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Dec 1 DW TV (HD) channel added on asiasat7@105*c...................  
Dec 1 Star Vijay Hitz Rename as Thanga Thirai from today...  
Dec 1 New FRQ on asiasat7@105*..........  
Dec 1 Album TV started from 7deg E  
Dec 1 TBN Polland started from Hotbird 13E  
Dec 1 Album TV started from Hotbird  
Dec 1 NTV MIR started from Hotbird 13E  
Dec 1 3 Channels started from a new tp from Hotbird 13E  
Nov 30 {Pics} "KANAL-7 HD" Shows Indian Drama's in Turkey  
Nov 30 Sun Direct DTH has added New Telugu Channel  
Nov 30 ITN TV started from Hotbird 13E  
Nov 30 ITN TV started from 7 Deg E  
Nov 29 Breaking News: NTV Global FTA asiasat7@105*C...with Snaps  
Nov 27 {Pics} "GEM_Bollywood" Now with New Look @ 52*E  
Nov 26 {Pics} "Global Punjabi" Restarted on Asisat-7  
Nov 26 Recently started new channels from 7deg E  
Nov 26 Recently started new channels from 13 deg E  
Nov 25 {Pics} "Star Gold Select HD" Started on Asiasat-7  
Nov 25 Sun Direct DTH - Instant Cash Back Offer!  
Nov 24 Kalaignar TV to change DVBS2.....  
Nov 24 Gala TV started from 7deg E  
Nov 24 8 New channels started from Hotbird  
Nov 24 8 New channels started from 7deg E  
Nov 23 {Pics} "Entertainment+" Started its Services on Asiasat-7  
Nov 22 {Pics} "BABY TV" Started on Turksat-4A  
Nov 22 Rock on to Daydream by The Yellow Diary  
Nov 22 Tata Sky's unique activation #MyKindOfMusic where your thoughts convert to songs  
Nov 21 {Pics} "Kibris Canal T" Started on Turksat-4A  
Nov 21 Sun Direct New DTH connection Price!  
Nov 20 New Ch Virtual TV 3 (Pakistan) on paksat1R..................  
Nov 19 YBN News start on insat4A@83*.................  
Nov 19 Two New ch on Asiasat7@105*C Entertainmet+& ch10  
Nov 19 Latest DD-Direct home network m3u playlist and openbox x5 tvlist.  
Nov 18 66 ° E Benze TV start FTA on ...................  
Nov 18 Zee News, Sony HD (HD) and other five channels ON scramble  
Nov 18 Party Tera Bhai Dega - Karan Singh Arora - Latest Punjabi Song 2016  
Nov 18 {Pics} "CNEMA-2" Started on Asasat-7  
Nov 17 Gram Bangla TVon apstar7@76*start FTA...........  
Nov 17 New EV-TV2 (India)start FTA on Intelsat20@68*..........  
Nov 16 New Music Choice TV (Bengali) on Apstar7@76*...........  
Nov 16 Sony power Vu signal problem on Intelsat sat 20  
Nov 16 {Pics} "GEM_MATCH" Started on yahsat-1A  
Nov 16 satellite dth in world  
Nov 16 satellite dth in world??  
Nov 15 {Pics} "FOX Sports HD" Started on Turksat-4A  
Nov 15 kayatanTV5,Aksyon TV Philippine Ch FTA this time 91*...Snaps  
Nov 15 2New Ruai TV (Indonesia) CHUT ch FTA on 113*......with snaps  
Nov 15 Strong srt 4920 soft bricked  
Nov 15 Sun Direct Childrens Day Special Add-on Pack  
Nov 14 {Pics} "JUNIOR" Testing on Asiasat-7  
Nov 14 D Gold ch FTA on Asiasat7@105*C ............with screen shot  
Nov 14 Sun Direct New HD Connection Offers  
Nov 13 12 New Rassion ch FTA start Azarspace1@46*..with Screen shot  
Nov 12 Synergy TV New Ch start onExpress-AM3@103with screen shot  
Nov 12 New ch on paksat1R FTA UK-44 (Pakistan).....with Screen shot  
Nov 12 Android mini wireless key board  
Nov 11 Dish tv or Dd free dish  
Nov 11 {Pics} "Echorouk Tv" Network all Channels FTA now @ 52*E  
Nov 11 Why Pay Rs.100 extra for other DTH?  
Nov 11 Umar | Atinder Khairh | Latest Punjabi Songs 2016  
Nov 10 Tee Thapar - Jaan Soneya | Latest Punjabi Songs 2016  
Nov 9 Is buying a monitor display for STB sufficient ?  
Nov 9 Sajjna || Manu Dubey || Latest Punjabi Songs 2016  
Nov 8 GVT of India withdrawn circulation of 500 and 1000 rs effective today midnight  
Nov 8 Mickey Mouse | Gavin | New Punjabi Songs 2016  
Nov 7 Eutelsat 70 Reception  
Nov 7 {Pics} "DUCK TV HD" Started on Eutelsat-9B  
Nov 7 baby tv FTA this time on telestar@138*ku  
Nov 7 Air tel channel no will chage from 22.11.2016  
Nov 7 Tere Bin - Davinder Deep | Jaz Music | Latest Punjabi Songs 2016  
Nov 6 CCCam available in srilanka  
Nov 5 Dishtv add star sports selected HD 1  
Nov 4 {Pics} "G_WORLD" Started on Asiasat-7  
Nov 4 DVB (Thailand) channel added in thaicom78*....  
Nov 4 God Bless TV on asiasat7@105*C..........  
Nov 3 News Flash (india) on ABS2@75*.............  
Nov 3 cinema tv on ABS2@75*.................  
Nov 3 {Pics} "GEM_SERVICE.1 HD" Testing on yahsat-1A  
Nov 2 Kudian Kes Vahundiyan | Manpreet | Harp Farmer  
Nov 2 Dopa tv FTA on thaicom@78*.......................  
Nov 2 MVTV & Five ch on thaicom @78*C..........  
Nov 2 Jatt De Jahaaj - Sukhy Maan | Latest Punjabi Song 2016  
Nov 1 Chadai - Official Video || BickyBoy || Latest Punjabi Song 2016  
Nov 1 need firmware  
Oct 31 {Pics} "Maha Cartoon TV" Started on IS20  
Oct 31 DD free Dish channel list with picon on OpenAtv 5.3  
Oct 30 Sabo ch start replace Dabangg ch @83*C.....FTA  
Oct 30 66.0 ° E International 17 Malali Murasu Channel Replacement  
Oct 30 Is freesat v7 HD decodes 4:2:2 channels, especially Liga Sant Feed from Asiasat 5 ???  
Oct 29 Jams 12 feet dish sale  
Oct 27 Solusi Sehat ch add in palpad@113*C..........  
Oct 27 Star movie on yahsat  
Oct 27 "18 NEW Channels" From "BYU TV Global" Testing on Asiasat-5  
Oct 27 3 Hong Kong channels started on Asiasat 5 @ 100.5 E  
Oct 26 {Pics} "LIBYA NEWS" Started on Eutelsat-10A  
Oct 26 Sun Direct DTH has added ETV Plus channel  
Oct 25 Three Russian Ch FTA this time ABS2@75*...................  
Oct 25 Maha maza cartoon channel  
Oct 25 Used Skybox A6 & Solid 6 feet dish+Lnb  

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