Investments in Children, Youth, and Families  
Apr 11 Eliminating the Public Health Problem of Hepatitis B and C in the United States: Phase One Report  
Apr 7 Systems Practices for the Care of Socially At-Risk Populations  
Apr 5 Global Health Impacts of Vector-Borne Diseases: Workshop Summary  
Apr 1 An Assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Physical Measurement Laboratory: Fiscal Year 2015  
Mar 29 Next Generation Earth System Prediction: Strategies for Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasts  
Mar 29 Analytic Research Foundations for the Next-Generation Electric Grid  
Mar 23 Improving the Health of Women in the United States: Workshop Summary  
Mar 14 Supporting Family and Community Investments in Young Children Globally: Summary of a Joint Workshop by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences  
Mar 11 Attribution of Extreme Weather Events in the Context of Climate Change  
Mar 11 Effective Chemistry Communication in Informal Environments  
Mar 10 Cancer Care in Low-Resource Areas: Cancer Prevention and Early Detection: Workshop Summary  
Mar 10 Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2014  
Mar 10 Refinements to the Methods for Developing Spacecraft Exposure Guidelines  
Mar 10 Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue, Long-Term Health, and Highway Safety: Research Needs  
Mar 9 Informing Social Security's Process for Financial Capability Determination  
Mar 8 Metrics That Matter for Population Health Action: Workshop Summary  
Mar 7 A Framework for Educating Health Professionals to Address the Social Determinants of Health  
Mar 7 Developing a National STEM Workforce Strategy: A Workshop Summary  
Mar 5 Biomarker Tests for Molecularly Targeted Therapies: Key to Unlocking Precision Medicine  
Mar 4 Policy and Research Needs to Maximize Independence and Support Community Living: Workshop Summary  
Mar 3 Ovarian Cancers: Evolving Paradigms in Research and Care  
Mar 1 Statistical Challenges in Assessing and Fostering the Reproducibility of Scientific Results: Summary of a Workshop  
Feb 24 Privacy Research and Best Practices: Summary of a Workshop for the Intelligence Community  
Feb 19 2015-2016 Assessment of the Army Research Laboratory: Interim Report  
Feb 19 Review of the U.S. Global Change Research Program's Update to the Strategic Plan Document  
Feb 18 Infusing Ethics into the Development of Engineers: Exemplary Education Activities and Programs  
Feb 12 Measuring Specific Mental Illness Diagnoses with Functional Impairment: Workshop Summary  
Feb 11 Gulf War and Health: Volume 10: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War, 2016  
Feb 11 Integrating Landscape Approaches and Multi-Resource Analysis into Natural Resource Management: Summary of a Workshop  
Feb 4 Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques: Ethical, Social, and Policy Considerations  
Feb 2 Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2015 Symposium  
Jan 29 Promising Practices for Strengthening the Regional STEM Workforce Development Ecosystem  
Jan 28 Reducing the Use of Highly Enriched Uranium in Civilian Research Reactors  
Jan 26 Speech and Language Disorders in Children: Implications for the Social Security Administration's Supplemental Security Income Program  
Jan 26 Assessment of Approaches to Updating the Social Cost of Carbon: Phase 1 Report on a Near-Term Update  
Jan 21 The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Health Systems Strengthening: Workshop Summary  
Jan 20 Science Teachers' Learning: Enhancing Opportunities, Creating Supportive Contexts  
Jan 17 Barriers and Opportunities for 2-Year and 4-Year STEM Degrees: Systemic Change to Support Students' Diverse Pathways  
Jan 13 Global Health Risk Framework: Governance for Global Health: Workshop Summary  
Jan 13 Global Health Risk Framework: Resilient and Sustainable Health Systems to Respond to Global Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Workshop Summary  
Jan 13 Global Health Risk Framework: Pandemic Financing: Workshop Summary  
Jan 13 Global Health Risk Framework: Research and Development of Medical Products: Workshop Summary  
Jan 13 The Neglected Dimension of Global Security: A Framework to Counter Infectious Disease Crises  
Jan 13 SBIR at the National Science Foundation  
Jan 13 STTR: An Assessment of the Small Business Technology Transfer Program  
Jan 12 Accounting for Social Risk Factors in Medicare Payment: Identifying Social Risk Factors  
Jan 9 Assessing Health Outcomes Among Veterans of Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense)  
Jan 7 Review of NASA's Evidence Reports on Human Health Risks: 2015 Letter Report  
15 Dec 31 Achieving Health Equity via the Affordable Care Act: Promises, Provisions, and Making Reform a Reality for Diverse Patients: Workshop Summary  
15 Dec 31 An Assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research: Fiscal Year 2015  
15 Dec 31 Review of Three Divisions of the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: Fiscal Year 2015  
15 Dec 31 Immigration Policy and the Search for Skilled Workers: Summary of a Workshop  
15 Dec 30 Bringing Public Health into Urban Revitalization: Workshop Summary  
15 Dec 29 Considerations for the Design of a Systemic Review of Interventions for Preventing Clinical Alzheimer’s-Type Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Age-Related Cognitive Decline: Letter Report  
15 Dec 23 Appropriate Use of Advanced Technologies for Radiation Therapy and Surgery in Oncology: Workshop Summary  
15 Dec 22 The Bicentennial Census: New Directions for Methodology in 1990: 30th Anniversary Edition  
15 Dec 21 Strategies to Enhance Air Force Communication with Internal and External Audiences: A Workshop Report  
15 Dec 18 Fostering Transformative Research in the Geographical Sciences  
15 Dec 16 Using Graywater and Stormwater to Enhance Local Water Supplies: An Assessment of Risks, Costs, and Benefits  
15 Dec 12 Considerations for Designing an Epidemiologic Study for Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurologic Disorders in Pre and Post 9/11 Gulf War Veterans  
15 Dec 12 Affordability of National Flood Insurance Program Premiums: Report 2  
15 Dec 10 Integrating Discovery-Based Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum: Report of a Convocation  
15 Dec 8 Assessing the Impact of Applications of Digital Health Records on Alzheimer's Disease Research: Workshop Summary  
15 Dec 8 Spills of Diluted Bitumen from Pipelines: A Comparative Study of Environmental Fate, Effects, and Response  
15 Dec 4 Assessing Progress on the Institute of Medicine Report The Future of Nursing  
15 Dec 4 A Review of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives  
15 Dec 1 Applying a Health Lens to Business Practices, Policies, and Investments: Workshop Summary  
15 Dec 1 Telecommunications Research and Engineering at the Communications Technology Laboratory of the Department of Commerce: Meeting the Nation's Telecommunications Needs  
15 Dec 1 Telecommunications Research and Engineering at the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences of the Department of Commerce: Meeting the Nation's Telecommunications Needs  
15 Nov 30 The Determinants of Recent Trends in Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Workshop Summary  
15 Nov 23 Measuring Serious Emotional Disturbance in Children: Workshop Summary  
15 Nov 20 Review of WIC Food Packages: Proposed Framework for Revisions: Interim Report  
15 Nov 13 Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions: Workshop Summary  
15 Nov 12 SBIR/STTR at the National Institutes of Health  
15 Nov 9 Rationalizing Rural Area Classifications for the Economic Research Service: A Workshop  
15 Nov 2 Using Existing Platforms to Integrate and Coordinate Investments for Children: Summary of a Joint Workshop by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion; and Wu Yee Sun College of the Ch  
15 Nov 2 Handbook of Frequency Allocations and Spectrum Protection for Scientific Uses: Second Edition  
15 Oct 30 The Role of Clinical Studies for Pets with Naturally Occurring Tumors in Translational Cancer Research: Workshop Summary  
15 Oct 29 Design, Implementation, Monitoring, and Sharing of Performance Standards for Laboratory Animal Use: Summary of a Workshop  
15 Oct 28 Health Literacy and Consumer-Facing Technology: Workshop Summary  

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