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Jan 3 Which NFL coaching job is the most attractive? (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 going large on Auburn for the late game... auburn +1.5 auburn wins this game DC aka Dickless Clam >  
Jan 3 play tues 500star nba 99% systems 3play straight, in a parlay, rd robin and teaser.  
Jan 3 'Pacman' returns: Bengals CB arrested (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 How do six open NFL coaching jobs compare? (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 We finally got good game, and it was all time (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 Jimmy Butler goes crazy for 52 points (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 Popovich's touching gift for Sager's son (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 Rose Bowl rally: USC comes back to beat PSU (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 Watch: Kiffin out as Alabama assistant (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 Report: Auburn QB breaks arm at Sugar Bowl (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 How does one win a 15* GOY but still loses 10.6* on the day? Beefudge Can L@@K>>>>  
Jan 3 OU caps strong finish with win over Auburn (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 In Coach K's absence, Jeff Capel gets big shot (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 Kubiak says health is fine, grind is tough (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 3 Playoffs >>>>>>>>>  
Jan 3 Beefudge / Xenophobe On Facebook It's a Special Kind of Stupid L@@K >>>>>>  
Jan 2 Why ditch coach Kiffin so close to title game? (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Kiffin emphasizing he was part of decision (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 The Imfamous EKG REVEALED >> Personal Info & Court Records L@@K >>>  
Jan 2 Leafs' Matthews on track for memorable rookie season (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 American beats Colgate in OT despite missing 18 FT attempts (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Saints' Payton: Addressing job speculation "would be silly" (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Skier Jean Vuarnet, who struck gold with tuck position, dies (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Blues top Blackhawks 4-1 in Busch Stadium Winter Classic (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Wisconsin wins Cotton Bowl 24-16, only Western Michigan loss (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Ohio State All-America S Hooker leaving early for NFL draft (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 O'Brien says he doesn't know who will start in playoff game (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Falcons' Quinn says he is 'sure' Shanahan will draw interest (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Broncos coach Gary Kubiak officially steps down (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Man United extends PL win streak to six games (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Florida routes Iowa to win Outback Bowl (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Rapoport: Kubiak not shutting any doors (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 sun 500star nfl 3 play wins. mon 500star ncaaf bowl tv and nba 3play. 3, 500star ncaaf bowl and nba  
Jan 2 Aaron Rodgers' confidence drove Packers (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Billick: Strong pool of former head coaches (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Steve Smith Sr. confirms he'll retire (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Watch: NFL playoff picture is fully set (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Packers win NFC North as Lions tumble down (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 NFL playoffs schedule: Wild-card weekend set (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 MLB lookahead: Major storylines for 2017 (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Report: Broncos' Gary Kubiak stepping down (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 49ers officially fire Chip Kelly after one season (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Watch: Top 5 Most Athletic Plays of Week 17 (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Bumbling Bills give Jets New Year's Day gift (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Who will Browns take as top pick in NFL draft? (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Talib tries to snatch Crabtree's chain off neck (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Week 17: Tom Brady highlights (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Bradford sets passing mark in Vikes lost season (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 Blount on Suh: 'He's always been a dirty player' (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 2 8* Looser 6* winner My Little Polish Pony loses money yet again L@@K >>>>  
Jan 2 NO Mushbol24 NO BeeFudge NO Dickless Clam NO Surewouldn't Cunt ??? >>>>  
Jan 2 Washington coughs up chance at playoffs (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Quote of the Year from Mushbol24 and it's only Jan. 1st L@@K>>>>>>>  
Jan 1 Follow final week of 2017 NFL regular season (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 hope you all got on dee costen's goy at @memphisbowls on twitter>>>>  
Jan 1 Olivier Giroud scores backheel wonder goal (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 play sundays 500star (6-0) nfl winner line 3play straight, in a 3team parlay, 3team rd robin & teas  
Jan 1 Why have CFP semifinals been so boring? (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 James Harden puts up all the stats vs. Knicks (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Rousey elevated the sport, then got beat by it (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Will Alabama-Clemson rematch be as good? (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Even in loss, Huskies show they're on right path (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Clemson crushes Ohio State; will face 'Bama (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Potential top pick Myles Garrett headed to draft (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 The TRUE KING of the Play-a-day! 2016 254-99 (72%)  
Jan 1 Alabama stifles Huskies, advances to title game (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Week 17 injury wrap: Jacquizz, it's your show (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Don't ever count Mushbol24 out no sir nope L@@K >>>>  
Jan 1 Reports: 49ers to fire Chip Kelly, Trent Baalke (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Rousey releases statement after her loss (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 If your not fading My Little Polish Pony Stachu Patrusika then you hate money L@@K Last Night Inside  
Jan 1 Follow live: Washington vs. Alabama in CFP (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 If you don't think Shuredope Cunt is the biggest mush take a look at this rookie sh*t >>>>>  
Jan 1 Five things to know for Ohio State-Clemson (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Liverpool beats Man City on Wijnaldum winner (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Guice, LSU run over Louisville in Citrus Bowl (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Virginia Tech exposes flaws of No. 5 Duke (Yahoo Sports)  
Jan 1 Peach Bowl makes teen's wish come true (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 play new years eves 500star (2-0)bcs playoff 3play straight, in a 3team parlay, 3team rd robin and a  
16 Dec 31 Week 17 predictions: Who wins NFC North? (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Is UFC 207 loss the end for Ronda Rousey? (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Manchester United closes 2016 on high note (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Dabo brings energy to little league coaching (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Five things to know for Alabama-Washington (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 George, Pacers still trying to rise up in East (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 FSU RB Dalvin Cook declares for NFL draft (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Despite injury, Butt has no regrets of playing in bowl (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Petersen, Saban have had enough of the hype (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Watch: Who will win the Peach Bowl? (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Who will win - Packers or Lions? (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Isaiah Thomas erupts for historic 4th quarter (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 NBA New Year's resolutions for 2017 (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 FC Yahoo's Person of the Year: Zinedine Zidane (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Three things to know: Citrus Bowl (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Who will win the Fiesta Bowl? (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 CFP preview: Can anyone tame the Tide? (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Watch live: Jackets, Wild put epic streaks on line (Yahoo Sports)  
16 Dec 31 Follow live: Rousey returns on UFC 207 (Yahoo Sports)  

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