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Jan 3 Hilary Duff and Her Beach Bod Hit Hawaii for the New Year  
Jan 3 Model Daisy Lowe Prances Around in Her Bikini  
Jan 3 Lindsay Lohan Lost Part Of Herself And Is Now A Refugee  
Jan 3 Bella and Gigi Hadid Rap Poorly, Still Look Hot  
Jan 3 Web Finds, 1.2.17  
Jan 3 The Rest of the Web, Monday, 1.2.17  
Jan 2 Sheen/Cruz 2020, Cause Life Can Always Get Worse  
Jan 2 J-Lo and Drake Relationship Might All Be a Publicity Stunt  
Jan 2 Donald Trump Starts 2017 By Following Pictures of Pussy  
Jan 2 Mariah Carey’s Performance Was Sabotaged…By Her Not Giving a Fuck  
Jan 2 Joan Smalls and Doutzen Kroes Were at the Beach  
Jan 2 Mariah Carey’s NYE Performance Was Sabotaged  
Jan 1 Mariah Carey Had a Fantastic New Year’s Eve  
16 Dec 31 If 2016 Was a Horror Movie, This Would Be Its Trailer  
16 Dec 30 Madison Beer Was at the Beach in a Bikini  
16 Dec 30 Mormon Choir Member on Trump’s Inaguaration Party: ‘I Could Never Throw Roses to Hitler’  
16 Dec 30 Beyonce Calls Kim Kardashian and Kanye ‘Talentless’ and ‘Pathetic’  
16 Dec 30 Serena Williams Engaged To Guy Who Spent Life Online  
16 Dec 30 Lindsay Lohan Wants Mean Girls 2: ‘I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it’  
16 Dec 30 Tom Arnold Asks Gamers to Hack Into Trumps Tax Return and Other Secrets  
16 Dec 30 Jennifer Lawrence Hates Selfies  
16 Dec 30 The Rest of the Web, Thursday, 12.29.16  
16 Dec 30 Charlie Sheen Prays for Trump’s Death  
16 Dec 30 Charlize Theron Makes Bad Dating Decisions  
16 Dec 30 Lightsaber Vigils Across the Country for Carrie Fisher  
16 Dec 30 Tyga Wants a Threesome With Kylie and Her Sister  
16 Dec 29 Jennifer Lopez and Drake Have Lasted a Whole Week  
16 Dec 29 Trey Songz Is Not Popular Enough to Assault Police and Get Away With It  
16 Dec 29 Carrie Fisher’s Dog Misses His Mom, Is Tweeting About It  
16 Dec 29 Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher’s Mother, Dead at 84  
16 Dec 29 Carrie Fisher Drowned in Moonlight, Strangled by her Own Bra  
16 Dec 29 GoFundMe Set Up to Save Betty White from 2016, But Really to Raise Money for a Local Theater  
16 Dec 29 Carrie Fisher’s Last Role Better Not Be ‘Family Guy’  
16 Dec 29 Ariana Grande: “A Short Skirt Is Not Asking for Assault.”  
16 Dec 29 Rihanna Unfollows J. Lo, Drake Fucks Another Super Hot Woman  
16 Dec 27 Princess Leia Dead at 60  
16 Dec 27 George Michael Was Always Humble and Kind  
16 Dec 27 Tom Arnold Has ‘Watergate Level’ Journalists Working to Get Out Trump N-Word Tapes  
16 Dec 27 Shocking Twist in the Nigerian Prince Scam  
16 Dec 27 ‘Gremlins 3’ Might Be in the Works as a ‘Force Awakens’ Type Sequel  
16 Dec 27 Katy Perry Creampie  
16 Dec 27 Taylor Swift Gives 96-Year-Old Veteran a Very Swift Christmas  
16 Dec 27 Trump Will Still Tweet as President, How Lucky for Us  
16 Dec 27 George Michael’s Death Is Even Sadder Than You Thought  
16 Dec 27 Sarah Michelle Gellar Accidently Kills Boy George  
16 Dec 27 Kylie and Tyga’s NSFW Short Film Is Basically Just Softcore Porn  
16 Dec 27 Watch David Bowie Rock Out to George Michael’s Queen Cover During a Rehearsal  
16 Dec 27 Kim Kardashian Wears $800 USSR Flag Sweatshirt on Christmas Eve  
16 Dec 27 Versace Teaches Us a New Way to Be Racist  
16 Dec 27 Church Prints Tupac Lyrics Instead of Prayer, Results in Best Christmas Ever  
16 Dec 27 Robot-Human Marriage May Be Legal by 2050, Everyone Will Be Too Busy Having Sex With Robots to Care  
16 Dec 27 George Michael Started ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden. You’re Welcome  
16 Dec 27 Tucker Carlson Tells Teen Vogue Writer to ‘Stick to the Thigh-High Boots’  
16 Dec 26 George Michael Dies at 53  
16 Dec 26 Celebrities React to George Michael’s Death  
16 Dec 26 Check Out the ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer  
16 Dec 25 Chrissy Teigen Called Out Donald Trump And It Was Great  
16 Dec 25 Has Zayn Malik Proposed To Gigi Hadid?  
16 Dec 25 Avril Lavigne Asks Mark Zuckerberg To Stop Cyber Bullying Nickelback  
16 Dec 24 Rockettes Will Not Be Forced to Dance for Trump  
16 Dec 24 Web Finds, 12.24.16  
16 Dec 24 Zoe Kravitz Made Out With Her Boyfriend  
16 Dec 24 The Rest of the Web, Friday, 12.23.16  
16 Dec 24 Postal Worker is Real Life Grinch, If the Grinch Stole Presents to Buy Sex Toys  
16 Dec 24 Vin Diesel Acts Like He’s Never Seen a Hot Girl Before, Can’t Hide His Love of Reporter  
16 Dec 24 Carrie Fisher Suffered a Heart Attack on a Plane  
16 Dec 23 Tiger Woods Is Mac Daddy Santa  
16 Dec 23 Elephant Farts on Mate, They’re Just Like Us!  
16 Dec 23 Dana White Says Things About Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather  
16 Dec 23 16 and Pregnant Star Valerie Fairman Dead at 23  
16 Dec 23 Jessica Chastain Is Shy  
16 Dec 23 Passenger on JetBlue Flight Harrassed Ivanka Trump  
16 Dec 23 Emma Stone Comments on Sexism, “They’ve Laughed at My Joke and Then Given It to My Male Co-Star”  
16 Dec 23 Val Kilmer Is ‘On His Last Legs’  
16 Dec 23 Chrissy Teigen Encountered the Legend of Bill Murray  
16 Dec 23 Rooney Mara Will NOT Be a Part of Taylor Swift’s Squad  
16 Dec 23 Kylie Jenner’s Making People Cum in Their Brains?  
16 Dec 23 Bella Thorne Relationship Drama, Y’all  
16 Dec 23 The Greatest Dad Reaction Video Ever  
16 Dec 22 Web Finds, 12.22.16  
16 Dec 22 The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 12.21.16  
16 Dec 22 Go Get Laid at New Caddyshack Bar in Chicago Suburbs  
16 Dec 22 Lena Dunham Sorry for Abortion ‘Joke’  
16 Dec 22 Drake Crush Alert: Jennifer Lopez  
16 Dec 22 ‘Alien: Covenant’ Adds James Franco, Cast is Looking Mighty Strange  
16 Dec 22 Charlie Hunnam Used Method Acting to Ignore His GF for Five Months  
16 Dec 22 Wes Anderson Announces ‘Isle of Dogs’ Voice Cast and a Contest to Join Them  
16 Dec 22 Turns Out There’s a Lot More to Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impression Than Gluing Shrimp to His Fingers  
16 Dec 22 Justin Tucker Is Trying to Kill the Dab  
16 Dec 22 Cat Owners: It Turns Out Breathing in All That Cat Poop Can Make You Kinky  
16 Dec 21 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are the New North Pole Power Couple  
16 Dec 21 Web Finds, 12.21.16  
16 Dec 21 The Rest of the Web, Monday, 12.20.16  
16 Dec 21 Turns Out NFL Security Guards Aren’t Allowed to Masturbate on the Field  
16 Dec 21 ‘The Mummy’ Trailer Without Sound Is Wonderful  
16 Dec 21 Lena Dunham Wishes She Had an Abortion, Proves Again She Lives in a Hipster Fairy World Out of Touch With Humanity  
16 Dec 21 Jerry Lewis Confirms Crotchety Old Man Status with Painful Hollywood Reporter Interview  
16 Dec 21 Tom Arnold Has Tape of Trump Using the N-Word, Probably One of a Hundred Such Tapes  
16 Dec 20 Andrea Bocelli Backs Out of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Due to ‘Boycott Bocelli’ Backlash  
16 Dec 20 Watch San Diego Chargers Security Guard Jacking It to a Cheerleader  

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