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Apr 24 Political reality in conservation!  
Apr 23 Good news on WA shark cull?  
Apr 15 Important information on the WA shark cull!  
Apr 12 How many bull sharks fit in one picture?  
Apr 12 "Expert" advise on avoiding a shark attack?  
Apr 7 Come meet us in San Diego.  
Apr 5 Shark Diver is going to Fiji  
Mar 31 Is Japan going to stop killing whales?  
Mar 31 Is everything what it seems?  
Mar 29 So what is really going on at Guadalupe?  
Mar 28 The killers just off our shores!  
Mar 28 What is going on at Guadalupe?  
Mar 28 Response to "What's going on at Guadalupe?"  
Mar 27 Another whale shark caught, sold and chopped!  
Mar 23 Job opening in paradise!  
Mar 19 Could our love for sharks be killing them?  
Mar 14 Man attacks shark! Sharks are demanding "man cull" to mitigate the danger!  
Mar 12 Are sharks apex predators? Does it matter?  
Mar 12 Last day to bid on a scientific Guadalupe expedition!  
Mar 11 Is Australias government coming to it's senses?  
Mar 5 Do you want to see the big "girls" at Guadalupe in November?  
Mar 4 Is shark diving a threat to conservation efforts?  
Mar 3 A shark diver's story  
Feb 28 How can you save sharks?  
Feb 27 What does tagging sharks do to their health?  
Feb 22 How do get work as a "shark diver"?  
Feb 19 Baby Bull Sharks in Fiji!  
Feb 8 Do you want to save the sharks in Hawaii?  
Feb 6 Who is really saving the sharks?  
Feb 6 Do you want to save sharks?  
Feb 5 Richard Branson, voice of reason?  
Feb 4 What's the best place to dive with Great White Sharks?  
Jan 28 Shark cull in Australia. Saving lives?  
13 Dec 25 Happy Holidays!  
13 Dec 21 John Travolta saving sharks?  
13 Dec 20 Do you want to help a shark researcher?  
13 Dec 14 Galapagos Islands anyone?  
13 Dec 11 Is Australia killing sharks? Again?  
13 Dec 6 Great White Shark Expedition with scientist Nicole Nasby-Lucas  
13 Dec 4 Good news? Bad news?  
13 Dec 3 Paul Walker at Guadalupe  
13 Nov 25 Another catch and kill order for a great white shark?  
13 Nov 7 Great White Sharks playing cupid?  
13 Nov 5 Coming face to face with a great white shark. A spiritual experience?  
13 Oct 30 Aussie kills Great White Shark in self defense?  
13 Oct 25 What is it like to come face to face with a great white shark?  
13 Oct 13 Shark sentenced to death?  
13 Oct 13 Superhero Shark Wrangler?  
13 Oct 2 What does a Miami Herald reporter think of our expeditions to Guadalupe?  
13 Sep 28 Which Great White Sharks are back at Isla Guadalupe?  
13 Sep 20 To Dive or Not to Dive with a Great White Shark?  
13 Sep 14 Familiar Sharks Crash Party!  
13 Sep 10 Monster Shark in China?  
13 Sep 9 Isla Guadalupe Shark Encounters This Week!  
13 Sep 8 Shark Encounters on the Horizon!  
13 Sep 8 Great Whites: From the Eyes of our Divers!  
13 Sep 6 Untitled  
13 Sep 2 How is Guadalupe this season?  
13 Aug 31 This blows my mind!  
13 Aug 27 How fast do Great White Sharks heal?  
13 Aug 26 Fantastic start to our Guadalupe Great White Shark season!  
13 Aug 5 Have a real Shark Week!  
13 Jul 26 Shark Diver in the news!  
13 May 19 Best Shark Dive in the world?  
13 Apr 25 PEOPLE. This is NOT how you treat a Roombah!  
13 Apr 20 Blackfish?  
13 Apr 20 The Cretin's Guide to Commercially Killing Sharks  
13 Apr 20 Joe Saba's Floridian White Shark Problem?  
13 Apr 20 Bimini Bull Run Trip Report April 2013  
13 Apr 20 NO. FREAKING. WAY.  
13 Apr 20 Greatest White Shark Diving Image Ever?  
13 Apr 20 Marshall Islands "They Be Burning Shark Boats!"  
13 Apr 11 Rumble in the Research Jungle - Domeier vs Fischer  
13 Apr 11 Video: Shark Named "Compy" - Tip Dorsal Fin Blog  
13 Apr 10 Guy Harvey Leads Isla Mujeres Expedition To Deploy Satellite SPOT Tags to Study Mako Shark Migrations  
13 Apr 7 To Save Everything...Click Here  
13 Apr 3 Filming Sharks in Bimini - A Cautionary Tale  
13 Apr 3 Paul Watson 'enclosure' plans in Japan 'flawed and misguided'  
13 Apr 3 Bimini Bahamas Hammerhead Diving - Epic!  
13 Apr 3 Bimini Shark Video from CJ Brooks - Awesome!  
13 Mar 29 Bimini Bull Run - Pristine Conditions, Let's Go Shark Diving!  
13 Mar 27 New Shark Blog in Town? 'Bout Bloody Time  
13 Mar 22 From the Office to the Ocean Part I - Of Shark and Man  
13 Mar 22 New Film and TV Production Hub with Sharks for Filmmakers  
13 Mar 22 Shark Conservation Wins - T'Was a Good Month  
13 Mar 22 S.A Shark Nets - Wagging The Conservation Dog - And Wrong Sounding Muppets  
13 Mar 22 Bull Shark Caught Goa, India - That's a Biggun'  
13 Mar 22 Bimini Bull Run Operational, Bull Shark Diving!  
13 Mar 22 Creating Shark Week Anchor Commercials - Big Productions, Big Fun  
13 Mar 22 Sharksploitation or Conservationsploitation or Both?  
13 Mar 22 Bimini Hammerheads, Shark Protocols, Common Sense  
13 Mar 22 Shark Free Marinas Video - Oceanic Allstars  
13 Mar 22 Tiger Shark Divers?  
13 Mar 22 Sharks, is it getting creative around here or what?  
13 Mar 22 Two Sides To A Fin - KOP Productions - Good Stuff  
13 Mar 22 Bimini Bull Run Video - Getting to Know The Locals  
13 Mar 22 Shark Diving Bimini, Bahamas at Bull Run  
13 Mar 22 Mystery Sharks off Rottnest?  
13 Mar 22 Florida's $80M Tourism Mistake - And A Solution!  
13 Mar 22 Sean van Sommeran, full of sound and fury, signifying his own self-importance?  

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