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Apr 25 Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence: Etiology, Intervention, and Overlap with Child Maltreatment  
Apr 16 Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence  
Apr 16 Letting Kids Be Kids: Employing a Developmental Model in the Study of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking  
Apr 16 Vulnerability Factors and Pathways Leading to Underage Entry into Sex Work in two Mexican-US Border Cities  
Apr 16 The Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the Boston Metropolitan Area: Experiences and Challenges Faced by Front-Line Providers and Other Stakeholders  
Apr 16 Understanding Victim Resistance: An Exploratory Study of the Experiences of Service Providers Working with Victims of Child Trafficking  
Apr 16 Using a Clinic-based Screening Tool for Primary Care Providers to Identify Commercially Sexually Exploited Children  
Apr 16 Implementing a Coordinated Care Model for Sex Trafficked Minors in Smaller Cities  
Apr 16 “Ill do whatever as long as you keep telling me that I’m important”: A case study illustrating the link between adolescent dating violence and sex trafficking victimization  
Apr 16 Commentary on "Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence: Etiology, Intervention, and Overlap with Child Maltreatment"  
Mar 20 The Role of MIR-34a in Inhibition of Prostate Tumor Growth in the bone and Induction of Autophagy  
Mar 20 In Vivo Dosimetry using Plastic Scintillation Detectors for External Beam Radiation Therapy  
Mar 20 p120-catenin regulates REST and CoREST, and modulates mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation  
Mar 20 Novel Posttranslational Modification in LKB1 Activation and Function  
Mar 20 Effects of oxytocin on human aggression  
Feb 19 The use of health communication technology for the promotion of healthy weight in adolescents: A systematic review  
Feb 19 The impact of arrival time of STEMI patients at PCI-capable hospitals in Dallas County on the door-to-balloon treatment time and mortality rate  
Feb 4 Co-enrollment for Child Health: How Receipt and Loss of Food and Housing Subsidies Relate to Housing Security and Statutes for Streamlined, Multi-Subsidy Application  
Feb 4 Housing and Child Health: Safety Net Strategies, Regulations and Neighborhood Challenges  
Feb 4 Education not Incarceration: A Conceptual Model for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in School Discipline  
Feb 4 Representing the Educational Experiences of Black Girls in a Juvenile Court School  
Feb 4 Focusing on Children’s Strengths: Accessing Effective Mental Health Services for Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth Through Collaboration and Understanding Federal Entitlements to Care  
Feb 4 Education of Children with Disabilities: Voices from Around the World  
Feb 4 The Journey to Oz: How Practice, Research, and Law Have Been Used to Combat Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in Kansas  
Feb 4 Unintended Consequences: Reverberations of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status  
Feb 4 Dads on the Dotted Line: A Look at the In-Hospital Paternity Establishment Process  
Feb 4 Misbehavior, Suspensions, and Security Measures in High School: Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differences  
Feb 4 Eliminating the Racial Disparity in Classroom Exclusionary Discipline  
Feb 4 Sent Home and Put Off-Track: The Antecedents, Disproportionalities, and Consequences of Being Suspended in the Ninth Grade  
Feb 4 Reconsidering the Alternatives: The Relationship Between Suspension, Disciplinary Alternative School Placement, Subsequent Juvenile Detention, and the Salience of Race  
Feb 4 Disturbing Inequities: Exploring the Relationship Between Racial Disparities in Special Education Identification and Discipline  
Feb 4 Avoid Simple Solutions and Quick Fixes: Lessons Learned From a Comprehensive Districtwide Approach to Improving Student Behavior and School Safety  
Feb 4 More than a Drop in the Bucket: The Social and Economic Costs of Dropouts and Grade Retentions Associated With Exclusionary Discipline  
Feb 3 Legal Safety Nets: The Law as a Change Agent for Children  
Jan 28 From Family Capacity Building to Family Well-being  
Jan 25 Development and Evaluation of the Family Asset Builder: A New Child Protective Services Intervention to Address Chronic Neglect  
Jan 25 Child Welfare Involved Caregiver Perceptions of Family Support in Child Mental Health Treatment  
Jan 25 Effects of Peer Recovery Coaches on Substance Abuse Treatment Engagement Among Child Welfare-Involved Parents  
Jan 25 Religious Faith and Depression Among Child Welfare Involved Mothers with Young Children  
Jan 25 Exploring Adaptation and Fidelity in Parenting Program Implementation: Implications for Practice With Families  
Jan 25 Enhancing Child Care for Children with Special Needs Through Technical Assistance  
Jan 25 Conceptualizing a Trauma Informed Child Welfare System for Indian Country  
Jan 25 Exploring Child Welfare Workers' Attitudes and Practice With Fathers  
Jan 25 Design Teams as an Organizational Intervention to Improve Job Satisfaction and Worker Turnover in Public Child Welfare  
Jan 25 Racial Disproportionality in the Foster Care System in Texas:  
Jan 25 Building Family Strengths Through Successful Parental Involvement Strategies: A Case Study with Latino Immigrant Families and Elementary School Staff  
Jan 25 Strengths Based Approaches to Practice and Family Drug Courts: Is There a Fit?  
Jan 25 The Winnebago Educare Program: Be Strong and Educate My Children  
Jan 25 Strategies for practice in helping fathers step up to the plate and stay engaged  
Jan 25 Using Appreciative Inquiry to Identify Strengths in Refugee and Immigrant Families: Implication for Family and Community Assessment  
Jan 25 Mentoring Moms: The critical health and safety needs of pregnant offenders in the Harris County Sherriff’s Office reentry program.  
Jan 25 Understanding Program Engagement and Attrition in Child Abuse Prevention: A Mixed-Methods Approach  
Jan 25 Risk and Protective Factors for the Safety of Children with Autism: A Qualitative Study of Caregivers’ Perspectives  
Jan 25 Assessing the Cross-Cultural Reliability and Validity of a Measure of Parent Satisfaction Among Head Start Caregivers  
Jan 24 The impact of a WIC breastfeeding clinic on breastfeeding duration: A descriptive study  
Jan 24 Association of population mixing and incidence of acute lymphocytic leukemia in children and young adults in the State of Texas  
Jan 24 Evaluation of factor structure of a nicotine coping study via generalized latent variable modeling and cross validation techniques  
Jan 24 Geographic access to healthcare in houston using influenza emergency departent visits as a health indicator  
Jan 24 Competency-based performance evaluation tool for Community Health Workers  
Jan 24 The effects of coping mechanisms on health outcomes of women at risk for low-weight and premature babies  
Jan 24 Mobile integrated healthcare: Using existing out of hospital resources to bridge gaps in healthcare services  
Jan 24 Comparison of different methods for quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction data analysis  
Jan 24 The association between presence of school health personnel and youth participation in risky behaviors  
Jan 24 Evaluation of a community program to increase physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption among a predominantly African American and Hispanic sample of women  
Jan 24 In silico prediction of splice-altering single nucleotide variants in the human genome  
Jan 24 Comorbidity burden and adherence to preventive health behavior among cancer survivors  
Jan 24 Maternal exposure to ionizing radiation and birth defects  
Jan 24 Effects of physician engagement and physician alignment on patient satisfaction, hospital mortality, and hospital readmission rates  
Jan 24 A study of sexual initiation and depressive symptomology among adolescents  
Jan 24 An integrated statistical model for subtle allelic imbalance with SNP arrays  
Jan 24 Building blocks to promote healthy eating and physical activity among childhood central nervous system tumor survivors  
Jan 24 Providers' perspectives on barriers to care, system constraints and piloting the HIV-modified Centering Pregnancy Model among HIV-positive pregnant women  
Jan 24 Predictors of musculoskeletal symptoms among office workers in Costa Rica based on the CUPID (Cultural and Psychosocial Influences in Disability) study and comparison with other Spanish-speaking countries  
Jan 24 Cost-effectiveness analysis of colorectal cancer screening in the United States  
Jan 24 Impact of opioid analgesic use on diabetes quality of care and outcomes: A longitudinal population-based study  
Jan 24 Understanding strategies for promoting breast health among African immigrant women  
Jan 24 Consumer assessment of the Patient-Centered Medical Homes health care delivery model in Federally Qualified Health Center  
Jan 24 Water consumption, social support and weight status in 8th and 11th grade students participating in the School Physical Activity and Nutrition (SPAN) survey in Texas, USA  
Jan 24 The relationship of genetic variation in biological pathways to longitudinal changes in body mass index among children and adolescents  
Jan 24 Evaluation of a community-based emergency preparedness program for medical special needs individuals  
Jan 24 The business case for promoting prevention through corporate cancer marketing programs  
Jan 24 Dynamic approach for electrocardiogram (ECG) signal and RNA-seq data analysis  
Jan 24 Evidence-Based Elements of Child Welfare In-Home Services  
Jan 21 Family Strengthening Programs: Where Do We Go From Here?  
14 Dec 20 Policy analysis of graduate medical education policies and funding in Texas  
14 Dec 20 Validity of the self-administered past-week Modifiable Activity Questionnaire (SMAQ)  
14 Dec 20 Out-of-school interventions for engaging youth in heathy eating and physical activity: A systematic review  
14 Dec 20 Female genital mutilation in immigrant populations and cultural competency in health care providers in the United States: A systematic review  
14 Dec 20 An assessment of the moderating effects of dietary habits and activity level on development of asthma in adolescents after exposure to PM 2.5  
14 Dec 20 Diet, supplement use, and hypertension in firefighters  
14 Dec 20 Molecular pathway activation in cancer and tissue following space radiation exposure  
14 Dec 20 Factors associated with perceptions of parental support and enjoyment for physical activity in U.S. adolescent girls  
14 Dec 20 Cryptosporidium volunteer study: Estimating oocyst burden in waste water  
14 Dec 20 Cost minimization analysis of single institution randomized trial  
14 Dec 20 Analyze metabolic data of African Americans using Bayesian network  

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